Croatian Products at IDEX

TFB’s IDEX 2015 coverage is courtesy of Giorgio, who traveled to Abu Dhabi for the show, and provided all photos and information.

At IDEX 2015 in the United Arab Emirates, Croatian factory HS Produkt and its parent firm Agencija Alan LLC were showing off some of their latest products, including the enormous 20×110 Hispano-Suiza anti-materiel cannon, the RT-20:


RT-20 anti-materiel cannon behind a MACS M4 .338 Lapua caliber sniper rifle.


In the foreground of the above picture is also visible the MACS M4 .50 BMG caliber sniper rifle, with its distinctive polymer magazine. More photos of that are below:



The formidable muzzle device surely helps tame the recoil of the half-inch wide caliber.


Of course, HS Produkt also brought their VHS-2 assault rifle, recently submitted to the French assault rifle tender:


Two VHS-2s serve as backup for the original VHS rifle in this display. The somewhat plain, almost Glock-esque soft rectangular lines of the original design have been replaced by highly aggressive molding and texturing, and an almost dizzying number of surface details. The new VHS-2, perhaps more than any other modern rifle, appears ready to reveal its true nature as a transforming robot.



Most likely designed with Croat forces in mind, this VHS-2 features an optics mount very similar to the original VHS.



In contrast, most VHS-2s feature full-length picatinny rails.


Thanks to Giorgio for the pictures and information.

Nathaniel F

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  • Mike

    Hopefully they’ll manufacture the VHS stateside so I can have one… or ten.

    • Andrew Hobby

      I’m still waiting for the Betamax in .50 BMG…

      • Kitsuneki

        Better wait for Blu-ray…

        • LCON

          The NetFlix Carbine

    • Zachary marrs

      Has anyone here ever handled one? That stock looks long as hell

      • Mike

        I have gorilla arms so I should be fine.

  • Giolli Joker

    Cool photo editing! 😉
    The sniper rifle in front of the Rucni Top is still the same .50BMG one… no .338, it’s not powerful enough for Croatian tastes. 😀
    BTW, I live in Abu Dhabi, actually I travel more miles to reach my office than the exhibition center.

  • -X-

    I wish they kept the original flatter-looking, square design for the VHS-2. Hoping it’s at least still an option – not that I hate the current “streamlined/smoother” design.

  • JoshJ

    They put some work into that VHS-2 rifle.

  • Riot

    I really like HS products – the new rifle looks good and the 2000 handgun is top notch

  • mechamaster

    Whoa, the rare beast RT-20 anti-material rifle is overshadowed by VHS-2.

  • Graham 1

    Very cool photos. But does anyone have any information or pictures of the integrated scope/ carrying handle on the VHS-1 on the far right of the fifth picture from the top?

  • micmac80

    Stock on that sniper rifle looks like it was painted couple hours before opening the IDEX in a hotel room.
    VHS 2 looks great and is probably the most adaptive bullpup out there.

  • These rifle would make the Helghast Proud 🙂

    • LCON

      More Master chief’s Style.

  • Joe

    I really liked the VHS, and thought the adjustable stock was forward thinking, but it appears to have a 20″ LOP. Maybe when I’m reincarnated as a 6’8″ point guard.

    • utor

      it’s LOP is only 15.7″ when it’s stock is retracted.

  • noguncontrol

    they make good handguns, but their rifles are uglier than hi points.

  • Kevin Harron

    I dunno why, but I really like the look of the VHS 2. Be curious to see some test data to see how it performs, and if it is adopted by anyone.