Rainier Arms .22 LR AR15


Rainier Arms released their RUC 22 .22lr Rifle upper last year but it seems to have flown under the radar. I just recently stumbled upon it and it seems to be pretty darn nice. It includes a Rainer Arms RAPTOR charging handle, Mission First Tactical stock and grip, Rainer Arms KeyMOD rail, forged upper and lower receivers, ALG QMS trigger, Battle Arms Development 45 degree Ambidextrous Safety Selector and other goodies. All that quality comes with a price however, the Rainer Arms Ruc 22 retails at $925. Check them out at RainerArms.com, they also sell just the upper separately.

Introducing our very own .22 LR rifle. Our focus was to develop a .22 LR rifle by utilizing the same highest quality AR compatible components and keeping the rifle true to the foundation of our .223 RUC design.

We integrated the same ambidextrous charging handle, the Raptor, as well as an ambi safety selector set up. It also features our Rainier Arms Force Rail 15″.

All materials used are of industry-leading standards, each weapon carefully and meticulously assembled with a limited lifetime warranty.

RA .22 LR 16″ Barrel
1/2×28 threads
RA Forged flat-top upper receiver minus forward assist
RA Force Key Mod Rail 15″
RA Raptor Charging Handle
RA Forged Lower
Mil-Spec 6 position receiver extension
MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock
MFT Engage Pistol Grip
One 25 rd magazine where legal
Rifle Weight: 4 lbs 14.9 oz
ALG QMS trigger
Battle Arms Development – Ambidextrous Safety Selector 45° (BAD-ASS) Standard & Short
QD end plate



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  • TFB Reader

    Forged upper and lower, so they must be aluminum, and under 5 pounds? That seems light. They must be saving weight in the barrel. It looks like carbon fiber (?), which would jack up the price.

    • North Polar

      They are using Taccom’s ULW barrels. Crazy lightweight and very accurate. 4lbs 19oz for the complete rifle and very much on my ‘want’ list when .22 is available.

      • TFB Reader

        Agree on the price, but this is a perfect counter-example when someone says “But it’s just a .22.” Other than the bolt carrier group, this is configured as a near top-of-the-line gun.

        • North Polar

          Oh absolutely. Just hurts the wallet. Then again, my Rainier rifle that was the photo of the day last week ran me around $1500 before optic, mags, ammo, etc.

      • Cymond

        Sorry to nit-pick, but Rifle Weight: 4 lbs 14.9 oz.
        4 lbs 19 oz wouldn’t make much sense since that would =5 lbs 3 oz.

        • North Polar

          *shrug* I copied that from the Rainier website lol

  • Jerry’s Kid

    For $925 I assume the upper comes with a brick of mythical .22 LR.

  • lifetimearearesident

    as a S&W PC 15-22 owner this does not interest me.

  • networkengineer

    I would do just the upper. run it on my 3gun or sbr lower. mainly because i have a 15/22 which is great but i am not a fan of the rail