“HKGuns” sent us these gorgeous photos of his Heckler & Koch HK MR556A1 Competition. The Competition models features a new 14″ handguard, a Magpul CTR stock and a very nifty-looking Operators Suppressor Systems (OSS) compensator.

hk mr 556 a1 competition 2

hk mr 556 a1 competition 3

Thanks HKGuns!




  • Inb4 HK haters.

    Seriously man, nice gun. I bet it shoots great and will give you years of enjoyment.

    • HKGuns

      Thanks Alex. I haven’t taken her out yet, but if she shoots near as well as my standard MR556 I’ll be extremely happy.

    • 3XLwolfshirt

      The only thing I hate about HK is the price tag. Otherwise, I’d own every one of them.

  • ak1134

    I have that hand guard on my MR556, no iron sights, aimpoint pro, w a convex butt-stock pad. Currently looking for a new muzzle brake.

  • 3331

    And what exactly is competition about the gun?

    • MR stands for match rifle: These were designed to be accurate as hell and ludicrously reliable. This version features the brake, enhanced mag release, long forearm that 3 gunner like, keymod for putting on whatever you want where you want it and for weight savings, etc.

      These are made for folks to use in 3 gun and similar competitions. Under the name MR223 these are very popular in Europe to find at matches (not necessarily in this trim).

      • 3331

        I strongly disagree. Most competitors here in Europe shoot DI Ar-15s. They are at least as accurate, easily reliable enough and have WAY less recoil and less weight. We can mount bipods on the bottom of a carbon fiber tube, there is no need for heavy rails all over the place.
        This might be a nice tactical rifle or something, but calling it “competition” is just a fraud in my opinion.

        • Fraud? If they added features to the rifle to make it more conducive to competition shooting and marketed it as such, how is it fraud?

          Look at it this way: A porsche 911 GT3 is a sports car. The RS is a racecar with just a few key differences!

          • 3331

            Seems like my original reply disappeared somehow, so I’ll just type it again. Adding a few features and changing the name does not make a weapon suitable for (successful) competition.

            To me the HK 223 is not a GT3, it’s not even a 911. It is more similar to a Cayenne and the “competition” model would be the Cayenne Turbo. A good car, very versatile, extremely reliable, but not a GT car.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        That is not Keymod. The slots are backwards. It’s HK’s stupid version.

        • Modkey

        • HKPurist

          Actually, HK got the slots “right”. It’s the Keymod that is “BACKWARDS”. Look at any shelving unit and it will become clear to you on the correct orientation of the slots.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            Yea ACTUALLY you don’t seem to understand the concept that counter-recoil in a semi-auto is sharper and has a greater impulse than the recoil. The sharp counter-recoil in semi-autos is what makes parts come loose quickly.

            HK is absolutely stupid in their choice of a backwards “solution”. It’ll work fine but it is inferior to the proper direction that keymod uses. That’s really all their is to it. But THANK YOU for using the shelving comment to invalidate your own opinion, keymod uses the small end against the direction there will be the strongest recoil impulse, HK made it backwards.

            Eric Kincel who developed Keymod for Vltor is now at BCM. Has spoken many times about the features and design aspects of Keymod and why everything is shaped the way it is. I’d suggest a little research on your part.


            But thank you for so clearly illustrating that no matter what stupid move HK makes – someone will be along to defend it blindly.

          • Chris

            Oss has a better rail for the mr556 in the proper Keymod orientation. See how the Hkey isn’t as skeletonized as Keymod – the Oss rail is lighter. Sadly both versions are inferior to Mlok

  • Peacefullone2

    I wonder what MOA they guarantee?

  • Lance

    If it didn’t have a HK price tag id get gone.

  • MiniBus

    Looks great but what does it weigh compared to the standard HK piston M4? I found that gun unnecessarily heavy for a .223, though it was accurate and seemed ‘soldier proof’. The new fore end ought to shave a little weight. Good luck with it.