Larue Drone DropAR

Larue shows off their PredatOBR by air dropping it out of a Cessna.

Larue 2

To shoot down a drone, LaRue Tactical packaged a pre-sighted and disassembled PredatOBR rifle kit…then dropped it not once, but twice, from an aircraft. The first attempt bounced out of camera range, so the package was dropped a second time. Impact was onto rocky central Texas terrain bouncing high into the air.

Acting as a friendly ground-asset in a hostile area, Todd Hodnett then retrieved and reassembled the 16″ 7.62 LaRue PredatOBR with NightForce 5-25 ATACR riflescope (mounted in a LaRue LT111 QD scope mount).

Larue 3 Larue 4

Todd then moved into hasty position and with the first pull of the trigger, shot down a DJI Inspire drone hovering at 203 yards. Todd then continued to engage several steel targets out to 437 yards until all simulated threats were eliminated.

For those unfamiliar with the DJI Inspire drone, it is a $3k drone.

Larue drone

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  • stephen

    Todd Hodnett is the man!

  • travis bickle

    Duh. That hurt my brain

  • Andrew Hobby

    What is this? Operator Kabuki Theatre?

  • Ethan

    Assuming there were no significant editing shenanigans, this is pretty impressive. Repeatable accuracy from a barrel-less state. Now just make a tool-less barrel nut and we might actually get a truly modular system.

    • DrewN

      A good solid one piece mount will get you 90% of the way there. I swap optics all the time and it’s usually pretty close on center on various AR’s (even .50 Beowulf) at 100 yards.

      • Ethan

        Agreed, and I love Larue mounts for that purpose, but I am still very intrigued by the barrel swap done in this video.

        Maybe I’m just a cheap SOB, but I’d get into a lot more niche AR calibers if it was just $230 for a barrel instead of $230 for a barrel + $50 for an upper + $60 for a gas system + $130 for a rail system + X + Y + Z..
        For a lot of common calibers its worth getting all that for each one, but if it was just a barrel the entry fee goes down and IMO the interest goes up.

        • DrewN

          I’d bet you would still end up with a bunch of uppers because changing the barrel, no matter how easy, isn’t two pins easy.

          • Ethan

            If I was really committed to getting that caliber, yes. But easy repeatable barrel swaps would make Niche calibers (458 SOCOM, 6.5Grendel, etc..) much more plausible for the average bear.

            Right now I only have 5.56 and 300BLk uppers because that’s all I can afford at roughly $450 per new caliber. But if it only cost ~$200 to swap barrels and it didn’t require AR surgery, I’d have one of everything with a cherry on top. 😛

            I love 458SOC and 6.5GREN but for the foreseeable future they are beyond my grasp. *sigh*

  • Weird. We already know an AR-15 can survive being dropped out of an airplane when it’s not all wrapped up like that.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    After seeing them at SHOT, I’m pretty sure they doing almost their very best to fade into irrelevancy. Which is a shame because their mounts a very good, not excellent, but very good for their price.

    • 360AD

      Lots of mounts out there that are just as good for less. About the only thing good is the free dillo dust.

      • wb

        who else is on their level, I’m just curious as might be getting a new mount soon…

  • 360AD

    This has to be one of the dumber gun related videos I’ve seen. Judging by the shooting position and altitude of the “drone”, it must be shooting that new fangled guided ammunition. What’s next? Sharknado?

  • Giolli Joker

    We have:
    -good packaging by the shipping dept of LaRue;
    -a good case doing its job properly;
    -a good scope that doesn’t mind rough handling;
    -a rifle that does what any rifle is supposed to do in this situation.
    If the system is designed to hold zero, dropping it disassembled (and in a case) is not any worse than dropping it assembled.
    The only thing that impresses me is how the shooter grabs the last round after ejecting it. Cool move.

    I’ve nothing at all against LaRue products, actually I’ve no experience to even speak about them… but the marketing video is rather unimpressive.

  • Y-man

    Y’all know its the same drone that filmed the hits on the steel targets out to 300yards, right? Then is filmed most likely being hit with a slingshot or something…


  • gunslinger

    how does a guy shooting prone with the gun looking level shoot up 100+ feet?

  • Will

    Terrible waste of an innocent drone that was just in the area minding it’s own business.

  • Funny that they used a drone to film a video about shooting down drones.