LANTAC BMD Blast Mitigation Device


It seems like almost ever muzzle device maker is releasing their own version of a muzzle device shroud. LANTAC showed off their version at the 2015 SHOT Show and it looks pretty good. Called the BMD, or Blast Mitigation Device, it works with their Dragon brake and it has a pretty unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the shrouds on the market. LANTAC has incorporated vertical ports on the top of the shroud to allow their Dragon brake to function just as effectively as it does without the shroud. There’s still no definite word on a price or release date however, check out for more info.

LANTAC BMD, Blast Mitigation Device. There have been many derivatives of the first blast shield designed by Simplistic Shooting Solutions and or Kineti Tech years ago. Including QD attachment systems and diffuser holes as seen in Ferfrans and the Spikes Tactical HVS designs. With Gemtech, Griffin and MMC also fielding good products.

The BMD is our take on this type of device, with a few changes from our original concept that was tabled at the time we designed our Dragon brake.

One of the most important features for us was vertical porting that would allow the Dragon brake to continue to shoot as efficiently as it does without compromise. The other was gas flow direction and turbulence. Internally the BMD features an angled shoulder that allows gas to flow smoothly into the diffuser sections of the outer cylinder and also across the many teeth at the opening. The diffuser holes are also strategically position at the sides and top of the BMD but NOT the bottom, this also assist in muzzle climb management, its the same principle as found in the A2 compensator.

The BMD is also retained by 2 spring loaded catches on either side, so can be ‘stripped’ forward from the brake very quickly if required.



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  • Well, maybe now I’ll actually throw down the crazy money on a Lantac

  • Zugunder

    So what this device is for?
    I’m legitimately want to know.

    • Paul Epstein

      You’ve permanently attached a Lantec Dragon to your barrel, presumably for not-quite-SBR purposes, and the people next to you at the range are really not happy about their bleeding eardrums and scorch marks?

      • Giolli Joker

        Those people might have chosen the wrong hobby! 🙂

        • DIR911911 .

          $144 for a muzzle brake , then more money for a cover for a muzzle brake. . . I think the people next to me are just going to have to suffer and buy some better ear protection.

      • Zugunder

        So it’s like flash-suppressor-noise-reducer? I’m sorry for dumb questions, it wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

        • M.M.D.C.

          It’s not a dumb question.

          I think the idea is to turn-your-brake-into-a-flash-hider-real-quick. It’s for all those times when you just gotta switch from recoil reduction to flash hidin’ inna big hurry. In other words, its purpose isn’t immediately obvious.

          • Zugunder

            Ah, I see now. Thanks for the explanation.

        • Cymond

          It’s meant to reduce the obnoxious blastwave that comes from the typical muzzle brake. On other similar devices, people talk about them throwing the blast & noise forward, which makes them popular with short barrels.

          See the Noveske Flaming Pig or the KAK Industries flash can for some purpose-built similar devices (as opposed to these shrouds that attach to muzzle brakes).

  • The_Champ

    At what point did simple muzzle brakes all become “devices”, rifles become “platforms”, shooting a firearm turn into “running” a firearm, and all other “tactical” doohickies become “systems”?

    I was in Cabela’s the other day looking for a pair of camo gloves for hunting. I held up a pair and jokingly told my friend that they were nice but what I really needed was a more tactical glove “system”. In about 30 seconds he found a pair labeled exactly as such.

    This isn’t a shot at the author of the article, or the company mentioned. It’s just a general thought that we all really need to tone down the ‘tac-talk’. We are past the point of parody.

    • Dr Sick

      I totaly agree with you, but reading your comment I figure something :

      Saying “Running this platform with this new device” is less frightening than ” Shooting this rifle with this new muzzle brake”

      And will all know that politician are really anxious about those kind of word (remenber barrel shroud…)

      • Rooftop Voter

        Snickers over the ‘barrel shroud’ on You Tube. Still cracks me up

  • sianmink

    Looks awful heavy, mang. I’m guessing like 5-6 ounces.

  • Plumbiphilious

    Does the BMD have much flash suppression? Or does it just redirect the flash/gas forwards like a straight-back compensator?

  • Blake

    Wouldn’t it work better if these two functions were integrated into a single purpose-designed device?

    • Jeremy Star

      Like, say, a suppressor?

      • Dan

        Oh I like the sound of that, tell me more about this suppressor you speak of.

      • phuzz

        Is this perhaps a way of getting around the legal issues with suppressors by creating a device which does the same job, but isn’t legally a suppressor?

  • sam

    Needs a second, outer mitigation device to mitigate the blast from the ports in the mitigation device. Total mitigation.

  • Squirreltakular

    TFB should review a couple of these to see if they do anything that they say they do.

    Personally, if side-blast and concussion were issues and I couldn’t get a suppressor, I’d save the weight and quite a bit of money and just get a linear comp.