Dark Earth Glock Magazines

Many of you may have seen in the past year or so Glock has produced some of their pistols in Dark Earth polymer. Many people mistakenly call it FDE, when Glock never calls it FDE. On the box, the pistols are labeled as “Dark Earth”. A subtle difference but it does distinguish from the more commonly known Flat Dark Earth which is associated with Magpul’s tactical taupe color.  Most notable would be the recent Larry Vickers special edition Dark Earth Glocks. What you may not have known is that Glock made magazines for a DoD Special Missions Unit in Dark Earth. They were only made in .40 s&w and came with a round extender in dark earth. They are rather rare. As you can see below, the magazine matches my Dark Earth Glock 35 frame.

DSC_0215 DSC_0219


According to Modern Service Weapons, there was also an extended 22 rd Dark Earth Glock 22 magazine. I have seen the 15 rd mags with extensions but never seen the extended 22 rd mag in Dark Earth before.



I wish Glock would make more of these in all calibers and bundled with their Dark Earth frame pistols.

Nicholas C

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  • dave

    This is ridiculous. Your mags are either in your kit or in the weapon, if you’re that worried about it be smart and spray paint your base plates or dumb and buy a tan baseplate.

    • Scott Tuttle

      Real operators know 😛

      • Panzercat

        I demand more Tier 1 colors.

      • gunslinger

        real operators operating operationally in operational operations.

    • anon

      Bro, do you even operate?

      My ops are so black that i demand maximum opsec, and spray paint has too high of a drag coefficient, which makes it hard for me to achieve maximum dynamic-ness during my gorilla warfare.

      • Guest


      • Samson

        Bro, do you even operate was perhaps the best most perfect answer ever.

    • Alex

      The FDE was requested by Delta to quickly differentiate between their 9mm magazines and .40 mags.

  • Bill

    How about mags with baseplates and extenders whatever color you want, like multicamNamzebrastripeAOR2ACU, and tubes in blaze orange, so I can find mine on the trail range without a specially trained mag-sniffing dog?

    I guess if I was a real operator someone else would be buying me my mags by the gross. And paying young lingerie-clad Japanese models to load them for me.

  • the_duck

    Comments here are so weird. I like options, don’t you?

    I’ve got black and stainless 1911 mags, Black, FDE, Clear, and Battleship Gray AR mags. Options are good.

    • Giolli Joker

      Options are good, true!
      Articles that sound like “look how cool is my limited edition FDE mag that matches my Luois Vuitton gear!” are exposing themselves to merciless mockery… I would honestly find weird the opposite. 🙂

  • Mike

    How about a 9mm magazine the same dimensions as the 22 round .40S&W mag. I guess it would hold about 25-26 rounds. The 33 rounds mags are fun, but not practical. These 22 round mags are a good size,
    I am sure Glock would sell tons of them$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Hedd Wyn John

      A couple of companies make aftermarket mag extensions that will give you a capacity of 22-23 rounds in your Glock 17. Word is the Arredondo extensions are reliable. 23 rounds should be enough without the mag getting too long.

  • Vitsaus

    Mall ninjas rejoice.

  • Grindstone50k

    I like it because it’s pretty.

  • Don Ward

    *Feels smugly superior not needing any fancy, schmancy color palate options to reload my revolver*

    *Also feels the rheumatism kicking in…*

    • Giolli Joker

      Don’t you match your speedloader with your nail polish???

    • Bill

      I have black AND plain metal metal moon clips, ins several moon phases: full, half and third. And I wrote my initials on my speed strips with a SILVER Sharpie. Pimpin.’

      • Don Ward

        Goddess bless!

  • kingghidorah

    How about a keymoded mag in case I want to attach a green laser to it?

  • cs

    Ok, I’ll bite. How did you get your Glock frame textured with the Magpul Logo?

    • Nicholas Chen

      Wow good eye. It is something I did on my Glock. Proprietary process. It was just a test to see if it could be done with the method I was trying.

      • cs

        it’s very cool. i’d be interested in that texture myself. or at least using overlapping shapes to create texture instead of just dots. does it provide similar traction to the miad grip? better/worse than other methods you’ve tried?

  • Anonymous

    If you want Glock to make FD magazines, the solution is simple… Just get a a bunch of people to ask for it. Glock is good about listening to their customers, any time their fans ask for something Glock brings it to market………… 5 years after they no longer want it.

    Heck, I half expect to see them come out with a “zombie” model 3 years from now. That’ll be about 5 years past the firearms industry’s “zombie phase”, right?

  • Today in the Glock Innovation Department…

  • CR Cobb

    I wish Glock would produce pistols with color-keyed slides.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Color Keyed slides? They did make a batch of Dark Earth color matched slides for their dark earth pistols.

  • noob

    this could be a good way to remind yourself what kind of ammo you have in each mag. especially if you have something like a conversion kit between .357sig and .40s&w