Caracal at IDEX

816 PDW 7.5

Caracal had their firearms on display at the 2015 International Defence Exhibition & Conference held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The weapons included the CAR816, CC10 and CS308.

The CAR816 is an M-4/AR-15 style assault rifle:

816 FDE

816 PDW 7.5

CAR816 PDW with 7.5″ barrel

CAR816 in 7.62x39

CAR816 in 7.62×39

The CS308 is a precision rifle chambered in .308 Win:


The CC10 is a pistol caliber carbine. These are in 9mm:



Thanks to Giorgio for sending us photos from IDEX!

Richard Johnson

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  • Bal256

    What’s with the ring on the barrels of some of their guns?

    • Ethan

      I was looking at that and the big disk on the stock – I think those are the display rack mounts. Some kind of captive theft-prevention display maybe..

    • ixlr8

      The barrel is resting in the ring for display.

    • Trevor Putnam

      I wondered that myself for a second, but that’s just the front end of the display rack that holds them to the wall.

  • Avery

    Looks like they slimmed down the piston system on the CAR816. The pistol system was a lot more obvious in the photos from 2013 and 2014. It looked almost Kalashnikov or ARAK-21 in those images.

  • Vitsaus

    MSRP: $17 “Its great for the price!”

  • hami

    I assume that’s a sling point on the rear of the lower receiver, above the grip. I think that’s really cool.

  • spencer60

    Since they can’t even get me a replacement for my Caracal C after 2 years+, I really don;t have much interest in their new stuff at this point.

    • Giolli Joker

      Didn’t they refund you?

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    CC10 – A legal/illegal copy of Baretta Cx4??

    • JSmath

      Not even remotely close.

      Please, actually compare the two for a moment before making hasty judgment/comments like that.

      • Sam Schifo

        Dude, slow your roll. Maybe this guy doesn’t know everything about firearms.

        • JSmath

          I could have been “nicer” about it and suggested it looks like it has more in common with the Ruger PC9, but I’m not trying to be that person who thinks they know everything about firearms. It would have taken less time to look up images of “Cx4” and make a spot comparison than it would have to write the comment asking.

          I can respect a person asking for information, but that’s not what they were doing. They were suggesting the possibility instead, not really asking a thing. “Is this a copy of the Beretta Cx4?” <– See, that's what a question asking for information looks like. Wildly ignorant speculation looks like this:

          J-Frame – A legal/illegal copy of Cold SAA??

          Football – A legal/illegal copy of a Socker Ball??

          XM8 – A legal/illegal copy of a Bluefun Tuna??

          • Sam Schifo

            Do you work for Beretta or something? You’re awfully salty about the comparison of the Cx4 to the CC10.

  • Giolli Joker

    Wow! Great job in editing my photos!
    I couldn’t recognize them! 🙂
    I can’t tell why, but unlike its 5.56 cousins the CAR816 in 7.62x39mm appeared to be DI.
    Hard to tell what is the market of these guns, surely most are targeted to the internal (UAE) military contracts, however I’ve seen more than once Caracal proposing prototypes in one exhibition and in the next exhibition they had disappeared.
    The only new pistols shown were the 1911 already brought to Shot Show, they felt solidly built and well refined, but I’m no expert.

    • Chris22lr

      It’s probably because they seem now producing two ARs: 816 with piston and 814 with DI (they list them on their website now).
      As for the market: 816 is already available for European civilians under Haenel brand (Merkel subsidiary, which is owned by Tawazun – Caracal owner). In Poland cost is 7,600 PLN, which is cheap when compared with HK MR223 or Ruger SR556 (11-13,000 PLN).
      However, it’s a shame they discarded whole CP series that was bound to replace F/C guns. Especially CP663 – traditional, all-stell, external hammer full-size pistol with wooden grips. I’d get that in a heart beat!

      • Giolli Joker

        Yep, that was the pistol prototype I had handled a couple of years ago and seemingly disappeared now.
        There were hammer and striker fired versions and they seemed really interesting.
        However I’ve heard rumors regarding the recall (apparently wrong heat treatments as cause) and regarding a reorganization of the designing department.

    • LCON

      The ATF will be banning these photos for having a stock on a AR pistol with a foregrip because it’s to tacticool

  • ensitue

    Now they will only blow-up when fired by a Kaffir!

    • RocketScientist

      Kindly take your racism elsewhere. This is the 21st century.

      • JSmath

        Could also (and is somewhat more likely to) be religious bigotry instead, of note.

  • TCBA_Joe

    Looks a lot like SIG 516s.
    Wasn’t it Carcal that debuted a piston AR in the last couple of years that looked like a direct ripoff of the HK416?

  • He’ll have to it won’t be on TFB!

  • noguncontrol

    caracal guns are junk, just look at what happened to their pistols!!