Mr Revolverguy, who blogs at Day At The Range, has big plans for his new Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan.

The appearance after the addition of these grips were absolutely amazing. At this point there was only one last thing to do, turn this revolver into the most versatile revolver I own, capable of being deployed in any situation. Since the original purchase, even before the background check was complete I was thinking Triple Threat. A revolver capable of firing 45ACP, 45LC and 454Casull. This would mean I would need to find someone I could trust to mill the cylinder on my revolver to take 45ACP moonclips.



  • Giolli Joker

    I would trust Hamilton Bowen.
    Then I would have hard time to stop the customization there…

    Nice photo, cool tough snubby with nice grips.

  • Mark

    Well. I’m pretty jealous now. Bordering on bitter that your revolver is so damn cool. Love the grips.

  • 3XLwolfshirt

    I wish Ruger would make a version exactly like this with a longer barrel. I like the Super Redhawk, but I’ve always wanted them to put a barrel shroud or something under it.

    • Anonymoose

      Something like this? I’m partial to Mr. Bowen’s Anaconda conversion, myself.

      • Giolli Joker

        Personally I’ve always been drooling on the “L-frame” barrel conversion, but the relatively new SP-type is a SERIOUS contender… in my dreams, I get a blued one with dark ebony grips…

        • Anonymoose

          I don’t know about bluing…I’ve been looking into dark blue Cerakote as a *possible* solution to make stainless guns look more traditional…

          • Giolli Joker

            Yep, actually the blue option by Bowen is probably only available on the, sadly, discontinued blued RH.

      • BattleshipGrey

        That ported .500 version looks AMAZING!

    • Robert Griffith

      Check out the “Toklat” at the Ruger site. Super Redhawk .454 with a 5 inch barrel.

  • Azril @ Alex Vostox

    Sometimes I wondered,. Why Alaska ? Ya I know this is supposed to be a favorite survival firearms of Alaskan bush pilot in case of emergency. But why revolver? Why not a semi automatic with 9mm or .45 or .50 caliber? Why not a rifle or SBR or a shotgun that totally suitable for hunting some animals? Why Seth Rollins is such a douchebag? why? WHY?

    • Anonymoose

      Semi-autos can be finicky and are less robust in general over a revolver, SBRs are a PITA to obtain compared to a big-bore revolver, and a 9mm (or anything short of a Desert Eagle or Wildey, really) is not going to stop a bear.

      • Stephen

        Revolvers are not more robust than modern semi autos. That is a myth that at one time was true.

        • Don Ward

          Revolvers ARE more robust in realistic situations than any semi auto, modern or otherwise. It is a very rare day when you will get a stove pipe jam, failure to feed, double feed or have a round fired out of battery in a revolver. In addition, even the most humble .357 round is more powerful than all but the most ridiculous semi-auto cartridge.

          Stop listening to YouTube celebrities like James Yeager.

          • Stephen

            Good points. I misspoke. My claim is Regarding mechanical soundness only. And the slant was unnecessary. I don’t dirty my life experience with exposure to the likes of Yeager.

          • Don Ward

            My apologies then good sir.

            And yes, if you are talking about rounds fired over the lifetime of a handgun, certainly a well-made semi-automatic like a Glock or a Beretta 92F will fire far more rounds than even the finest revolver. If you torture test a Colt Python or a Smith & Wesson Model 19 or whatever, the semi-autos will tend to be more reliable in that regard.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            Also temps and moisture play a roll. I know cold, i am a city boy in detroit. Its as cold as alaska here allot of the time. I am never a few steps from being warm. I never have to worry about being in a busted plane 4 hours from anyone with an iced up 9mm carbine.

          • Don Ward

            Yep. I work in Alaska as a commercial fisherman three months out of the year (we’re a shore based salmon fishery) and – quite frankly – I don’t have the time to properly maintain my handgun up there when I don’t even have time to eat and sleep. Which is why I opt for a stainless steel revolvers as our work guns.

          • noob

            How do you not lose a whole bunch of weight with that kind of punishing work day? or do you bulk up before the season and then just suffer through it?

          • Don Ward

            I lose about 20 pounds up there over the summer.

          • iksnilol

            10mm Auto isn’t a ridiculous cartridge. It is about as powerful as .357 in regards to energy. + with 10mm you can have a doublestack pistol with 16+1 rounds. With revolvers you get a max of 8 rounds (of .357). You can also go with .45 super or .460 Rowland. Get a doublestack pistol chambered for it and you have 14+1 shots of .44 mag equivalent.

            But semi-autos get shot a lot more (easier to shoot, higher mag caps and cheaper ammo possibly contribute to this) so they get worn out a lot more too.

          • TomOfToms

            The biggest con for a semiauto is that clearing malfunctions is usually a two-handed affair unless it is equipped with a doublestrike feature or is double action. With a revolver you need not consider out of battery from pressue on the muzzle, or needing a taprackbang under duress. A revolving cylinder puts a fresh cartridge under the hammer each time you squeeze the trigger.

            Oh, and Keith style bullets.

          • Don Ward

            I love the 10mm round and you see guys up there that have them.

          • shootbrownelk

            the 10mm is almost the ballistic equivalent of the .41 mag.
            If I need bear protection I have a Ruger SRH in .454 Casull.
            But If it’s grizzlies you have, then I grab my 12 ga. with slugs.

        • javierjuanmanuel

          Yeah but it sticks. Its what tbe bush guys like. Its named after what they use, not what kab tests show they should like better.

          Also i think it has to do with larger more powerful options in a revolver.

        • Mystick

          Most semi-autos require some form of lubricant on the slide for proper cycling, where revolvers are cycled manually. In the extreme cold, lubricants lose some of their properties, making them ineffective – threatening to interrupt the action and making it unreliable for a “survival” firearm.

    • Don Ward

      A .357 is a more robust round than a 9mm or .45 ACP. Revolvers allow you to select from a greater variety of ammo choices that suit your particular need. And they are generally more reliable in harsh conditions where you can’t always clean your weapon.

      • Anonymoose

        10mm beats .357 though. If you’re going into the woods and worried about bears or other things that might eat you, you should be packing at least a .44.

        • Don Ward

          Yepper on the 44. Although I haven’t done the comparisons of really Skookum .357 ammo (from Buffalo Bore) vs the latest 10mm offerings for awhile.

          • Anonymoose

            Buffalo Bore and Double Tap make some pretty heavy 10mm loadings too. Generally, with their 10mm, you get the same weight as their hotrodded .357 at about 50fps less, but you can go up to 220-230gr in a 10mm, whereas Buffalo Bore stops at 180gr .357 and DT stops at 200gr .357. None of those loads are anything for a human to sneeze at, but I’d still rather have a .44 Magnum if I was going up against even a small black bear.

    • Burst

      Because bears.

    • Wetcoaster

      Because the main animal to be worried about in the bush up north (in Western Canada as well) are bears. The only semi-auto round that comes close to the .44 Magnum – .454 Casull range is the .50 AE. Only the Desert Eagle is in production and chambers that round and it barely holds more rounds than a revolver, along with being gas-operated.

      Then there’s ammo availability, and I imagine the corrosion resistance of a stainless gun is pretty attractive for bush use as well.

      Shotguns and rifles require a hand to carry and a generally more cumbersome which means being able to carry less surveying tools, food, water, etc.

      • Don Ward

        And moose.

      • Anonymoose

        Idk…if I was going .44 Mag, I’d definitely choose a deagle. 8+1 vs 6 is a pretty easy decision for me, but if I was going to go bigger, .454, .480/.470, and .500 (Linebaugh or S&W) are certainly in a league above what the .50AE is capable of.

        • Wetcoaster

          That also gets into the reliability and maintenance issue. I’m not sure what they are for the gas-operated Desert Eagle, but I’d wager they aren’t as durable as stainless DA revolver.

          The other issue is a distrust of rimmed rounds in box magazines. A revolver means not having to worry about rimlock or a misfeed.

          • Anonymoose

            The Desert Eagle is somewhat sensitive to ammunition, from what I’ve heard. You have to use really hot .357s in the .357 version, at least. I don’t know about the .44 version, but unless you’re purposely buying down-loaded .44s, you shouldn’t have any problems with cycling.

            Also, I don’t worry too much about rimlock in my Mosin or Enfield. If you load the mags properly you shouldn’t have any problems.

    • Michel_T

      A rifle would be nice… but space in a plane is somewhat precious.
      A pistolmis nice, if you need firepower…

      Out in the bush, I’ll take stopping power. The 454 can do just that, in a nice/small package…

  • roguetechie

    In general I’m a rabid fan of semiautomatic pistols over revolvers for most applications and climates, but not when it comes to Alaska. Especially for a wildlife defense round.

  • Mystick

    You have enough of those clips, I think… especially if the gun needs to be machined to accommodate them.

    • Anonymoose


      • Don Ward


        *Smug smile*

        Oh wait…

  • Blake

    Great photo.

  • WPZ

    To the discussion of “why revolvers?”, the one point not raised here is that revolvers have an enormous advantage in ammunition, specifically bullet design. A revolver can fire almost anything but an auto needs a shape compatible with feeding. As a result, a 325 grain semiwadcutter is easy doings for a Ruger .45 wheelgun, but is close to impossible in a Glock. That’s a no-fail bullet, one that will do what’s needed every time, with the possible exception of impressing ShootingTheBull410’s video fans.
    To another point raised about revolver strength and reliability: I love my Colt revolvers but comparing a Colt I-frame to a Ruger is apples and oranges. I’m no fan of Rugers but the strength of their revolvers is truly awe-inspiring.
    A friend has a .45 Redhawk he uses both for hunting and reloading- it’s a hobby in itself. He just fills .45 Colt cases with whatever strikes his fancy and stuffs his 320 grain flatnoses on top. HS6 produces shocking results over the chrono but not a whimper from Ruger.
    An old-timer in the gun business recalls the Ruger rep showing up for police demos in the waning days of the police sixgun, opening his case, clearing his demonstrator Security-Six, then throwing it down on the range floor with some force. He would then suggest the training officers do that with their 586s and M10s. When getting no takers, he’d then load the Six and start blazing away.
    (Don’t try this at home!)
    Now that some Rugers are coming out of the box with good DA triggers- we had a lady show up for an Intro class with a brand-new GP100 with a trigger almost as good as my modified IDPA 586- they are getting more and more of my attention.
    They have superior ergos, too- a shorter trigger reach and better grip options.
    Painful to say for a guy who bought a new Smith Highway Patrolman new in 1973 for $125 and has been shooting it ever since, but it has to be said.

  • SteveK

    The Alaskan is “Top Dog” in my book!

  • desert

    Might as well increase the cylinder length if you are going to that trouble and add the .410 to it!! “all around weapons” lol