Daniel, aka. AKNorthPolar sent us a photo of his 22/45. He wrote …

A Ruger 22/45 Lite with a modified top rail that carries a Primary Arms reflex red dot, MaddMacs compensator, and all the usual internal upgrades. Volquartsen, Tandemkross, and the like.




  • dc

    Bizarre coincidence….bought one just like this, sans optic, about 2 hours ago. Gave my first one to a Marine Capt engaged to my daughter.

    A good shooter then???

    DC from Sirra Vista, AZ

    • North Polar

      I’ve only got about 150 rounds though it so far (.22 is insanely hard to find in AK right now) but other than an aftermarket magazine related hiccup it runs great and shoots better than I can. The hammer bushing replacement and VQ extractor are (imo) pretty near mandatory upgrades, but make it more reliable and have a better trigger pull, while removing the mag safety.

      As a whole, it shoots fantastic. I’m very happy with it. 😀

  • A compensator on a 22 caliber pistol?

    • DW

      more like cool muzzleweight

      • North Polar

        Pretty much. But there is no muzzle flip with it, which was the whole point really. It’ll get taken off once I get a suppressor for it.

  • Lt Donn

    Why must we add hundreds of dollars in extras to get a decent trigger with these guns??…why does Ruger let them leave with such triggers?…I have several MK-II from years ago and all have decent triggers…these new 22/45’s are coming with stock triggers that are simply awful…Note to Ruger: instead of creating products that are supporting an industry to modify your guns, just to make them shootable, why dont’ you make them with a decent trigger to begin with??

    • North Polar

      It is a $11 part to vastly improve the trigger. The magazine disconnect assembly is required to sell the pistols in several states. $11 rips all that out, lets mags drop free, and lowers the trigger pull to something that is pretty damn nice. Another $12 will get you a VQ sear and combined will be around a 3.5# trigger. Not bad for $24.

      Out of the box the trigger isn’t bad either, just a lot nicer for a few dollar investment.

    • iksnilol

      Might as well just sell them without the trigger 😉 Oughta drive the price down and pretty much everyone changes the trigger anyways.

    • RICH

      The Firearms industry is becoming the same as Harley Davidson has been for years. H.D. will put a crappy looking axle nut on the bike, sell you a nice chrome on for $20, where in the first place they could have put the chrome axle nut for just a few cents more than the nut with the crappy finish ! It’s all about the $$$$….!

  • North Polar

    Personally, taking out the LCI is super easy. On the Lite, it is a poly/plastic piece with 2 springs and a slip pin. I just clipped the protruding bit of the LCI off, then followed up with a needle file and light buff to smooth it up.

    Still looks factory without paying the $15 for the replacement. Takes an extra minute or two is all.

    Then again, I shortened the top rail by hand also. It’s not perfect, but it looks a lot better IMO than the long rail.

  • USMC03Vet

    Please tell me you open carry this.

    That is sex.

    • North Polar

      I’m waiting on a proper holster for it, but it will be open carried as my grouse/rabbit blaster. I’ll probably just end up going with one of the Ruger leather holsters with the rail cutout.

      • USMC03Vet

        Watch out for bounty hunters.

        • North Polar


    • KestrelBike

      It’s got a definite Han Solo vibe to it.
      Storm Trooper Rabbits!

  • Pete

    I will add this to the list of guns I want to buy, along with several other new pistols, survival guns, and Umarex fun replicas, in some imaginary future time when .22 ammo will again be cheap and plentiful.

  • Chris Crowley

    The JP dovetail mount allows a lower placement of the JP Red dot sight in the rear most position. You will need a punch to remove the stock rear sight.

    • North Polar

      I know. The Burris mount works the same way. The Primary Arms red dots are a great deal, but they aren’t as durable as a RMR. I like being able to detach the red dot if needed and still shoot.