Stryker Enterprises SCAR Enhancements


Stryker Enterprises is a manufacturer of accessories for the FNH SCAR platform.



One of their biggest enhancements is the SEAL (SCAR Enhanced Alloy Lower). It was originally designed for the SCAR 17S, but they have expanded to enhancing the SCAR16S. Similar to the HANDL lower, the SEAL allows the user to utilize AR-10/SR-25 magazines for the SCAR17S. The SEAL lower sells for $399.99

MK 5 MOD 0 SEAL 3 Seal 4

Here is a teaser video machining one of their lowers.




Stryker has also gone to create new options for stocks on the SCAR platform. They are working on a long distance stock based off of the MK20 SSR. The S.O.B.A. (SCAR Optimized Buttstock Assembly) provides more cheek rest and length of pull adjustment for shooters who want to customize their stock for different shooting positions.

SOBA left view SOBA right view


Stryker is also working on a stock adapter to mount a ACR stock to a SCAR. There is not much information on this stock adapter but I look forward to its release.


Nicholas C

Co-Founder of KRISSTALK forums, an owner’s support group and all things KRISS Vector related. Nick found his passion through competitive shooting while living in NY. He participates in USPSA and 3Gun. He loves all things that shoots and flashlights. Really really bright flashlights.

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  • MR

    Did I miss the link to the manufacturer’s web page?

  • IXLR8

    The SCAR lowers are very cool. I would probably buy one if didn’t cost $600.00+ to buy the rest of the parts to finish the lower. If you do not want to use your current lower as a donor for the parts, building one is very expensive.

    • 360AD

      Did you read the article? The SE lower is $399. Handl’s lower is $420 ($450 for FDE). The problem with them is weight. Ability to accept SR/LR mags isn’t really an advantage unless you already have a ton of those mags to justify the cost. Otherwise the stock polymer lowers are just fine and Molon Labe has polymer mags for it (if you must have polymer mags). IMO, it’s just not worth the added weight. Lightness is one of the strong points of the SCAR.

      • 360AD

        Oh, and you don’t need extra parts. All of the stock parts in the lower transfer over to the alloy lower.

        • MR

          “If you do not want to use your current lower as a donor for parts.” Or do not have a current lower, because you’re assembling from scratch. Why should the AR guys have all the fun? Oh, right, because their platform’s been around for 60 years.

  • Black_Viper

    I ordered the charging handle a few weeks ago. Lead times are long, but the product will ultimately be worth it as Stryker products are top notch!

  • John

    I guess the greatest legacy of the Bushmaster ACR will be its stock. Everyone seems to want it.

    • Scott P

      Hopefully the Radom MSBS will be what the ACR should have been living on through them.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I was not crazy about the stock on the MSBS fwiw on that topic alone. Whole gun didn’t give me a great impression but the stock was what I struggled to understand.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man


  • James

    How about also reporting that Stryker has been getting people on the FNForum to pre order and pay in full for these since fall of last year and continuing to miss their own delivery timelines and then getting belligerent with customers who are justifyingly getting annoyed of not getting the product they paid for.

    Poor business practice and customer service. I would personally not “pre order” one, especially when it needs to be paid in full and no known actual delivery date.

    • Shawn

      I take it one further, I wouldn’t order this product at all – even if it was COD.

      In fact, wouldn’t order water from Stryker even if I was dying of thirst and he was the only one with water. He is far too belligerent and full of himself.

      • jimbob

        lol – canceled pre-orders subject to 20% “restocking” fee on nonexistent inventory

      • LOWspeed4

        Must be a personality thing between you and Stryker.

        • guest

          unfortunately there are a lot of personality issues here. The FN SCAR aftermarket is very fractured, he is where the fractures seem to start. I hope he grows out of it.

      • FNGunner1

        I’d bet Stryker would refuse to sell you that water even if you had a suitcase full of $100 bills. LOL this stuff is all personality. You don’t like the owner and he doesn’t like you. We get it. yawn

    • Bman

      I have to say, the few transactions I’ve had with Jim have not been super pleasant. I was delivered an incorrect product on one and was treated like I was being a pissy little baby when I politely informed him of this. The attempt to rectify the situation was to sell me more crap. Don’t try to talk to him on the FN forum either. He is god there.

      • BTown

        And don’t dare criticize him or his products/business practices on the Fn Forum or you will be shown the door.

        • Fred

          Or be sent a handwritten letter threatening legal action just for putting up a negative review of his service….

          • BTown

            Beware of Stryker. Or I will–

          • guest

            I’ve done business with Stryker in the past and each transaction was handled very well and the products arrived without any issue. Will do business again if they have I want. Still on the fence on the lower but if it’s anything like the rest of the SCAR stuff they make, I know it’s going to work and look great.

          • Kev

            Starz26, is THAT you? 🙂

      • TBW

        So, besides being able to accept a cheaper standard mag, exactly what else do you get with this lower?

        I bought 20 mags when I purchased my 17S so, why would I want to spend the money for this mod? Thanks for not flaming me…

        • Mike Nodine

          The SR/LR PMAG .308 mags hold 25 rounds not 20 rounds. 25 > 20 Also the 50 round X-Drum comes in the SR/LR configuration but not the FN Scar 17 configuration. 50 >>> 20

          The Stryker S.E.A.L. lower will be a few grams heavier than the OEM FN Scar 17 polymer lower, but it will make the Scar 17 lighter overall to carry in certain competitions and training drills. How is that even possible Mike, you ask? Because if your Scar 17 load out is say 100 rounds then you need 5 FN Scar 17 mags where I will need only 4 SE/LR PMAGS and if I am not mistaken, each PMAG is a few grams lighter to start with. I only need 3 mag pouches on my rig and you need 4 to carry the same 100 rounds of .308.

          Also, the Stryker S.E.A.L. lower will have some new features that will make it the king of reloads in timed competitions.

          I don’t care if a few people think Stryker is a big meanie and they get their feelings hurt. I want the best lower on my Scar 17, no more and no less. Everything else, all the crying and butthurt stories are nothing more than Strawman arguments designed to move attention away from Stryker products. That’s fine, I don’t care if Stryker goes out of business just as soon as I get my S.E.A.L. lower and S.O.B.A. stock. Your Scar 17’s deficiencies are not my problem.

          • TBW

            Thanks Mike, for your thoughtful response…

    • i1776

      Last time he was pressed for release info by paying customers he threw a temper tantrum on the FN site and went dark for a month. That’s not good business.

      • Chad

        Is that actually FNH’s site? or do they just say they are FN’s site?

        • IKEWarrior04

          ^Handl Employee

          • i1776

            HANDL sucks. Had one. I know. First hand.

          • guest

            he isn’t actually

        • i1776

          It was on the FN Forums which is a private run site.

    • jay

      Is this the same Stryker guy on fn forum?

      If yes, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten feet stick.

    • Chad

      That is dangerous what happens if there is some sort of interruption or cost overrun? those people are screwed.

      • IKEWarrior04

        ^Handl SHILL

        • Chad

          HA HA LOL you so silly.. maybe I work for Kinetic Research Group, or IWC, or Tango Down, or some other company that has been thrown under the bus over there.

          • IKEWarrior04

            No, you’re chad Gavin. You did I nice lil shill post for Handl on FNforum. You were a part of that post by Scotty H were I embarrassed the hell out of frank plumb when I proved that hes a liar. And you have a handl qA video posted under your YouTube account.

          • Chad

            ADMINS!!!! this poster (IKE) is putting the name of a known Special Forces Solider out in the open. I know he does not want his name on the open net. typical of the intimidation techniques of the FN Forums types. Delete that post please

          • LOWspeed4

            Frank Plumb puts his name out there on the web, so it’s okay.- “Been busy with SPECIAL FORCES since 9-11”.

          • taken care of. It has nothing to do with the topic

          • IKEWarrior04

            This wouldn’t be an issue if known Handl Defense Emloyees/ Associates didn’t feel the need to come post lies and crap all over a piece of press for Stryker Enterprises.

          • LawyerUP

            How would you know the SOF solider doesn’t want his name here? Probably because you two are in communication with one another and friends and from reading yours and one other guy’s posts on here, it’s obvious you two are hounding anything Stryker related on the web with your stolen valor claims. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was either one or both of you that started that up in the first place. Cyber-stalking Stryker’s owner, in case you two haven’t realized it.

          • guest

            Just because you want it to be something does not make it so. There is still the freedom of expression in this country. Slander requires falsehoods to apply. Considering pretty much every comment I have every used has been made by someone else. I do not see how expressing the opinions of other people can be twisted into stalking. What you are trying to do is intimidate others into silence.

            Since I am the person in question, I said take it down. I know you might not be well informed, so let me enlighten you. There are known threats to military personnel inside the united states. In particular SOF is targeted. Find a SOF guys name, then find his email, if you have half a lick of sense, you can get his address. This is a clear threat. One that stems through this website from another, by persons intent on placing me in danger.

          • guest

            Admins…remove the name from the open net please

    • Dep

      The guy that owns Stryker and hangs out on the FNForums is a jerk. A big jerk. Just ask him a question about billing and watch him flip out. I wouldn’t do business with them ever again.

  • Shawn

    The SEAL lower has missed several delivery dates for folks that have pre-paid.

    The owner also has massive issues with being respectful of others, including his paying customers. As much time as I’ve been on the internet, over 20 years, this guy takes the cake in terms of ego.

    I wouldn’t buy a thing from him. It’s that bad.

  • joe

    Dumb Question (TM), the upper’s the serial numbered part, like the SIG 55x, right?

    • pun&gun


  • Chad

    This is the same guy who called himself an USMC NCO but started deleting posts after a stolen valor investigation. I guess he never served a day but had everyone thinking he was military.
    If that’s not enough I saw on FN fourms where a shop in california reverse engineered another companys product then that data was all posted up for all to see. I am sure that data probably helped this product.
    I am sure since the other company has been at it for 3 years and this one is based off of that one that it will work fine.
    He has a guy from A platoon Seal Team 7 using his lower on military guns, using military ammo, on military facilities, doing his R&D. Nothing like free government sponsored R&D. Federal Acquisition Regulation be damned!! LOL.. So I am sure it’ll work fine.

    • IKEWarrior04

      Chad, you work for Handl so shut it .

      • Chad

        LOL you are silly, I am sure you can see my tax returns through the internet. LOL

        • IKEWarrior04

          Your internet activity says otherwise.

          • guest

            Your internet activity shows you are willing to put the safety of KNOWN special operations personnel (people specifically targeted CONUS) at risk to “win” at the internet. makes me wonder if in this day and age an art. 104 violation hasn’t happened.

    • LOWspeed4

      turd. Handl pimping never ends.

  • kneedeep

    I’ve had quite a few dealings with Stryker Enterprises, and have been happy with every interaction. The owner has always been friendly and quite knowledgable. I have purchased Stryker branded accessories including the E.A.C.H. charging handle, and S.O.A.M.R. extended magazine release, as well as the custom FDE hardcoat anodized Atlas Bipod, and quality of all of them has been excellent. I have also purchased many non-Stryker branded products, including a standard Atlas, FNH parts and magazines, and complete weapons, again all transactions were exemplary.

    • SCARFan

      Same here. EACH and SOAMR for my SCAR rifles and they’re both good products

  • Mike Nodine

    Most of those complaining about Stryker lead times or product delays are not actual Stryker customers. I am. Stryker Order number: SE-1031 Order Date: 9/8/2014. I don’t care how long it takes, I want the best product available that functions as flawlessly and as reliably as the FN Scar 17. The idea is to upgrade not downgrade the awesome FN platform. I placed my pre-production pre-order fully aware it would be several months before I would receive it to ensure I actually get one. For my wait I will be getting some free Stryker swag and free assembly since I ordered a complete plug and play lower with all of the upgrade options. But I am tempted to have a crappy low quality pot metal lower made in China to sell to all those who “want it now” and/or for a cheap price. I could make a ton of money by having some sexy sounding ladies be very “nice” on the phone and having the most awesomest customer service evar! And laugh at all the fools who would sing my praises with low quality poorly machined unreliable crap for a lower on their otherwise top tier FN Scar rifles. Meanwhile I’ll wait for my Stryker brand S.E.A.L. lower and have no worries.

    • Guest

      I’m not trying to buy anyone’s friendship, I could care less what a jerk anyone at Stryker Enterprises supposedly was to anyone else. That is their problem, not mine. All I’m paying for and actually buying is the highest quality Scar lower with better features than the other options. Nothing more and nothing less. No BFF’s, no Christmas cards, no hunting buddies, not even a cheap diner date. My dealings with Stryker have been straight up. Unlike most posters here, I work in the industrial field and have dabbled in the custom manufacturing business before. I know how these things work, delays are inevitable. The only question is whether it will have been worth the wait, and we won’t know that for sure until after the lowers ship. Even so, I have so much confidence in the Stryker brand that I have already tried to send money to Stryker to pre-order a S.O.B.A. Scar stock too. But they won’t take my money yet since the price has not been finalized. As soon as they start taking pre-orders for it, I’m in, no matter how long the delay until it ships.

  • I delted the names

    AS far as Sgt; Stryker is concerned that is the name John Wayne used in Sands of Iwo Jima so it’s not impyling military service just that he’s a John Wayne fan.

    • guest

      I never heard that until recently. I had always thought he was an NCO until the stolen valor thing when he changed his screen name. Seemed like a good backstop. Still should probably offer up an apology just to be sure, some take this stuff far more serious that me. If not guilty, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

      I actually think Jim Elmazi would be pretty successful if he was willing to get along with others.

      • IKEWarrior04

        that ” backstop” was created in 2009. He was retired from the industry and he corrected everyone on that forum that asked if he was a marine. That’s a fact.

        • guest

          You can’t see that someone is called “Sargent” constantly, that military or LE rank is implied? That is if someone who is called “Doctor” or “Colonel” or “Senator” constantly. Then works in an ambiguous medium such as an internet forum, that most rational people would presume he had earned that title instead of bestowed it upon themselves?

          I am actually doing the guy a favor, I’ve seen guys get destroyed for unconsciously applying military titles upon themselves.

          As for you, the constant exposure of KNOWN SOF personnel is unaccpetable.

          • LOWspeed4

            so it’s okay if the SOF dude does it himself on social media – see Frank boast his SOF credentials on social media, below. That dog won’t hunt. Colonel Kilnk, from Hogans Heroes and Private Pyle from FMJ would be proud.

          • guest

            The name in particular came from where? HK SD9 tactical at FN forums was the only person who ever was given that name. He had asked for it, knowing it was a SOF guys name he spread it around anyway to the point where an E3 is blasting it around.

            This is beyond the point of simple internet BS. This has finally transition into a pattern of criminal menacing. Seriously names and internet address? how long until some AL-Q asshat gets my address. Maybe that is the intent, place me a physical risk, put me in danger so I will not talk about what happened on FNFourms.

            I was going to let it all go, I had said my peace. Now my name starts showing up open source? My email addresses? . I was going to let people reap what they sow, good or bad. Now I will insure it.

            By the way lowspeed… your engagement is invalid, I earned that distinction. I can use it how I want.

          • LOWspeed4

            You have a personal problem with Stryker, that’s clear. Did it ever occur to you that if you sat back, and poured yourself a nice tall glass of chill, you wouldn’t be having your world come down around you. You post your name, email, and your SOF status on social media and then shake your finger at somebody else for doing the same. And what does all this have to do with the Stryker products? Nothing, aside from your personal ax you continue to grind publicly. If you are SOF, it would seem that you would rise above the rest, wouldn’t it?

          • guest

            No silly I didn’t come in here until my name was posted. My world is not coming down. I had long since moved on from what Jim Elamzi had done. I gave my perspective on what was seen, I made my point and moved on.

            Then he called my unit screaming at the admin guys, it made me question his mental stability. Really what civilian calls an SF unit then screams at people? I actually thought he would be willing to take irrational physical actions. A guy with a lot of guns, who knows where I live, my phone number, my email, who is willing to share my personal information with anyone, who is willing to leave it in the open for anyone to find.

            That is a valid physical threat.

          • LOWspeed4

            And you came here after your name was posted by way of Star Trek transporter? Telekinesis? Or you have some awesome search engine that alerts you when your name is posted on the web? C’mon. You may be selling but I’m broke and can’t buy.

            Screaming? Wow. Was he screaming at you? Screaming at admins? Screaming. Can you describe in detail the level of screaming? At what octave level did this screaming peak, or was it sustained throughout the conversation? If that were the case, how can one determine anything that was being screamed as most people pull the telephone from their ear and ignore the offending noise when it’s offensive, or simply hang up.

            Maybe he just talks loudly? This is more of the same, your personal Stryker ax being publicly ground. You being a SOF trained killer. A man among men. A man who can unleash carnage and lay waste at will. More man drama.

            Studying psychology, what you’re displaying through your comments is referred to as projection coupled with PTSD, which is not at all uncommon today. A borderline uncontrollable urge to do violence brought on by years of training to kill is projected onto others and therefore you view others as a potential threat.

            What does all this have do do with Stryker products? Nothing.

          • guest

            LOL you my friend are entertaining. Downright humorous. I guess you’ll have to read the sworn statement on the tempo and volume.

          • guest

            Oh and thanks for finding that, I have not been on that site since like 2003.

          • LOWspeed4

            Don’t thank me. It was already on here.

          • suthesayer

            damn dude. bragging yourself up on the web. foot-shoot-pow-ouch!

          • guest

            Admins get posts with my name and email address off the open net please. Thanks

          • Guest

            If that’s you, why did you put it out on the Internet in the first place? Pretty dumb move.

          • guest

            I am glad you can track every post you’ve made on every site in the last 15 or so years, I can not. Plus 10-15 years ago there were not specified threats CONUS against SOF personnel.

            Admins… I have contacted the site and request my profile be removed… I request that post and any reference to my name be removed from this site

          • guest

            More man drama. Robert O’Neill and Matt Bissonnette must be demanding their names and faces be removed from all social media too, since they killed OBL.

          • guest

            I am sure that both of those men are probably rethinking those decisions right now.

          • Already done—-

          • guest


          • guest

            This site has removed my profile from 13 years ago finally. Now please remove this post with my name, relatives names, unit affiliation, and email address.

            It was post for no other reason than criminal menacing and harassment.

          • guest

            Okay at what point does this website require the removal of my name and contact information (posted over a decade ago) form the open net. It has been 9 days. I highly suggest you remove this post. This does create safety issues for me.

          • LawyerUP

            From a legal standpoint, your comments read as you’re libeling the owner. If the owner publicly declared on at least one occasion having never served and you knew of this, from that point forward you could be sued for libel if you continued to publicly state to the contrary.

          • guest

            Until very recently I was under the full understanding he was a USMC NCO, I
            was an NCO for 18 years, I was fully under the impression he was one at some point in time.

            The thing is I have never seen a public statement that said “I have never held any rank or served in the military in any capacity. I apologize for any misunderstandings this may have caused.” I think he should issue a statement of this nature so it is completely clear.

            That is all that was asked for. That is all the stolen valor guys were asking for. Of course they were told to F off. I mean he did change the screen name, this would imply that he knew there was some sort of issue.

            Is an open apology that hard if not guilty? I would like to see him move past this. A simple sorry is too much? I am doing him a favor, some people take this stuff really seriously.

          • RED Hot Chilipepper

            Nobody owes you an apology for anything, dude. Get over yourself. Leave the guy alone and do something useful like hunt down a terrorist or three. Hanging around on the internet as much as you do people are gonna start to wonder if you are really a Special Forces Operator.

          • guest

            if your safety and that of your family was compromised by people who were intimidating you by putting contact information on the open net you would hang out until it was gone.If you understood how with an e-mail address a billing address can be found. You can then find my home. Anyone trained in targeting can do this. That page with my name and email is a big red sign saying shoot here. That is its intent, and the fact this website has allowed it to be there for 4 days is inexcusable even though I flag it several times per day.

          • RED Hot Chilipepper

            ISIS says they’re already here so I’m as much at risk as you. And your life is no more valuable than mine. Maybe your buddy Chad shouldn’t have publicly announced you being SOF. Ever think of that? If I were you, I’d be upset with Chad for outing you as being a soldier.

          • Cubsfan

            Here see he apologized in 2010. Now leave the guy alone.

  • LOWspeed4

    Looks like you and Chad played many a card in this hand. In reading your posts, one would think you and Chad are standing around in the Stryker facility listening to every word.

  • LOWspeed4

    A team guy doing R&D for a civilian companies products on .gov weapons, shooting .gov ammunition. Or maybe it was all just staged? Which is it?

  • Mike Nodine

    ‘m not trying to buy anyone’s friendship, I could care less what a jerk anyone at Stryker Enterprises supposedly was to anyone else. That is their problem, not mine. All I’m paying for and actually buying is the highest quality Scar lower with better features than the other options. Nothing more and nothing less. No BFF’s, no Christmas cards, no hunting buddies, not even a cheap diner date. My dealings with Stryker have been straight up. Unlike most posters here, I work in the industrial field and have dabbled in the custom manufacturing business before. I know how these things work, delays are inevitable. The only question is whether it will have been worth the wait, and we won’t know that for sure until after the lowers ship. Even so, I have so much confidence in the Stryker brand that I have already tried to send money to Stryker to pre-order a S.O.B.A. Scar stock too. But they won’t take my money yet since the price has not been finalized. As soon as they start taking pre-orders for it, I’m in, no matter how long the delay until it ships.

    • LOWspeed4

      I’m looking for a friend who shares the same desires as do I. A companion whom will enjoy long walks in the woods while taking in all the splendor that nature has to offer. Serenity coupled with companionship and good conversation to pass the time.

      I envision sitting by a roaring open fire at night, under the stars while drinking warm tea with a splash of Jamaica’s finest spiced Rum. Mmmm!

  • guest

    again remove the name from the open net

  • Tucson_Jim

    Let me see… pay $3000 for a SCAR Heavy, pay $400 for a new lower, pay $400 for a decent trigger, another $800 for a scope, pay $50 each for a modified FAL magazine (that should actually cost about $20)…

    I bought BOTH an M1A Loaded AND a match grade FAL plus 10 magazines for each, for only $200 more…

    But then, nobody even notices me at the range, down there using iron sights at the 200 yard lanes… that COULD be a “tactical disadvantage” for some folks.

  • Guest

    I’m liking it. Need to get some more information though.