Savage Arms Model 112 Magnum Target

Savage 112

Savage Arms is now selling a new rifle: the Model 112 Magnum Target in .338 Lapua Magnum. The gun is a single shot, bolt action rifle with a grey wood laminate stock.

The carbon steel barrel is 26″ long and is finished in a matte black. The gun has an overall length of nearly 50″. The gun is equipped with the company’s tunable AccuTrigger. It does not utilize the Savage Arms AccuStock.

Sights do not ship with the Model 112 Magnum Target rifle. Savage does cap the barrel with a large muzzle brake.

Savage Arms lists a suggested retail price of $1,177 for the Model 112 Magnum Target rifle.

Richard Johnson

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  • jordan Hyers

    I really like this with the price of .338 mag I don’t want to burn the ammo up

  • Guest

    Yeah, better to make every shot count, plus .338LM isn’t exactly pleasant to shoot. The shock created by the the muzzle brake reminds me of a being in a car wreck every time I pull the trigger.