Roth Concept Innovations Shotguns

RCI is the maker of the XRAIL. An auto indexing loader that holds and feeds a shotgun 23 rounds. Give or take a round or two depending on your shotgun setup.


Well they have been modifying shotguns as well.


IMG_0185__07601.1408498815.1280.1280 M2

They have a modified Benelli M2 with an integrated XRAIL. Usually the XRAIL is added as an extension at the end of the magazine tube. However with 23+ rounds this tends to make the gun rather front heavy. They removed the factory Benelli magazine tube and replaced it with their XRAIL. Recoilweb did an article in Issue 9.

For those of you interested in the RCI XM2XI it can be yours for only $3,299.00.

  • Rounds total: 26 (25+1)
  • Weight: 9 lbs empty, 11.4 lbs loaded with 26 rounds of birdshot
  • Length of Barrel on gun: 21″
  • Overall Length of gun: 42.5″
  • 12 Gauge

Now RCI is looking at modifying the Remington Versamax. They posted this on their facebook page. They call it the Versamax Vacuum. That is some serious undercutting of the feed port. Even the handguard has been shaved down for less drag. Beacuse Racegun.

RCI Versa Vacuum

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  • Riot

    Is this just a revolver cylinder of tubular magazines?
    Wouldn’t removeable (ie pull off and slap on) pre loaded mags be a better modification?

    • Squirreltakular

      My thoughts exactly. I got a Mossy 930 because it was cheap, but a Saiga would be my ideal semi auto

    • Box mags and rimmed shells don’t go together well.

      If you could figure out how to have a detachable tube magazines without having the spring and follower fall out when you detach the tube, then you may possibly have something.

      • Sledgecrowbar

        I feel like any tube mag large enough to be worth the trouble would be unwieldy enough to be a non-starter. Half of being good with a shotgun is loading. Same with any rimmed cartridge, the design was from before automatic loading had been considered so tube mags or revolving cylinders are your most reliable options.

      • dan citizen

        I run box mags on my saiga, no problems… except that they get a little long when the round count get’s up there.

  • jamezb

    Huge left hand and extra bicep not included.

    • Robert

      The future of X-Rail sponsored shooters?

      • Joshua

        Reminds me of that horribly funny m.night shamalamadingdongs movie lady in the water.

    • Zachary marrs

      Finally all that “practice” will come in handy!

  • Scott Tuttle

    weight loaded: 50 pounds 😛

  • Blake

    Not a bad idea, but I like Jerry Miculek’s speedloader for the simplicity & keeping the weight off the weapon.

    But if you really must have a hi-cap shotgun, I guess it’s either this or a Saiga.

    • iksnilol

      How does that speedloader work? I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

  • BattleshipGrey

    So is this being marketed for bird hunting then? Are 23 shots necessary to fill a 3 bird daily limit?

    • -V-

      Since when has hunting and fishing ever been about the 2A? Also this is for 3-gun competition where you may need to run 23 shots or more in a single stage.

      • BattleshipGrey

        I didn’t say anything about 2A issues. I was merely trying to figure out which demographic they were aiming the marketing. The birdshot threw me off and I hadn’t even considered it being used in 3-gun. We don’t have those matches near me. 3-gun would make loads of sense.

        • Bill

          if three-gun is supposed to simulate using the three types of weapons in somewhat-reality based scenarios, how about reloading, instead of trying to make a kludgy gun? An 11 pound shotgun is nuts, or belongs back in the old market hunting days.

          • nwd

            There are different classes of 3 gun competitions. Some limit equipment and are more realistic, others can be completely open and you get shotguns like the XRAIL setup.

          • Bill

            😉 I’ll wait for the tripod-mounted, belt-fed, water-cooled class.

            In all seriousness, one of the critical skills in fighting with a shotgun is keeping it loaded. I’ve looked at some of those zooty belt mounted shell carriers and have to get a skilled instructor to teach me how they do it, to see what can be adapted to basic training and street use. The tubular speed loaders have that guide on the bottom of the receiver that can interfere with some vehicle mounts.

          • Nicholas Chen

            If you can adapt it for your needs then great. However this is a race gun. It is designed to go fast and not reload in a stage. Shell caddies can work well and load the gun much faster than the one round at a time method. However it is up to the end user to determine if that speed is needed for their use.

          • iksnilol

            Race guns gonna race. Wouldn’t recommend them for much else. Though you can probably get one to work for other purposes.

    • Wetcoaster

      It’s quite common to have additional magazine restrictions for waterfowling, so I can’t imagine it’s for that. Maybe it’s for defence against those extra-aggressive bears.

    • Phil Hsueh

      I suppose that would depend on how good a shot you are or bad of a shot as the case may be. With a 23 shell magazine you have 7 shots per bird with with 2 to spare in case you’re having a really bad time with one or two of them. 🙂

    • Rick

      the way I shoot? yeah almost LOL

  • Willi

    Blake, I agree completely.
    I suppose I should think about this device. There I thought about it.
    I can buy a couple more guns, that weight a whole lot less, for $3,299.00. Plus they won’t be butt ugly.

  • Patrick Mingle

    needs moar salvo 12

  • cpmatr

    Sorry but this guy consistently writes like a 4th grader. It’s distracting, confusing, and we should honestly expect better.

  • Aaron E

    I love the concept, but use this with 00 Buck or Slugs, and it may be a bit overwhelming.

  • Don Ward

    Perfect for the trap shooting range.

  • iksnilol

    They could have made it even better. Since people didn’t have a problem with the X-rail sticking out in the front, why not make a version with the integrated X-rail with another one at the end? As in two X-rails at once, that would be like 50 shots? Should get you through any 3-gun stage without a problem.

    • Mystick

      …except exhaustion from the weight…

      • iksnilol

        Pfft, you are underestimating people now.

    • cawpin

      It wouldn’t work. The rear one wouldn’t be able to turn. It’s dependent on the tube being empty to trip the turn mechanism. The first tube on the rear unit wouldn’t empty until the main shooting from the front unit is through it, so it couldn’t turn.

  • DIR911911 .

    looking forward to seeing this on the next season of the walking dead

    • Rick

      only if Gerber or Hyundai builds it

  • Mystick

    That X-Rail must be heavy as hell….

  • derfelcadarn

    Bulk and weight must be ridiculous, must be vehicle mounted, might as well go with belt fed and really do some shooting

  • Darrell Allen

    I’m sorry, paying $3300 for a shotgun… That’s just un-American. That would be almost the cost of ten of my single M500. Begs the timeless question… Is a $3000 shotgun 10x better than a $300 shotgun? Will it shoot 10x farther, straighter? Will it last 10x longer? Will it hit 10x more targets with a single trigger pull?

  • doug

    11.4 lbs with 26 rounds of birdshot. Like I would be using birdshot in a weapon like this. How about weight with 26 rnds 0000 buck?