Lyman TS-1200

Lyman cleaner

Lyman Products is now selling a new ultrasonic case cleaner called the Turbo Sonic 1200 (or TS-1200 for short.) The unit is considered a mid-size cleaner with a 6.5″x5.4″x2.6″ tank. According to Lyman, the tank will hold about 350 9mm cases.

Lyman states that when the unit is used with the company’s own cleaning solution, the machine will “deliver superior cleaning” on all parts of the case including the primer pockets.

The front control panel is sealed to prevent damage from water or cleaning solution spills. The unit has four timer settings and a see through lid.

The MSRP is $119.95.

Richard Johnson

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  • ManBear

    A power drill and some steel wool works great for case cleaning too!

    • FrenchKiss

      ONe at a time? No thanks!

      • NeckbeardMan

        In mom’s basement I have nothing but time.

  • Plumbiphilious

    From the picture I assumed Lyman had branched into rice cookers.

    I was saddened to see it was not true.

  • Scott Tuttle

    I use a harbor freight ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning atv/motorcycle carbs and it works great for a cheapo.

    • For the most part, these units are all made by the same folks. And are available under a variety of names, at a variety of price points.

      You can probably find the exact same unit for cheaper on Amazon. iSonic is a good name to start searching for.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Here is a tip for anyone looking to buy an ultrasonic for reloading… Don’t.

    Wet stainless steel tumbling is infinitely more effective, cheaper, faster. I have an ultrasonic that I’ll drop a handgun into but it’s garbage for cases.