Low Pro Products Extended M1A Rail

Now here is a rail that I can get behind. Rather than be forced to use a “scout” scope or have to use a complete chassis, Low-Pro Products 15″ extended rail allows the shooter to use their standard optics and provides enough rail real estate to mount all the needed accessories in-line with the optic.


The extended rail mounts in place of the factory 4″ rail on Springfield M1A Scout/Socom rifles. It features a cut down the middle of the rails to allow one to use the factory iron sights. The rail is made of 6061-T6 and anodized to military specifications. A-3029-4

Check out Low-Pro Products for additional adapters. The extended rail adapter is currently available for ~$197.


Nathan S

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  • Blake

    I’d want to see a few hundred rounds fed through this before I dropped the cash. & of course, $200 is kinda high for a scope rail but I suppose that’s what it costs when custom products aren’t made at scale…

    • John

      This is a bargain in terms of M1A products.

      • Blake

        Ouch, I’ll stick with my Mini-30 then, thanks!

  • echelon

    Compared to a chassis or other M1A solutions I’ve seen, this does seem relatively moderately priced.

    • John Yossarian

      This is cheaper than the Vltor CASV-14, at around $300, though that also replaces the upper handguard. My personal M1A wouldn’t need either one though – I prefer shooting with the irons on this rifle.

  • Vitsaus

    Not bad for what it is, especially given that its really the only one of its kind right now. I’d pay that for it if I didn’t already have my M1A the way I want it.

  • I use a Sadlak Airborne scope mount. The mount was adopted by the 101st Airborne.


  • Lance

    Looks good. I see no use for your scope rail to be that long though.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      The only reason for the length would be for the addition of a clip-on night/thermal device in front of the day scope.

  • JQP

    Hmmm. Looks interesting. Have some concerns/thoughts…

    * Does this interfere with ejection at all? (looks pretty low). This would be my main concern.
    * But it does appear low enough to maybe get away without a cheek riser (if no ejection issues)
    * Weight might be a bit much, compared to a Sadlak or Springer mount, but does have the added benefit of being able to QD the scope and go back to irons, without having to mess with the mount. I like that.

    Honestly, I’ve decided for now just to keep my Scout Squad as an irons-only rifle. The costs just end up too much every time I look at going a different direction and it would also end up a heavy, frankenbeast in most scenarios. If you just want a red dot, then go with the Ultimak rail, but even that adds some weight up front and does get hot (as this rail will as well). The other scope mounts seem to lock you in as scope only, which this option would not. I think they could have skipped the front 6 inches though and saved some weight.

  • Yellow Devil

    Why are you showcasing products for the M14/M1a platform?! It should be discarded in the ashbin of history since we all know that it completely failed in those recent mud and dust tests! In fact, it’s failure is so shameful that all future orders of the platform needs to be stopped and all existing rifles need to be turned over to the proper authorities to be either destroyed or showcased in the National Museum of America’s Failure!

    /Sarcasm (for those that missed it)

  • ghost

    Kan I just haz the rifle?

  • 360AD

    The one thing I don’t like about this is that it clamps onto the barrel where the factory scout rail would be. Anything that touches the barrel would affect harmonics and repeatable accuracy.