TangoDown BG-18 Reduced Angle AR Grip


TangoDown recently posted a picture on their Instagram page of their new BG-18 Reduced Angle AR Grip for the AR-15. Just like with the other grips in their lineup the new BG-18 grip is made in the USA and will also feature a non-slip texture and a rounded ergonomic “hand filling” form.┬áMost vertical pistol grips are usually found on shorter barreled ARs and PDWs such as SBRs and AR pistols because they bring your primary hand closer to your body while aiming and shooting your AR.

No word on if it will also feature a storage compartment that’s included with their BG-16 and BG-17 grips. According to Jerkingthetrigger it’s expected to retail for under $20. Check out Tangodown.com for more info.

Ray I.

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  • gunslinger

    looks like a glock agngle

    /ducks behind cover

    • no

      You’ve never seen a glock have you?

      • gunslinger

        you’ve never heard of sarcasm before, have you?

        • MR

          I don’t get it.

          • MR

            Referring to the fact that it’s polymer? Pretty much standard on AR grips.

          • MR

            Because it’s stipled? I dunno, kinda reaching.

          • MR

            And what the heck’s an agngle, anyway? And what about these ducks behind cover? Are they pintails? Malards? Donalds? Daffys? Is it even duck season? Or, more likely, rabbit season.

          • gunslinger

            One of the big complaints i’ve seen on glocks is the grip angle is more pronounced than others, or that it…sweeps back more (that is to say a 1911 grip is “more vertical” than a glock). and therefore is uncomfortable.

            the joke was basically jabbing at the fact of the glock angle vs most other guns.

          • MR

            Ah, I hadn’t looked that closely at Glocks lately. Always somebody complaining about something on them, but they seem to get the job done, so I tend to tune it all out. Anyway, don’t miss my rapid-fire smartassery below…

          • gunslinger

            like i said. tried to make a joke about the whole “glock grip angle” debate that seems to rage on in forums across the net.

          • MR

            …hurriedly typed into my cellphone before gunslinger responded to my ‘don’t get it’ comment.

          • Jim_Macklin

            Maybe I’ve shot the 1911 too much, but I find it comfortable and other grips odd.

        • no

          Dumb comment doesn’t imply sarcasm.

      • sultan of swing

        have you ever seen a seen a grown man naked?

  • Squirreltakular

    Someone needs to let the AK in on this reduced-angle grip sensation. The Magpul one is okay, but seeing as TD makes AK grips and angled ones? Come on Tango. Let’s do this.

  • Cymond

    I like reduced angle grips, as long as they aren’t tiny like the Magpul K. I’ll probably try one of these eventually.

  • Jim_Macklin

    Magpul’s MOE-K is also a reduced angle. I’d like to try these reduced angle grips to more closely copy the angle of a 1911.
    Does anybody have a comment on the exact angle or how close the grip feels to a 1911 with a flat MSH?

  • AD

    I’ve always found it strange that the grips on ARs and similar rifles are much less vertical than those on handguns, even though with handguns your strong arm is more outstretched therefore your hand is naturally more rotated (and your grip less vertical) than it is on a long-gun.

    This reduced angle grip looks more comfortable than a standard angled grip to me, has anyone actually tried one, or something similar?