Andrew sent us this nifty photo of the 9mm Smith & Wesson Shield pistol that is his off duty carry. He told us his ammunition of choice is 147 grain  Ranger-T, Winchester’s 3rd generation penetrating hollow point  (1st. gen was the infamous Black Talon).



  • Chandler Pressley

    Cool Picture, but is it just me or does anyone else think that the M&P Shield without the thumb safety hasn’t been publicized enough. I was lucky enough to hold out until the NTS Shield came out, but if I had bought the model with a thumb safety I would have immediately sold it, for the other.

    • Alucard

      Or you could just ignore the thumb safety like most people that bought the shield.

      • Chandler P

        The reason I bring up the advertising is because I believe this gun is quite possibly one of the best single stack 9mm options out there. Back in the day the PF9 was the cream of the crop, along with the Kahr PM9, both small single stack 9mms, no thumb safety which is ideal for a self-defense pistol. The difference with the shield now is that it’s built to a professional standard, and something you can trust your life to. I can almost guarantee when Glock comes out with a single stack 9 a lot of these guns are going to bite the proverbial bullet. For now the Shield with NTS is what the Glock 42 should have been. As for the thumb safety on some Shields,the only problem is that the thumb safety is just another point for potential failure. Especially if that safety was swiped on, on accident. Sure you can train around it, but if you’re going to disregard it anyways why not just get the NTS model?

        • Alucard

          LOL Kel-Tec anything is not nor ever will be the cream of the crop,Kel-Tec is below Taurus in quality and they only have service lifes of 2,000 rounds,most pistols will go beyond that without breaking but not Kel-Tecs,I’d trust my life with a Hi-Point before I even considered a Kel-Tec.

          • Chandler P

            What Kel-Tec has down for years now, is that they put out passable products only after the send out a couple production runs, and then they buff out the problem. That’s irrelevant. I’m stating that these thin, single stack, with no external safety and striker fired, or double action, 9mm’s are what people are looking for these days. The PF9 was ahead of the curve when it first came out, as was the Kahr. The cool thing now is companies are starting to catch on. The new Ruger LC9s Pro model is meeting all of these criteria.

        • Phil Elliott

          Whats wrong with the Kahr (mines a CW9), My buddy carries a Shield as does my Brother, only because it became available at a price point they couldn’t turn down. I like the sights on mine better, as well as the trigger pull, more like the DBL action revolver I used for so many yrs.

          • Chandler P

            Nothing is wrong with the Kahr, it has always been a contender. I actually got my father a CM9 about 2 years ago for his birthday, and he absolutely loves it. That is another good thing about the Shield, and a bunch of these other guns. The price point is usually very reasonable. I walked out the door with my Shield for $400 even. I have to agree with you on the sights of the Kahr, they are very easy to pick up, I personally blackened out my rear sight on my shield to make it easier to pick up the front sight.

    • Darhar M.

      To each their own.

      I see no need to do anything diff. when it comes to advertising a model without a thumb safety. People shopping for firearms should be up to speed on what is or is not available and purchase what suits their needs.

  • Lt Donn

    Andrew: I am a huge fan of the Winchester Ranger 147 gr…I have carried all 3-generations in my duty guns over the years, but I am not certain you will get the expansion you want in the sub-compact platform…I think you may need to consider the 124 gr (still in the Ranger) for better performance from the sub-compact Shield…just a thought

  • Nicks87

    Good choice, the Shield is becoming very popular as an off-duty piece. I still carry a Glock 26 because I like the capacity of the double stack and the Glock familiarity.

  • This is law enforcement here. Safeties are optional at best for a backup gun. There’s nothing wrong with the Shield sans safety. Glocks don’t have one. I agree that the 147 grain in a subcompact probably won’t give you optimal expansion. I’ve found the Ranger T’s need velocity to reliably expand. I run the 230 gr. +P in my 4.25″ Kimber and they need the +P to expand. Otherwise they’d be fancy FMJ’s. As far as Kel-Tec’s, they are not bad guns, but like certain ammo more than others.