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  • sultan of swing

    just what every podunk town donut-inhaler needs- a $2000 Tavor with $800 in optics on the taxpayer’s tab

    • JSmath

      Versus $1800 Colts with $800 in optics, I find myself not caring.

    • Grindstone50k

      Get the military to issue it, then send the surplus to podunk town PD. Along with MRAPs.

  • Reader

    ..240p? Cmon IWI.

    • Nicholas Chen

      Sorry, the only way I could embed the video was to copy it and upload it. Sadly the copy was low res. But I added a link to the Facebook post and they have a HD version.

  • toms

    Newer AUG’s are better, just needs a trigger upgrade!

  • Riot

    Am I the only one who finds the image of cops with bullpups disturbing?

    • jason

      More like the cop with the Negev a little excessive than disturbing

    • BattleshipGrey

      Why is this disturbing? LE works in and around vehicles, works in confined spaces and surrounds armed suspects in fields, with a potential to cover all three in the same call. The price to employ one is the only disturbing thing to me.

      • Riot

        Because those vehicles are not cramped APCs with small doors that you charge out of weapon in hand. And cops shouldn’t be overly concerned about maximising firepower while reducing visibility.

        Actually some PDs in america now have APCs…..

        • BattleshipGrey

          Squad cars are not cramped APCs, but they are cramped. Taking an AR out of squad car and getting it on target isn’t as easy as it sounds and it takes practice to do it fast.

          Using, or preparing to use deadly force is already a trying task legally, mentally and physiologically. It shouldn’t also have to be a physical obstacle course to get the rifle out, if that’s the best tool for the situation.

          Why get all disturbed about how a rifle is laid out when the public can buy the exact same thing?

        • Bob

          “And cops shouldn’t be overly concerned about maximising firepower while reducing visibility.”
          I’m fairly certain any cop who has been shot at or has a clue as to what could happen to them in the line of duty would very much disagree with you. If I thought I might be in a firefight at any time during my work hours I know I would have plenty of thoughts on the subject.
          In other words, “shouldn’t” is an idealist term. Our world in which cops are shot, stabbed, beaten, and otherwise attacked for various reasons is not particularly idealist in nature. Yes, I am very impressed with cops like that one guy who walked around in riot conditions trying to keep things smooth without any gear, but I also note the cops whose lives were saved by body armor.
          To address the APC thing, I rather doubt they go full battle rattle and do traffic stops in those things. Riots and other such civil unrest are going to be when those enter the fray.
          Lastly, I think I understand where you are coming from, and I don’t see that we are that very different. There are things I don’t think the cops should be running around in the street with either. It’s just the lines we don’t want them to cross are in different spots. I’m OK with assault weapons in the hands of police. You find them “disturbing”. We’d both agree if they started issuing nerve gas. ;D

    • morokko

      If they are even cops, as in officers directly employed by the community or government, and following rules of engagement defined by the democratically passed law as opposite to PMCs subcontracted by government pals of the CEOs, that you probably-maybe can sue, if you have the means to pay the american corporate lawyers.
      Welcome to bright corporate future that is now.

    • Not me. I just checked in the mirror with my Tavor and I wasn’t disturbed:-)

    • Bob

      Disclaimer: I am a white guy who generally dresses and behaves in a “middle-class” manner. I therefore have little reason to fear the fuzz and am on good terms with several officers. My lone offense involved being ticketed for not having two license plates. (Hey, the state I was living in before only required the one…)


      Disturbing? No. Weird? Yes. Around where I live the longarms are generally in the trunk and it is rare to see any of them in hand. I thusly associate the sight of a weapon that looks like it belongs in the hands of SWAT or military as a warning sign that something bad may be going down and I should look around and decide if I should be leaving the area…
      So… Yeah, I don’t worry about cops with military weapons because I am in a sub-class of society that doesn’t need to worry about cops so much and honestly I doubt most of those in the other sub-classes need to worry about longarms unless they have done or are believed to have done something serious. I’d think you’d be far more likely to be shot by a Glock for reaching for your wallet in a “suspicious manner” than by an AR15 under any circumstances.
      Now if you want to go into discussion of the police being armed and trained to suddenly spring a little martial law on the public, I’d say you have mistaken them for the NSA… When the tinfoil hat guys start pointing out all the stuff those guys are up to even a white guy with a clean nose like me can get a little nervous imaging what-ifs. ;D
      Sorry, just rambling here. Wall of text and all that. It’s 4:30AM here and I am about to get started on night shifts in the days to come, so I’m doing whatever I can to keep myself awake when I’d rather be in bed.

  • iamtycho

    I’m honestly really surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that Academi used to be Blackwater LLC, and Blackwater is a synonym for “shady and armed.” The whole video is a giant sales pitch for the Tavor, which no matter how good it it is, it is not the end-all-be-all firearm. A word of advice, take anything in this article with a huge grain of salt.

    Oh, and while people may be wary of cops being issued rifles (and rightfully so, given past experience), that is not itself the problem. The problem is bad cops. Good cops, by definition, can be trusted.