Fatal ND Using Bra Holster

In St. Joseph Michigan, a woman was adjusting a handgun in her bra holster. She reportedly looked down and shot herself in the head. Here is the article about the incident.

Not having personally used a bra holster, I didn’t see how this is possible.

However looking at this video it may have been due to re-holstering a loaded weapon.


Limatunes has a more analytical approach to using the holster.



Looking at the videos above and the image below, I could see someone using the Flashbang holster inappropriately. Due to the single attachment point design, the single screw is the only part that keeps the pistol oriented horizontally. If the screw was loose, then the strap and holster could swivel around the screw. This could cause the holster to be oriented vertically and the gun would be pointed upward.




Nicholas C

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  • sultan of swing

    yet another reason the 19th Amendment should be repealed. when is someone going to come out with a Manssiere/The Bro holster?

    • Will

      Lol some neck beard clearly got rejected by a girl recently.

      • sultan of swing

        how retarded does one have to be to assume hiding under ever bed is a muzzie?

    • iksnilol

      The 19th amendment?


      I am confused. Westerners, you really are strange sometimes.

    • Grindstone50k

      Go back to /r/MRA

  • Bill

    regardless of where the pistol is pointed, if the trigger finger is clear of the trigger and guard, the odds of this happening are minuscule. Maybe something got caught in the trigger guard, maybe it didn’t, and not having any idea of how many bra holsters are actually in use it’ll be hard to extrapolate any holster faults from one incident.

    there’s anecdotal evidence of guys shooting their own chest rig, bicep, or the troop sitting next to them while drawing from chest mounted holsters overseas. Personally, I like the chest rig / Guide holster concept.

    • M

      I’m sure not being able to see what you’re doing contributed.

      • Bill


  • Joshua

    Those just seems like a horrible idea.

    • sultan of swing

      not if you are familiar with Charles Darwin

      • Reise

        Regardless of the weapon make [safeties, ‘Pro’, etc], the holster information specifically says
        to -not- reholster a loaded weapon. The holster must be removed from the
        body first, holstered in your admin space, and then reattached into
        place as a unit.

        While in the course of the sheer size of the
        world (where someone who jumped off a building was shot mid-air with an
        empty shotgun that they themselves had loaded in a previous suicide
        drama; and someone else who jumped off a building was blown back into a
        lower floor unharmed by a freak gust of wind; where one woman has become
        pregnant by being the secondary target of a bullet which had first
        passed through a stranger’s gonads) something like this was ‘waiting’ to happen, but it’s literally impossible while following instructions for use.

        With some sadness and all condolences, a hot tip: Don’t wrestle with loaded unholstered guns that are pointed at your head.

    • Spencer

      They’re no different safety wise than any other holster. When holstering a loaded weapon, don’t pull the trigger. If you follow this one rule, you will never have an ND.

      • Spencer W


        A lot of people are afraid of anything new so they tend to go with their gut instead of using their minds to really look at it. This type of holster/carry method follows all the rules for safety as long as you do.

        Nice name by the way.

        • Bill

          What they said, except for the name thing.

      • gunslinger

        i was thinking about a shoulder holster, if you pull out and instead of pivoting your wrist and draw across your chest, you could potentially put a round there. or from the waist, if you come in at an angle to pull, it seems natural to continue the angle and point the gun “in” instead of rotating it out.

        end story is training.

      • stephen

        Quote “When holstering a loaded weapon, don’t pull the trigger. If you follow this one rule, you will never have an ND.”

        Actually that is not true – I have a friend that was holstering a pocket pistol, finger was no where near the trigger yet there was a ‘bang’. You see some clothing got caught in the guard and when he holstered he drove the gun into the holster when he experienced some resistance, hence the ‘bang’.

        Just saying

  • Don Ward

    Rather than focusing on the holster, what was the handgun involved?

    • iksnilol

      Won’t be surprised if it is a G42 or something else without a safety.

      • Don Ward

        That was my thought exactly. But I didn’t want to jump on the Striker-fired-gun-without-a-safety-claims-another-victim bandwagon without definitive proof.

        • iksnilol

          But you will hear the fanboys ranting on about how safe it is to carry a handgun without a safety. Maybe in an OC holster but in CC? Not so safe IMO.

          • Don Ward

            I concur. I am flabbergasted that folks will do that with a round chambered. But I’ll still withhold judgment in this case until we learn the firearm used.

          • iksnilol

            True, all we can do is learn from it and hope to not repeat the mistakes. For that woman it is sadly too late, nothing can be done now.

          • BryanS

            Holy crap, I had no idea how much I put the free world in danger by covering my firearm with the edge of my shirt. thank you sir, for you have saved countless lives and the security of our free nation.

          • iksnilol

            I am just saying that a gun without safety is a bit more dangerous to carry concealed than openly in a hip holster.

            Not trying to tell you what to do, but if you negligently shoot me, I am suing you for all you are worth.

          • BryanS

            Guns dont go off unless you pull the trigger. If the trigger is guarded, it matters not how many layers of clothing you have over it.

            This isnt the 1800s and no one is carrying Nambu pistols (that would fire when you squeeze the side wrong).

            Simple facts. If you dont want to use a gun for self defense, carry it without a round in the chamber. If you dont want the gun to shoot, dont touch the trigger.

            If you need a mechanical switch to keep you from shooting yourself, you probably should not be handling firearms.

          • iksnilol

            You are a bit arrogant, aren’t you? I am not worried about my own finger slipping where it needn’t be, I am more worried about things snagging onto the trigger. More layers of clothing over usually means more opportunities for something to snag on the trigger.

            So, have a good day. Hope I clarified what I meant by my original comment.

          • BryanS

            In a holster, that is irrelevant. Its int eh holster. Could be covered by a fabric factory, and unless something compromises the trigger… it is not going to fire.

            No arrogance, simple reason and common sense. Anyone suggesting that a firearm be carried without a round in the chamber might as well suggest carrying a staple gun or an 80’s walkman for self defense. It would be of similar use.

          • iksnilol

            I wasn’t suggesting it be carried without a round in the chamber. Just wasn’t recommending pistols without a safety mechanism.

          • Bill

            All I require of ANY holster, uniform or plainclothes, is that it covers the trigger guard.

          • iksnilol

            Smart guy.

        • Bill

          It is physically impossible to fire a GLOCK, or any other modern striker-fired pistol that I know of, without pressing the trigger. It isn’t even cocked until the trigger is pressed to the rearward position, and then there is the trigger-face safety and the firing pin lock, all of which prevent firing without the trigger being pressed. It just physically isn’t possible. If there was a bandwagon, I didn’t hear about it.

          I believe the Nambu could be fired by somehow manipulating an external part of the pistol, and there may have been a cheap autoloader, long obsolete, whose name escapes me, that was fully cocked when then a round was chambered, and could fire if the sear broke. Other than non-drop safe rifles and shotguns, and antiques of dubious design, modern firearms don’t fire unless the trigger is pressed (Barring cook-offs, which I doubt is the case here)

  • Fruitbat44

    Handling firearms is like driving a car. Mistakes can be fatal.

  • Will

    I’m thinking failure to unload the pistol while adjusting the holster and finger on the trigger.
    No matter how it happened it is tragic.

  • dan citizen

    I doubt this is holster related. What part of “don’t look down the barrel while pulling the trigger” could she not get through her head?

    • SP mclaughlin

      Oh goodness, pun intended?

      • dan citizen

        What do you mean?

        • Mystick

          Something went through her head…

          • iksnilol

            Quite literally if I might add.

          • dan citizen

            wow, that would be in poor taste if it was intentional. She needs jokes made about her like she needs a hole in her head.

          • basicloaf

            Do you happen to work in EMS? I sense a medic.

    • M

      I have a feeling that she could not see what she was doing when she was trying to holster the weapon under her shirt, looked down the her collar to see why it wasn’t locking in, and at the same time it snagged on something and went off.

      • dan citizen

        “it snagged on something and went off”

        Likely her finger

  • Dan Atwater

    When somebody stuffs a gun into a holster with a finger on the trigger and gets hurt it is not because the holster is poorly designed.

  • dan citizen

    Now you see why so many regions/countries/militaries require empty chamber carry. It’s one of those “this is why we can’t have nice things”

  • noguncontrol

    well the trigger seems to be covered in this holster, so i dont know how it could have happened.

  • This One Wasn’t For Me

    I agree with Joshua, they’re a horrible idea. I own guns, breasts, bras and a bra holster and I can say with certainty that this holster does not stay in one place. The single attachment point is more like a grommet than a screw so the holster is capable of pivoting freely. Add that bras and their contents move as their owners, then factor in perspiration and body oils and you have an idea whose time has not yet come. All the directions and safety admonitions in the world aren’t enough to overcome what I consider a serious flaw. The “She must not have been wearing or using it right” argument just doesn’t hold water here.

    Try this fellas: If your IWB or OWB was designed such that it could pivot and you found your barrel pointed upward at your heart or at your femoral artery that’d likely be the last time you ever wore that holster. Might be the last time you ever did anything.

  • BryanS

    First, i dont believe that the one involved here was the flashbang. There are other similar products made of plain fabric that do not adequately protect the trigger area.

    Having handled a flashbang (wife has one for the LCP) its a great idea for women, as long as you follow the instructions and understand the limitations. When she was pregnant, carrying on a belt or pocket was a no-go, and many times due to the nature of women’s pant design, still is. The flashbang was the only alternative that offers good concealibility as well as good trigger coverage.