YOUR Chance to Ask Kalashnikov & Rostec Questions

I am excited to announce that TFB will be interviewing Mr. Alexey Krivoruchko, the CEO of Kalashnikov Concern. This interview was made possible by the excellent public relations team at Rostec, the massive Russian State Corporation that either fully or partly owns many defense manufacturers, including a 51% stake in Kalashnikov (the other 49% is privately owned).

Rostec’s PR team will arrange translation of the questions and answers and have generously agreed to allow me to field questions from you all. Frankly, I had not expected them to agree to this because of the geopolitical situation and so I am overjoyed at the opportunity.

Along with questions directed to Kalashnikov’s CEO, questions can also be asked about Rostec’s other subsidiaries and their products. The Rostec team will endeavour to contact the right people to get answers for the questions. Is there something you want to know about modern RPG launchers, such as the RPG-28? What about Russian grenade launchers? Now is the time to ask.

Note, the worlds largest arms expo, IDEX 2015, is just a few days away, and so questions that are overly complex may not be able to be answered.

If you have questions, post them in the comments below. Make sure you specify if the question is for Mr. Krivoruchko or for Rostec. Before asking a question, read the questions other readers have asked to make sure your question has not already been posted. Upvote questions you are interested in. The more upvoted a question is, the greater chance I will ask it.

This is NOT an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”). I will be choosing the questions. While I may, or may not, ask about the effect of sanctions on business, this is not an opportunity to discuss or debate Russian, US or NATO foreign policy. This is for technical questions about the Russian firearm and defense industry and it’s products. Mr. Krivoruchko and other employees who answer the questions are NOT government employees, military staff or politicians. They work for a for-profit corporations that happen to be owned either fully, or in part, by the Russian government. Asking them political questions would be like asking the CEO of Ruger what he thinks of foreign policy … no CEO would answer that.

Below is some information to help you come up with questions …

Kalashnikov Concern



Kalashnikov Concern is now part of a larger organization called the Kalashnikov Group. The Kalashnikov Concern subsidiary manufactures military rifles, the IZHMASH subsidiary (brand?) manufactures consumer versions of Kalashnikov Concern’s military rifles (such as, I think, the Saiga rifles) and Baikal manufactures sporting firearms. Molot, who manufacture the VEPR, is owned by one of these organizations. I will definitely be asking Mr Krivoruchko questions about who owns want.

Saiga-12 in Law Enforcement SBS configuration.

Saiga-12 in Law Enforcement SBS configuration.


AK-12: The next generation AK

Products manufactured by Kalashnikov Concern include (courtesy of Wikipedia) …



Mr. Alexey Krivoruchko is the Director General for OJSC Kalashnikov Concern. In addition, Mr. Krivoruchko has been serving as General Director of AeroExpress LTD (2010 – current). Alexey Krivoruchko served as Deputy CEO for sales and technical service, Executive Director of Sales, Vice President of sales and marketing, Senior Vice President of sales and marketing for AvtoVAZ OJSC, in the city of Tolyatti (2006-2009). He also held a position of the Chief Expert, Consultant, Department of regional and offset programs in ROSOBORONEKSPORT Federal State-Owned Enterprise (2006). Prior to that, Mr. Krivoruchko served as advisor to the Deputy CEO of logistical support for Aeroflot-Russian Airlines JSC in 2004-2005 and Deputy CEO, then Director General of Rostov Civil Aviation Plant № 412 OJSC (1999-2001).

Alexey Krivoruchko graduated from the Institute of Management, Economics, Law and Informatics with a degree in Law. He is also a graduate from the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation with a degree in Public Administration.



Rostec is huge. According to Wikipedia in 2012 it was made up of 663 organizations. Aside from defense it is also involved in civilian aviation, healthcare, electronics and telecommunications and many other industries.

ADS rifle in 5.56mm (Photo (C) Vitaly V. Kuzmin

ADS rifle in 5.56mm (Photo (C) Vitaly V. Kuzmin

Here are a few companies that are part of Rostec and their products …

KBM: Who make the ADS amphibious assault rifle

TSNIITOCHMASH Corporation: Who are developing the Ratnik combat gear – an infantry combat system that works in any conditions from the Arctic to the tropics (think Russia’s Future Soldier program).

Techmash Corporation: Makers of the RPG-28 shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launcher designed to defeat modern and future tanks with advanced reactive and composite armour as well as fortified infantry. They also make the 6G-27 Balkan 40mm grenade launcher.

NPO Precision Complexes: Make man-portable air-defence systems such as the MANPADS Verba that can be integrated into automated fire control systems.

Ask your questions below …

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Riot

    Any plans for a new generation/replacement of the Dragunov series?

  • Giolli Joker

    Very COOL!
    BTW, IDEX is on since yesterday.

    I’ll be there this Wednesday, anything you want photos of, let me know.
    giollijoker (at) fastwebnet . it

    (Consider that UAE is on average 10 hrs ahead on the timezone compared to US)

    • iksnilol

      We probably want pictures of everything. You might as well pack extra memory cards and let that camera go full-auto.

  • iksnilol

    Any plans for Bizon SMG in 7.62×25 that uses helical magazine instead of the regular box mag?

    Any plans to revive the Korobov TKB-022 (in a modernized form of course)?

    Any plans for a modernized, lighter PKM? Similar to what the Americans did with the M240B. They made a lighter version of it using titanium and aluminum in areas that didn’t require steel.

    Any plans to manufacture weapons in the US? So as to bypass import restrictions.

    • Kitsuneki

      It’s easy to reply on that questions. They don’t return to cancelled researches. They already have Pecheneg as modernized PKM. And they are not US-oriented manufacturer.

      • iksnilol

        I know about the Pecheneg, but it is heavier than regular PKM. I was thinking lighter.

        Also, what do you mean with cancelled researches?

        • Kitsuneki

          I’m talking about Korobov’s research works and many others, such as TKB-series, AL-series, unreleased OTs-series.
          And also russian soldiers won’t complain about weight.

          • iksnilol

            Yes, Russians are super-humans that won’t complain about weight. Still doesn’t hurt to be able to carry more ammo. Remove 1.3 kg and that is 50 rounds more of 7.62x54mmR.

            The Korobov TKB-022 is relevant nowadays, what with the recent bullpup craze and developments. The Korobov is already developed and is much shorter than any other bullpup. If they just make it out of modern materials and in different cartridges they have a sure winner. So while it wasn’t adopted in its time it is relevant nowadays where everyone wants shorter and shorter guns.

          • Kitsuneki

            I’m not saying i don’t want that to happen, but russians more concerned on get more profit with less doing. They would rather produce more Saigas and Tigers, than build a new production line. Building new production lines in Russia is always expensive.

          • iksnilol

            Makes sense, but you can always tempt the Russians with the ability to carry more ammo. I just like the technical/engineering challenges (even if I am bad at theoretical math and stuff). As in; could you reduce the weight of the PKM by 2 kg in the 7.62×54 version? If you could, would that mean you could reduce the weight by 3 kg in a 6.5mm version (there was a 6.5mm prototype, it weighed a kg less than regular PKM). How much more could you reduce the weight if you made it in 6.5 Grendel + made it out of lighter materials?.

          • Kitsuneki

            Reducing weight by changing material can help, but they will have to reconfigure all of their machines to work with another material. And 6mm prototype was lighter because of simplified feed mechanism. That 6x49mm had no rim so round was pushed trough the belt.

          • iksnilol

            Makes sense. Still, you could probably remove some weight by going with a titanium receiver and feet tray cover. and a shorter thinner barrel (maybe aluminum wrapped?).

            Of course it won’t be cheap, but engineering excersises rarely are. Aren’t they?

          • Kitsuneki

            Sure, but it better would be a shop work, not mass-production. There is too many PKMs already in army to replace at least part of them. And once again – russian soldier must be strong

          • iksnilol

            True that.

          • Kitsuneki

            And yeah, i would love TKB-022PM in 6.5 Grendel

          • iksnilol

            Hnng, that would be super nice. Also an integrally suppressed version in 7.62×39 that isn’t longer than the standard version. Could work with a telescopic suppressor and 30 cm barrel. Though you would need to free up space inside for the tube.

  • thomas

    Question for kalashnikov is the AK-12 going to be in production and for sale here in the US


  • Kitsuneki

    Any plans for civilian ASh-12 or RSh-12? (12.7×55mm Rifle and Revolver)

  • David Lowrey

    Are there any plans for us manufacture? Any new civilian legal semi autos, things we haven’t really seen before on the civilian market, like the ak12, PKM, an94, bizon, ect?

    Bonus question, are you having a nice day?

    • Anton

      I would also like to know the future of the Bizon or any other 9mm products.

  • Fracsid

    Is the US company picking up the Kalashnikov name (Kalashnikov USA) legitimate, and how do they feel about it?

  • kev

    Any plans to develop the AK 107-108 rifles further for the military market and what’s the latest on the saiga mk 107?

  • Zugunder

    Any plans of making DMR’s, LMG’s, semi-auto shotguns on the basis of AK-12? Also, what about that Russian 6.5mm round that I heard is being in development? Or that’s just rumors?

    And since Russian is my native language, same questions:

    Есть планы насчет выпуска полуавтоматических снайперских винтовок/дробовиков, ручных пулеметов по типу РПК на основе АК-12? И еще, слышал что вы разрабатываете новый патрон калибра 6.5мм. Это правда или просто слухи?

  • Garrett Hart

    I know its already on here, just a plus 1 for it, But will the ak12 ever be marketed to the US in a civilian version? I know it doesn’t matter now but maybe after we get our dictator out of office and can import russian weapons again.

  • Are there any plans to adapt the Kalashnilov to an intermediate cartridge in the 6-6.5mm range? Are the rumors true that it will be 6.5 Grendel? If not, would it be similar but with a more tapered case?

    • Blake

      Agree. Would like to know more about 6.5mm products, whether that be Grendel or their own 6.5mm caliber that has been rumored for a while. Bonus points if we get to hear the story behind the development of said caliber…

  • Gray

    Any chance we may see the MP-446 Viking stateside? I know it’s not one of the more popular guns on that list but I’d buy one if they were available and priced well.

  • Alyssa Coe

    Can the Saiga guns be imported since KALASHNIKOV was purchased by a private businessman?

  • Kevin1911

    I’ll take a Bizon and SVD please!
    This move is going to make them a lot of money. Without the import restrictions they will be able to offer weapons we’ve been wanting for years. Thanks Obama!

  • Esh325

    Will there be a 5.56 ak12 that takes m16 magazines Mr. Krivoruchko? What are some of the internal modifications that have been made with the ak12? Thank you

  • kirill

    Do they plan on, at any point in the near future, making Russian domestic rifles chambered in .338 Lapua? Or developing a Russian counterpart of .338 Lapua?

    Will there be any further development of the 9x39mm Subsonic cartridges?

    What do they anticipate to win military trials, the AK-12 series or the AEK-971 series currently undergoing testing?

    What is the next major stride in Russian small arms technology? caseless cartridges? Cased Telescopic Ammunition?

    • kev

      They currently make a bolt action chambered in 338 it’s called the SV 338 and it’s made by kalashnikov concern. The case less question is a good one.

    • iksnilol

      The VKS is also made in .338 Lapua. at least the civilian version is.

    • MPWS

      I appreciate your note – much the same as mine.
      Regarding the 9x39mm I would think, given its time of origin and past application, it is well matured round. Probably the area where U.S. based industries have some vacancy to fill.

  • Guys please just ask questions only. No discussions on this thread please.

  • kev

    Will you develop a balanced action version of the AK 12 and we’re is the VK 121 bullpup rifle?

  • Steve Truffer

    Is the American Kalashnikov company in any way affiliated? If so,
    any chance of a revised 7.62x54r Vepr that takes double stack magazines? Preferably along the lines of the SVD mag’s internal pattern? The single stack iteration is well liked except that one point.

    • M

      It’s been well documented it isn’t.

      It was of the first questions that cropped up due to the sanctions. The owner of Kalashnikov USA has ardently said that there is no business communication with Kalashnikov concern, as that would be in violation of the sanctions.

      Although I have a feeling Kalashnikov concern has sent an email going like: “WTF man… Really??!!” To them

  • LostWar

    What about ultrabullpup weapons such as the TKB-022PM and the Shevchenko Smerch on the civilian market? I mean, is there a way to see one of those weapons on the hands of a civilian, or a soldier?

  • Comrade

    Any modern up to date R.P.D in 5.56 or 5.45?

  • dnong

    any plans for a selling of the AEK-971?

  • We want Russian made firearms and barrels imported for civilian use again. What does Mr. Alexey Krivoruchkohe recommend we do here to affect this positive change?

  • Alex

    Is there a possibility of a semi-auto Vityaz-SN type Saiga or any pistol caliber Saiga in the near future?

  • sam

    Top break revolver plz?

    • Green Hell

      This one?

      • Swarf

        Yes, please.

      • sam

        Yeah, I mean, that or some other design. I was thinking contemporary, not a reproduction Smith, Iver, Webley etc.

  • Lance

    Currently the Russian Army is going back and forth about AK-74M production as well as the AK-12 being for evaluation for SpetZ Naz. IS the Russian government going to rearsenaling AK-74Ms like how the US retools M-16s to increase service life of the current AK-74M fleet?

  • Lance

    Will they import any US leagle version of the GSH-18 pistol and keep the prices low so it can be bought by all Americans???

  • Guest

    Is there going to be a replacement of the SVD weapons system?

  • M

    The extractor broke on my 1955 SKS, is it under warranty?

  • toms

    To explain the companies official stance on providing weapons to a country that its own government (and partial owners) label as a hostile nation state against Russia. (Russian Federation Defence doctrine 2014). Legit question I would ask Colt CEO the same question if they unveiled a plan to sell arms to Iran. Just wondering why they arm us if their owners feel that way.

  • kingghidorah

    Will you be making an ar15 clone in .222 or an akm in a 6.5 carcano or 8mm lebel?

  • MPWS

    My question would be if there are some new technologies at work such as equivalent of U.S. developed LSAT. This of course being n accordance with publicly available (unclassified) data. We all know that the AK12 is just interim solution.

  • Dylan

    Is the AN-94 still being produced or has production been cancelled?

  • Jake

    If you could sell your products to the United States with no restrictions whatsoever, would you despite current political affairs?

  • 1-800 Kebab Remove

    Could we ever see a dummy model GP-30 grenade launcher?

  • Dave

    I speak for many… Could he elaborate on the details regarding the shellac used on the laminate wood production? What kind of shellac was used? Did the factory add dyes or pigment into the shellac? Was the wood coated in a preservative before applying the shellac? Any details on this subject that is straight from the horses mouth is much desired… Also details on the Izhmash black paint?

  • MT

    What is your favorite handgun round?

  • #1: Is the AK-12 design family entirely proprietary or does it still have some parts commonality/interchangeability with older AK rifles (excluding magazines); i.e. could I theoretically replace an AK-74 receiver, stock or top cover with an AK-12 one?

    #2: Is the 7.62 NATO AK-12 real, and if so, is it an enlarged action compared to the 5.45 variant?

    #3: What chamberings have been considered for the AK-12 besides 5.56 NATO, 5.45×39 and 7.62×39? (Obligatory “Is the 6.5mm Grendel variant real” implied, but I’m aiming wide in case they thought of something else)

    #4: What relations does Kalashnikov Concern/Rostec has with other Russian manufacturers such as TsNIITochMash, KBP, Molot Plant, etc? Is there competition like with companies in the West like between FN, H&K, Colt, Beretta etc, or is there more of a collaboration between each?

  • Adam aka eddie d.

    My questions go to Mr. Krivoruchko:

    Is there a chance that any of the AK100 series firearms will be available in the US?
    By US regulations the AK105 for instance is an SBR (12.5” barrel length),
    but there have been several examples in the recent months that foreign
    manufacturers exported short barreled guns to the US in pistol format.

    Will the Saiga 9 be available,and with what magazines (capacity)?

  • liam

    What’s with the AK12? Will a civilian version be available in the states and if so when?

  • Zander

    Are they planning on bringing the PP19 Bizon to the US?

  • Tuna

    Commercial 9×39?

  • Riot

    Why didn’t I get a notification of this reply?
    So a para svd stock and parts from the sv98 – would be very neat.
    I’d like to see a non reciprocating charging handle, to balance out the bolt carrier.