Canadian Photographer Kelsow sent us this photo of his CZ 75 SP-O1. The really like this photo, it is dramatic and draws me in.

The CZ 75 SP-01 is a all-steel pistol based on the CZ 75 P-01, but with a picatinny rail.



  • Green Hell

    So… Is CZ-75 a best 9×19 mm handgun on the market? I’m moving to the US in a couple of years and actually want to know.

    • MountainKelly

      In my super biased opinion, yes.

    • BattleshipGrey

      Welcome in advance. I’ve never read any bad reviews of the CZ-75, though I’ve never shot one. When you get here you should find some shooters and try out a bunch of different guns to see which one you like best.

    • john huscio

      P228 or its “upgrade”, m11a1 would be my pick……..or if polymer is your thing, p320…..

      • USMC03Vet

        You mean sp2022. 320 is striker.

        • john huscio

          the P320 would be my pick if i was going to a striker fired platform. as it is, im good with my alloy framed SIGs….

    • Ethan

      That is my personal choice, yes. Plenty of other truly excellent options out there, but the CZs have exactly what I look for in a pistol.
      -Extremely low bore axis
      -Excellent ergos
      -Hammer fired, all metal frame and internals providing a superb trigger pull
      -The option of decocker or manual safety (I prefer decocker)
      -CHEAP magazines (~$20 now) with the option to get 16 or 20rnds magazines that fit a compact frame CC pistol.
      -While this is subjective, I’ve never found a compact lightweight pistol that recoils so little and shoots so flat. I use the CZ-75 PCR as my EDC pistol and my competition gun.
      -Its just sexy. That is all.

      • Kell

        Where are you finding $20 mags?

        • Ethan

          I bought 6 mags from midwayusa last year for $12ea. Now they are about $20. Mec Gar 9mm magazines are plentiful in many areas and you can find them on sale if you keep your eyes open.

    • KestrelBike

      if I could only have one pistol and was exiled to the wastelands ala the original Judge Dredd, I’d choose a glock 19. So, that’d be my first pick. But this is a CZ fanboyz thread, so I’ll just slink away now 😀

      (CZ’s are awesome, my only gripe about them is their very thin top-slide that can make racking not as simple/easy/comfortable as your other typical full sized pistols ala glock, sig, S&W, etc).

      • Ethan

        Well maybe you should use your skirt to wipe the sweat off your hands and rack the slide like a man! 😛 😛 😛

        I’m totally teasing, I love Glocks and own several.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        Its a trade off though. Slide is inside the rails, tighter, lighter, and cycles quickly. Also inherently accurate.

        I think its a good trade, but i am mid 30s and have strong hands. If i had loss of grip, maybe choose something else.

    • Alucard

      Yes if you don’t plan on carrying it,CZ-75 is a pretty heavy at 35 oz unloaded.I personally prefer a smaller and lighter gun to carry such as a glock 26 or Kahr P9.

      • iksnilol

        There is a polymer frame version that weighs less, if you have trouble carrying a gun that weighs 1 kg unloaded.

        • Alucard

          I have no trouble carrying a large handgun but it gets pretty uncomfortable carrying a 4.5-5 barreled pistol even if it doesn’t weigh that much.

    • Hikerguy

      In a world full of wonder nines, opinions on which is the “best” can be subjective. But the CZ-75 is definitely in the running for that title.

      • javierjuanmanuel

        Agreed. There are a number of excellent 9mm that are afordable, easy to shoot, reliable, etc.

        Just top for the new guy coming to america ….

        Look at cz75 and the poly versions.
        SW mp many sizes on sure to be perfect for you.
        hk vp9
        xd9 or xdm9
        sig 226 and 228

        You cannot go wrong with these guns.

    • john

      First do some research on the web for a gun with the features you desire, then go to a range and rent your top two or three choices. Put a box through each if you can afford it. You must realize that a gun can be a lifelong investment. Treat it right and you can give it to your grand children.

      That all being said, the Sig P229 is my choice for ultimate battle pistol. Not too heavy, not to big, very accurate, very reliable and it’s used by thousands of government and law enforcement personnel. It is not cheap, but again, you will own it forever so I think it’s worth the extra dollars.

      • iksnilol

        You can also get a compact CZ. Sigs are nice though, but not worth the money for me due to CZs being just as good (for me) while costing less and not drawing as much attention.

    • iksnilol

      Pretty much. The CZ is inexpensive (compared to other guns) and is really good in regards to accuracy and comfort. Though as always, try before you buy if possible.

    • Yellow Devil

      “Best” is an entirely subjective term. But as many pointed out, you can’t go wrong with CZ.

  • MountainKelly

    I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome my not all steel sp01 phantom is

    • Ethan

      You can always tell when a CZ is at the range by the rhythmic beat of “AWESOME”..”AWESOME”..”AWESOME” coming from the next stall over.

      • MountainKelly

        Yup. Pewpewpew

  • 3XLwolfshirt

    Love my Sp-01. Most accurate handgun I own.

  • Riot

    The CZ 75 is possibly the last of the great fullmetal nine millimeters

  • thedonn007

    A fiber optic front sight and what appears to be an adjustable trigger. Either he has done some upgrades, or this is not a standard SP-01.

  • To Whom It May Concern

    “The CZ 75 SP-01 is a all-steel pistol based on the CZ 75 P-01, but with a picatinny rail.”


    • Scott Wagner

      Yeah, that had me shaking my head as well…

  • Maxcoseti

    “The CZ 75 SP-01 is a all-steel pistol based on the CZ 75 P-01, but with a picatinny rail”
    I’m pretty sure it’s based on the CZ 75, although its looks seem to be inspired by the P-01, I guess that’s what you meant, I’m also pretty sure the P-01 *has* a picatinny rail on it

  • David Knuth

    CZ is my next fun toy.

  • Leo Volk Matus

    Great guns, love CZ’s. SP01 is a tack driver. P01 is tack driver.

    • kell

      Got both, They are both very reliable and accurate pistols

  • Mouldy Squid

    This model it’s the finest handgun I have ever owned. It is currently my competition pistol for both IPSC and my local 3-Gun Club. It’s a fantastic piece of engineering.

  • tony

    A used gun is a beautiful gun

  • Tina


  • Tactical Operating Operator

    That gun is either refinished or has never been pulled out of a holster. Will also break trigger return springs like a boss.

  • Noah

    Looks like a Shadow, to be more precise… FO front sight and 85C trigger.

  • john huscio

    and though i do love SIGs, the CZ PCR and second gen p07 both make me think long and hard about jumping into the CZ game……when i was deciding on my second pistol (first was a glock 19 that i dont have anymore) it came down to a german p226 or a matte stainless cz 75…..damascus gun shop sold the last one they had they day i called them about it so i went with the SIG…….