Testing Bulletproof Helmets… The Russian Way

Sometimes I am simultaneously shaking my head in wonder and hanging in mesmerized shock at this stupidity. The latest culprit to this mental dichotomy is two Russians, who test a bulletproof helmet the old fashioned way… shooting someone wearing it.

Now, the revolver looks like its a small caliber, but I cant help by imagine if the shooter sneezed. Check the video out and please do not do this at home… or anywhere else ever! 

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Forest C. Adcock

    Did anyone else notice the blue spot where he was shot? Training ammo?

    • dan citizen

      paint primer on the helmet.

  • Hikerguy

    Must be related to these guys…..

  • Don Ward

    Bulletproof helmet, huh? I invented this gag, Rabbitov. Only in my day, the gulag prisoner got naked.

    • SD3

      Iz not danger. Iz helmet.

  • Hikerguy

    Sorry….couldn’t pull up the photo. Anyway, that wasn’t too brainy.

  • Karl

    This is fun until the dude flinches and shoots his buddy in the neck (assuming its even real…)

  • killerMinnow

    Translation: “Nagant, year ’44, 7.62 caliber. Test of the armored helmet visor.” After shot: “Ears are ringing.”

    • Tom

      My understanding is that centrefire pistols are a strict no no in Russia but people are allowed pistols firing “rubber” rounds which are adequate for short range indoor target use (along with the common self defence plastic rounds). Is it possible that he used something like that rather than a real bullet?

      None the less a very stupid thing to do. A few weeks ago we had a trial here in the UK. One man had purchased a “bullet proof vest” and convinced his friend to shoot him with a shotgun whilst wearing it. Unfortunately the vest was not that bullet proof and he died of his wounds. Now a village is missing its idiot 🙁

      • Don Ward

        On the contrary, it seems that someone didn’t miss the village idiot.

        What? Too soon?

        • dan citizen

          slow clap…. Actually, that deserved a rapid clap.

          • grunion

            More a golf clap, I should think….

        • Tom

          Touché sir. You win a cookie.

    • Koh

      Russian parliament just passed a law stating that self-defense is a legitimate reason to own a firearm. One hell of a difference compared to what is going on in the Marxist States of Amerika these days.

      • Simcha M.

        I think they (Putin and company) passed the law just to make us look bad. Amazing, isn’t it??

        • Koh

          All I know is that Russia has been making baby-steps towards more individual freedom over the last 15 years while the USA is making leaps and bounds in the other direction. Scary times we live in in the ‘States.

          • alari

            Not quite. These steps have been done backwards, In Russia there is only one right way of things -the putin way.

          • SP mclaughlin

            If by baby steps you mean bogus “gay” propaganda laws and integration of Russian Orthodox Church and state, then yes, Russia is freer than the US has ever been

          • grunion

            And who do we have to thank for these “leaps and bounds?”

      • billyoblivion

        Utter bollocks.

        I won’t deny that there are people attacking the RtK&BA, but right now–Feburary 2015, we are as free as we’ve been since the National Firearms Act of 1934.

        In 41 states the government *must* issue you a CCW once you jump through some relatively minor hoops. Not the ideal situation (the Constitution says…) but far better than 10 years ago, which was far better than 20 years ago etc.

        50 years ago most white men could carry a gun, but most blacks and Mexicans would go to jail (uninjured if they were lucky). Today the state can’t.

        Speaking of 20 years ago–the Assault Weapons Ban was enacted by Clinton and progressive house and senate. It expired 10 years ago, and not even a progressive house, senate and president were able to get it re-enacted. Today we have more (and better) military style semi-automatics than *EVER*.

        Silencers are allowed, and easier to get than ever, and if a state is thinking about banning them, they’ve been awful quiet about it.

        In the last 5 years there have been at least 3 (off the top of my head) SCOTUS decisions that supported the RtK&BA, and a few more district court decisions, including one in the last 2 weeks striking down the prohibition on interstate transfer of pistols.

        And yes, the BATF is playing phuq-phuq games with M109/M855, but we’re either get *better* ammo at a marginally higher price, or they’ll get their pee-pee slapped int he next 2-3 years. What one president can do via executive order, the next can un-do.

        Ultimately I guess yeah, it is a bit different than what is going on here, we have robust support at most layers and branches of our government for RKBA, outside big, progressive cities. Most of us do not have to ask the state for permission or justify our firearm purchases. Most of the country can buy almost anything they want (the unfortunate exception being post-86 fully automatic firearms), and most of us only have to prove minimal competency and pay a small fee to carry concealed.

        So no Chicken Little, the sky is not in fact falling, pull the acorn out and enjoy what you have.

        • Koh

          Meanwhile we have gained the Patriot Act, NSA listening to/or reading everything we do online. Local, State and Federal agencies tracking our movements with license plate scanners, credit card records and cell phone locates. SWAT teams able to kick in doors and kill people in wrong houses with no repercussions, Federal agencies (EPA, BATF, USFS, MSHA, BLM…) doing stuff that they will admit to your face is illegal, knowing full well that nobody has the money to sue them to stop it. Our government has gone into Full Evil mode since 2001, and it doesn’t matter what party is in place. The media propaganda war is turning the masses against us (NY State Safe Act & WA I594 for example), what we may have gained for 2nd Amend. rights the last few years has been countered for huge losses of liberty in other areas.

          • n0truscotsman

            Yes well put.
            The infringements on the RTKBA are only a trench spade’s worth compared to the overall mountain of infringements on other rights.

          • billyoblivion

            Which has little to do with our gun rights, which is what the OP was going on about.

            I will agree with you that *other* than gun rights we are going in the wrong direction, but if you think Putin’s Russia is moving a more free direction than us, I’ve got a Dacha on the Black Sea to sell you.

          • Koh

            You want to look past the dogma being propagated by our State Department and dig into what is really going on in Russia over the last 20 years. Russia may not be a great place yet, but they are slowly moving in the right direction while we are moving backwards. There is a reason why their govt has a high approval rating (despite the recent issues) while our is abysmally low. Common people there are more likely to be able to do what they want without trouble than we are able to, better than 50% of the food sold there is coming from homesteads and family farms selling their excess while State/Fed/Local governments here are SWATting people for having gardens. Do I want to live in Russia? NO. I do see them making a lot of steps in the right direction while we go backwards? YES.

            We should be the shining tower on the mountain that everyone looks up to for freedom and liberty, instead we are turning into Mordor.

          • Jurij

            Russia is yet again moving to empire status not a free democratic state, Russia recently envoked anti-gay laws, journalists are being killed, they are waging war in neighbouring countries, Putin is leader for life regardless of what the laws says and many many other things

          • billyoblivion

            You’re out of your ever-loving mind.

            I’ve never understood how people can look at *our* press and see how utterly delusional and corrupt they are, and then look at the “news” coming out of Europe and Asia and NOT apply the same sort of skepticism.

            Putin is a thug. People don’t report bad stuff about him BECAUSE THEY GET F*KING KILLED.

            The Russian economy has only ONE thing going for it–gas and oil. Demographically European Russia is on the decline and Asians–which means Chinese and Muslims–are moving in. Putin and his oliigarch buddies are looting the country for all it’s worth while the lower and middle classes are *still* huddled in Soviet era tenements that make American ghetto “projects” look like McMansions.

            Russia is a dying country, they have *no* freedoms because at any time the rich or well connected can do whatever the f*k they want and buy their way out of trouble.

            That pedophile that Clinton and Prince Harry were hanging around with? In the US he went to *jail*. In Russia the people complaining would have disappeared.

          • grunion

            I can’t help but seize upon your next to last paragraph and draw a fairly strong similarity in the legal systems in both. The U.S. currently allows the best law money can buy. The outcome can be purchased by the very wealthy and connected. It happens every day right here in the U.S.A.
            To deny this would be folly. Just ask the people in prison, in what economic class were you born?
            You are right though, Putin is a creepy cold war creation that included all the things necessary to ply their trade. He is a liar, ruthless, greedy and will never be satisfied. The world would be better off without him in power, any power.

          • toms

            Th overall felony conviction rate for those accused of crime in Russia is staggering. Its in excess of 95%. The FSB never looses cases. There are a few good things about Russia, the legal system and media are definitely not one of them.

          • billyoblivion

            That only means that they bring the case when they know they can win.

            The US Federal conviction rate was 93% in 2012, but that includes plea bargains. State level courts are a lot lower though.

          • billyoblivion

            It’s not the “best *LAW* money can buy, it’s the best defense lawyers.

            Note again that a *very* wealthy man. Billionaire, someone who owned his own freaken ISLAND, someone who raised the kind of money for politicians that you and I would be like “Buggger this for a game of soldiers, I retire”, was arrested, tried and convicted of having sex of convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution, and spent a year and a half in PRISON.

            BILLIONS of dollars, friends with royalty and ex-president Clinton (but I repeat myself), bundler for the current regime.

            Which doesn’t entirely invalidate your premise, but note that there are a LOT of rather rich folks who’ve done or are doing time.

          • l.Wash

            just a quick question..as a european…have you ever been to Russia???
            Because i have been there and in the US, and i think you falling a little bit to the propaganda coming out of RUS…

          • Bill

            Those “huge losses of liberty”are incidents that are amplified by technology. The NSA has the ability to vacuum up any and all cell traffic in any given area: J. Edgar Hoover had the FBI maintain surveillance, engaged in blackmail, and kept secret files on people, just because he didn’t like them. Americans of Japanese descent were placed in confinement without due process during WW2, just because of their ethnicity. US military forces were used against striking coal miners during the 1920s, and during the Pennsylvania Mutiny and Draft Riots. There was the Tuskegee syphyllis experiment started in the 1930s.

            We don’t even have to get into slavery, segregation, suffrage, and the treatment of Native Americans.

            You may want to reassess your concept of “huge losses.” And point of fact, LPR systems don’t retain information, they look for matches and if there are none the scan is discarded. And if you think we can routinely track someone by cell phone, you haven’t dealt with the judges, paperwork, and worst of all the cell phone companies, who very definitely do not want anything to do with the government because of the illusion of invasion of privacy. None of them make it easy. Same for ISPs. All of the comms industry companies want their customers to believe that they are the most secure, private and confidential.

            Sure the .gov screws up. But it isn’t new, is a lot harder to conceal, as Edward Snowden and Wikileaks has demonstrated, and I would contend nowhere near as egregious as deliberately infecting mentally ill minorities with VD to study it’s effects, and deliberately withholding treatment, or planning the use of US bombers against striking coal miners as an experiment in the value of aerial bombardment, as Billy Mitchell proposed.

        • grunion

          It certainly is not for lack of trying!

          • billyoblivion

            That is true, and we need to keep pushing for our rights, but we’re *better* off than we were 20 years ago (unless you live in CA, Maryland, NJ or Connecticut.)

            Which is really all I was trying to say.

        • Scott P


          Ever hear of the Gun Control Act of ’68. Still have that.

          Ban on new machineguns ring a bell??

          Don’t even start me with the draconian “assault weapon ban” import restrictions that are still in effect whereas Canada has more freedoms than we do in that regard!!

          Ammo restrictions to boot. You make mention of the U.S. ammo about to be banned but don’t say a damn thing about 7n6 as well as the other sanctions/executive orders/ATF determinations passed banning Russian AK’s, Chinese guns, parts kit barrels, Steyr AUG 9mm. parts kits, and other restrictions.

          But I guess if you only shoot ‘Merican guns and ‘Merican ammo then ignorance must be bliss seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses about the state of our gun laws being good or “getting better”.

      • I must correct again: this “law” was an amendment to one of the legislation pieces concerning firearms circulation and use, and it was ONLY to conform them one to another. Nothing has changed. Self-defense is still rubber-bullets only, with long shotguns as “stationary” self-defence option, as before.

  • Hokum

    It could be .22LR

    • dan citizen

      It is a 7.62 nagant revolver

      • Hokum

        How could you know? Just because a guy said this in the video? How he allowed to carry that in Russia?

        • Jon

          Hokum, continuing your logic, nobody knows were they are. They could be firing 5.7x28mm SS190 or 9x21mm SP-10. Who knows?

          • Hokum

            You can lessen the list of countries by striking the ones of in which you’re not allowed to carry handguns of such calibre.
            The image looks clearly like Eastern Europe to me. As far as I know, you can’t have handguns above .22 in most of them (except non-lethal).
            Of course the Nagant can be illegal, but in that case why they uploaded the video in the first place.

          • dan citizen

            see above.

        • dan citizen

          I have worked on many nagants, recognizing one is not hard. I doubt it is a .22 nagant because they only made a handful. If it was one of the uncommon nagants converted from 7.62x38r to 7.62×25 then the muzzle flip would be noticeable.

          He could be in any number of russian speaking countries where this helmet and gun are prolific. He could indeed be in Russia and be a military officer. I would guess he is down in the ‘stans.

  • guest

    ah this is nothing, friend of mine tinkered up a homemade single shooter with homedesigned ammo out of some sort of construction nails (highly illegal at the time), he handed me his creation, and i started studding the design of the master piece and getting a feel for the trigger by pulling it ten or so time…. it fired and i shot him in the ass, i made sure his is ok, and he was, his jacket was really thick it did go thru. I accused him of handling a loaded gun and not telling me it was loaded, by russian army safety rules you are suppose to tell the condition of the gun when you hand it to some one else, we knew each other from serving in the same unit the military, so i knew that he knew the rules. To what he reply that he does not keep his personal guns unloaded, and that he is upset that his jacket has a hole in it now… we went to shoot his legal saiga right after that, in someone elses back yard

    • lucusloc

      And on this day we learned to check the condition of every gun ourselves right?

      • dan citizen

        different countries have different rules. The “it is always loaded” is not universal, and in some countries where thinking an unloaded weapon is loaded will get you dead fast, it is a frowned upon americanism.

        • lucusloc

          I understand that there are many cultures that do not care for safety, and there may even be some that would interpret a chamber check to be a hostile attempt to load a weapon, but just because an entire culture does it does not make it correct, or excuse the behavior. Many countries rules are not just different, they are wrong, and it should be pointed out to them (preferably as politely as possible).

          If you want to avoid accidents like the one above, you *will* chamber check every gun handed to you, even if It was just checked (I have seen people brain-fart, check the chamber and forget there is a loaded mag, loading the chamber in the process. Granted it was low light conditions, but still). If someone takes offense at that they should be informed that reality does not give a damn about their ego, and accidents can be permanent. This is a mindset that, in a perfect world, should be ingrained no matter what your culture.

  • toms

    illegally discharging a pistol in Russia then posting it on youtube, smart!

    • dan citizen

      Except that in the USA saying “Russia” can mean any country east of Germany. Considering this is a Altyn helmet and a nagant revolver, this could have taken place in a dozen countries.

      The Altyn is a knockoff of the Swiss made TIG Psh-77 helmet, it is Russian Class II (9×19 Para, 9×18 Makarov, 7.62×25 Tokarev) but in reality the helmet is also impenetrable by a handful off other pistol cartridges.

      Not that I would try this stunt from either end.

      • iksnilol

        If it can stop 7.62×25 Tokarev then it can stop a bunch of other stuff.

        • dan citizen

          the tokarev has a history of good penetration

          • iksnilol

            One of my favorite cartridges. Would love to have a doubles-stack pistol chambered for it. IIRC Norinco makes one, a SIG clone with a 17 round capacity.

          • dan citizen

            Not available in the US 🙁

            This is handy enough that I would actually consider getting a SIG (clone). So far I have avoided those brick-pistols.

          • iksnilol

            Well, together with all the other Norinco guns it is available to me in Norway… though I doubt anyone has heard about 7.62×25 Tokarev in Norway –__–. Could always reload and get ammo from Bosnia. On the other hand that seems like much work.

      • Bill

        Even “Russia” is barely “Russia.” Im surprised it hasn’t splintered more given the massive numbers of regions and ethnicities

      • toms

        “the year 1946 caliber 7.62” He’s speaking Russian. That is Russia or maybe Belo Russia. My comment still stands as neither allow pistol ownership.

  • tony

    What if there was a muzzle dip?

    • LCON

      “Yuri Get Ze Shovel!”

  • Alucard

    Knowing how strict the Russian gun laws are this is either a plastic bullet or blanks.

    • Bill

      The “laws” may be strict, but there are no shortage of guns, sporting and otherwise in Russia. After the break-up, and with the military not being paid for months, or longer, every weapon you can think of was for sale. Yeah, those too.

  • Lance

    Its a Nagant M1895 revolver. Not very powerful of a round. But shows how dumb you can be by being a test dummy for a helmet.

  • Giolli Joker

    I hope they shot the helmet first and used blanks now… I hope

    • JSmath

      There is only one impact crater on the helmet’s visor, so it definitely does not appear to be so.

      • Giolli Joker

        I rephrase:
        Shoot helmet once with bullet, load blank (no bullet), wear helmet, shoot, pretend to be hit.

  • Paul O.

    Probably just a “new guy” initiation test.

    • Bill

      Like having your jump wings hammered directly into your chest, without the pin clutches.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Watch what young Marines do when THEY get bored…;)
    Sergeants exist for a reason.

  • dan citizen

    This is pertinent how?

  • iksnilol

    What technological advantage? You got fancy stuff, they got durable stuff (ceramic vs titanium armor for instance).

    I am more worried about us who are going to get caught in the crossfire.

    • Scott P


      The Poles, Swedes, French, and Germans all had fancy stuff/latest and greatest, “better equipment”, and “better tactics” yet all lost in the end. No one has ever won attacking the Russians.

      How we are quick to forget the lessons of history.

  • wojtekimbier

    This is a fake video.

  • Winter

    Apparently there’s a lack of quality entertainment options in Russia.

  • kingghidorah

    Can you guys, just for once, just enjoy the silly video without turning it into a 9/11,NFA, NSA,ATF, FBI freedom debate? I’m sorry, but some here really sound like the solvent trap/hellfire/mre salesmen at the gun show.

    • Bill

      Yeah, what he said. There are plenty of blogs for the tin-foil hat, fake birth certificate and FEMA concentration camp crowd.
      How do I bid on the copier/printer paper contract for all those gummint conspiracies? The feds can’t take us over, it isn’t in the travel line item for any of the field offices.

  • CatDaddy

    Assuming this is real…….do you notice Einstein drags the COCKED revolver straight up through the targeted morons body, with his finger on the trigger??

  • Y-man

    In Soviet Russia, Helmet test Gun!

    [Human is inconsequential!]

    • Fiveseven

      In Soviet Russia, the helmet wears you.

  • billyoblivion

    Reagan was a great man. He stood proudly as a pro-American, pro-Market conservative during some of our darkest days (Carter presidency). This doesn’t mean he was on the right side of every issue.

    No man is, except me.

    For 25 years we’ve been hearing about how Reagan was demented and in the throws of alzheimer’s and this CLEARLY showed in the poor decisions he made in the last couple years of his presidency, and then you show me something written just a few years before he was diagnosed, and at a time when those diagnosis started much later.

    So basically pick one, Reagan was mentally fine all the way through his presidency and was making rational decisions, or he was losing his mind towards the end.

    Also note that Reagan was constantly talking about laws *within the context* of our 2nd amendment rights, which he believed were not instantiated by government (as today’s left argues), but that rights are inherent and *acknowledged* by the Constitution, whereas todays Left asserts that rights are created by government (or by “society” or whatever) and are thus malleable.

    Almost no one argues for no limits on firearms–schizophrenics, violent felons etc., and yes Reagan DID argue in favor of waiting periods for background check–something that is obviated by the NICS. And yes, Reagan signed a bill preventing any new class III weapons (a bill “passed” under specious circumstances BTW). That bill was IMO unconstitutional, and I have no idea why he signed it.

  • bernardg

    After reading most of the comments below, one can’t help to wonder, since when TFB became firearm & politics?