Kurdish Gunsmith Helps Fight ISIS

Bakhtiar Sadradin Aziz makes and repairs firearms in Kurdistan. His customers include Kurdish Peshmerga Soldiers. Bakhtiar has been running the family business after his father, Sadradin, was imprisoned for 14 years by the Baathists for repairs of Peshmerga weapons. When the father was released in 2003, due to the American Invasion, he found his son, Bakhtiar, was running the shop so Sadradin retired. Bakhtiar is now training his own 17 yr old son to take over the business. Just in case something happens.

According to an article on Daily Beast, one of his more popular modifications is shortening and converting a M16 to an M4. He charges $500 for the conversion making the $2500 M16 a $3000 gun. A bargain compared to the $9000 cost of a M4.

Below are some pictures of the Gunsmith and his wares.


Looks like a PPSH




An interesting shave down AK-47 converted to shoot 7.62×25. It’s so chibi and cute.1424254517874.cached



FN M16 lower receiver

1424254517459.cached 1424254515807.cached 1424254511617.cached

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  • Gregor

    I wonder who’s going to buy the fantasy sword on the wall…

    • ‘Merican

      Good eye. As to who will buy it? I think the first Kurd who walks through the door with a mullet and Mountain Dew will have to take it home.

    • Plumbiphilious

      This guy’s shop looks like the stereotypical video game weapons vendor, so he might as well cater to all comers.

      For all we know that’s the magical ultimate sword of +20 to Remove ISIS, but nobody has enough gold pieces or a high enough level to buy it yet, so they have to go farm insurgents until somebody does.

    • Don Ward


    • n0truscotsman

      Dude, have you been to the markets around kurdistan (like Irbil and Sulaymania)?
      They have a mixed bag of EVERYTHING. Its like a crazy emporium of cool and weird stuff.

  • jcl

    It seems he also sells some airguns, several of them are leaned against the wall.

    • the ammo addict

      Used for subsistence hunting of small game.

  • I love to see these guns and the stories behind them. More stuff like this please!

  • Racecar

    That little 7.62×25 AK-47 would not be on the shelf for long if I were a customer. It’s just so cute!

    • Hikerguy

      A Kurdish PDW, no doubt!

  • Don Ward

    Good on the man. Although, as a trained operator, I notice his arsenal is missing one important item.


    Charlie Bronson’s always got rope.

    • bob a. booey

      You nerd. +1

  • sianmink

    Those tacticool’d shotguns though!

    • Chase Buchanan

      They seem to like those a lot in Turkey.

    • Ripley

      Google-fu says the tan camo one in the middle is an Akdal MKA 1919 with some extended mag.

  • Harrison Jones

    I’d love to visit a shop like that and see the modification. I wonder how they are converting the M16s to M4s. Are they using new barrel assemblies or chopping the barrel. And where to the parts come from. Interesting things to find out.

    • rjackparis

      I would assume, he chops them, it seems like it would be a somewhat simple operation,

      remove HG retainer, flash hider, front sight, .etc

      chop barrel down, drill gas tube, and reassemble.

    • BobNoxious46

      Note the engraving on the M16 – “PROPERTY OF US GOVERNMENT”

  • What no Paki Tape?

  • anon

    This is straight up ork tech.

    • Martin M

      How many teef for dat one?

    • Taylor TX

      10/10 would dakka

  • the ammo addict

    That one photo of the gunsmith shop reminds me of the one in Desert Punk.

  • snakeeyez

    Apparently they don’t like tapco ak folding stocks (last picture hanging on the wall)

  • CattodDaddy

    Nine grand for an M4?!! WtF? I’d like a chance to mismanage the monies I give in taxes instead of letting ‘the man’ spend it for me.

    • MR

      $2500 for an M16 sounds about right, though, where can I pick up one of those?

    • Ken

      Take a look at the NY Times At War Blog with CJ Chivers. One of the articles is on an arms dealer in Syria. I think he said AK’s go for $3k USD there. It’s not exactly surprising since it’s the middle of a war zone and weapons are in high demand. It’s not like there are factories turning out massive amounts of weapons for them (at least not overtly).

  • Bill

    yeah, he’s good, but can he take a file and the leaf spring from a truck and make an AK47 in 8mm Mauser like the guys in the Pakistan Tribal Regions?