Ghost Gun Mistake Is Airsoft

WTVU News posted this video on their Facebook page.

The problem is some of the footage they used is actually an airsoft gun.


Someone at WTVU used a picture from KWA instruction manual of their AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) and animated it. The picture above, I circled the gear box. Something you do not find in a real AR, Ghost Gun or not.


Nicholas C

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  • Black_Viper

    Half million in CA alone huh? Hard to believe, but liberal facts, whatcha gunna do!

    • sauerquint

      Another FOX fact, from a FOX station.

    • Dave The Great

      On one hand: it’s Bay Area news. On the other hand: it’s Bay Area FOX news. Fox isn’t exactly a bastion of liberalism, and wrong is just wrong no matter what their political ideology.

      Besides, some of us leftist types are gun people. Upwards of 40% of us, so let’s drop the useless liberal vs. conservative crap – it just ain’t true often enough to be reliable.

      -SMG/Suppressor-collecting CHL-toting left-coast granola-chomping hippie, from a deep-blue state that has more gun rights than Texas.

      • 45B20

        Leftists with guns is why there is a Second Amendment

        • Dave The Great

          Yep, the second amendment was indeed written by leftists with guns.

          • Ethan

            Extreme leftists for that day and age.

            I think a more accurate paradigm today would be Statists vs Libertines – two categories that transcend the old Liberal VS Conservative false dichotomy and the media machine that feeds it. There are plenty of Statist conservatives, and more than a few Libertine liberals.

            At the end of the day there seem to be just two kinds of people: Those who value liberty, and those who value control.

      • nadnerbus

        If KTVU was in any way similar to Fox News Channel in their reporting bias, I might watch it once in a while. They are the standard center left that most news agencies are.

  • Mister Thomas

    So the animation for a promotion to a news story doesn’t show a real rifle? … Okay. So, what in the actual news story is incorrect?

    • Nicholas Chen

      If they can’t fact check a simple commercial, I don’t have high hopes for the rest of the program.

    • BattleWagon

      If you don’t know what your talking about, its probably best to not say anything at all.

      • Grindstone50k

        When has that stopped anybody ever?

      • whskee

        Welcome to the internet. You must be new here 😉

        • Ethan

          I spit a little coffee when reading that..

    • lucusloc

      Without seeing the actual report I cannot say exactly what is wrong with it, but given the quality of other productions in the same genre I am going to predict it is 95% BS.

      Even in just this one commercial the have an inaccuracy, because the officer implies that having a traceable a weapon helps police solve crime. I know of no case, ever, where having the ability to trace the weapon was the key to solving the crime, and doubt there are even any cases where having a weapons trace contributed ancillary evidence. (I am of course ignoring “illegal transfer of property” cases, such as straw buying, where the only crime is an illegal transfer.)

      Even in the Fast and furious “case,” where weapons traces routinely help us show the illegal actions of our government, do not help solve the murders. All they do is show who provided the weapon to the murderer.

  • Menger40

    We need to close the 80% V2 gearbox loophole!

  • Ethan

    Statists gonna state…

  • Don Ward

    It happens all the time. We had the kerfuffle a couple days ago here at TFB where half the comments section were debating about the Beretta used in advertising in the Paris Mayor story Nathaniel posted, whether it was 9mm Para, 7.65 ACP or something else. When in all reality it was probably just some random gun photo the ad designer lifted from a stock images file.

    • Don Ward

      I’m going to add on to my statement here that a lot of mistakes happen in the rush to get something produced by deadline. I’ve been the editor or lead reporter for a handful of small local newspapers and a reporter or contributor to a couple larger ones. When you have joint collaborative efforts by various individuals of differing skill sets, stuff happens.

      Looking at the promo, I’m guessing that the news agency simply ran the schematics given to them by whatever law enforcement agency or non-profit has a beef with “untraceable” guns. It’s part of the sausage making of news where you lift portions of your story from press releases/materials given to you by the subjects in the interview. Should news agencies be a little more diligent when it comes to this practice? You’re darn right they should but it doesn’t always happen.

      I love TFB all day to Sunday and am very pleased with the product. But as someone who comes from a background of churning out news stories, I do notice that TFB is very reliant on rehashing press releases or repeating news stories that get published elsewhere without verifying their veracity. And 99 percent of the time it’s fine.

      But on occasion you get stories like the “pink Glock” or the new M9A3 getting canned (or is it?) or the Polish Grandmother training with a submachine gun where… oops… even a website with gun experts misidentifies an Airsoft weapon.

      Thanks for the correction TFB btw. Thumbs up.

      There are times to just shrug things off. And there are times to be pedantic about every single misuse of the term gun, bullet, clip, slide lock or spelling air.

      Personally, I’m more concerned about the subject matter of that particular news report than playing the “Gotcha” game over a misuse of terminology. Too many times gun guys seem to take on an error of superiority when it comes down to parsing language and feeling smug and scoring cheap points when someone uses the term assault weapon, assault rifle or automatic incorrectly.

      Edit: This may be a double post because Disqus has held up my previous comment that linked that TFB article. My apologies.

      • Nicholas Chen

        Actually a friend of mine, ex-KWA employee spotted it. They took an exploded view image from a KWA instruction manual and animated it. The animation isn’t somehong someone stumbled across. Someone had to knowingly take that image and then animate it.

        • Don Ward

          I guess the point would be who animated it? Was it the TV studio? Or the group worried about untraceable lowers?

          And honestly, I’m far more concerned about the content of the news story and crafting an argument about why the AR “80 percent lowers” shouldn’t be traceable than the “Aha, gotcha” on that Airsoft animation.

  • Joe

    Has the TFB reached out to WTVU or to any other news agency for that matter. I think you could put some egg on the networks face, if the TFB (who is an authority in the firearms world) pointed this out.

  • Grindstone50k

    And has loaded the mag into a WE GBB M4 the wrong way.

  • sam

    The thing you circled is the thirty caliber magazine clip. It gets dispensed in under half a second.

    • Kyle_D

      I believe its also a crucial component of the barrel shroud, otherwise known as the “the shoulder thing that goes up”

  • nadnerbus

    Ah KTVU, reminding me why I don’t bother watching local news anymore these days. Must be sweeps week. These little specials on “alarming” subjects always pop up when the ratings push is in full effect. And they always plug it for the whole news hour and then don’t run it until the end of the show, to keep you watching all the other junk that you don’t care about.

    I think last year or the year before, it was Leland “the gun runner” Lee being interviewed for the scare segment on “easily convertible” bullet button semi autos. I don’t recall them making a follow up special on Lee’s attempt to sell RPGs and machine guns to a fictional Filipino terror group.

    • “Something in your refrigerator could kill you instantly. Stay tuned for the news at 11 to find out what it is!”

      • Don Ward

        Damn it. I’m eating cookies and need a refill on the milk. Now I’m worried whether my .357 Magnum is is enough gun or should I load the .44 Magnum?

        Eff it. If you never see me again at TFB, you all know what happened.

  • natshare

    Pretty sad, that that’s a Fox affiliated news station! It is, however, in Commiefornia, which explains their confusion!

  • Don Ward

    Nor should they get a pass. I one hundred percent agree. I just wanted to describe the very human element in news production because the same producers will have a story about salmon habitat next on their plate, or the next snow storm or the cute cat that dances when Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is played. When you report the news, mistakes are made and you can’t be a 100 percent expert on everything you cover.

    However, I’m more concerned about the story talking about 80 percent lowers which, if I type in the words “80 percent lowers” in the Google machine, gives me a company bragging about selling “ghost gun parts” as the first hit.

    They ARE coming after the guys who are making ARs (and other guns) which are untraceable and have no serial numbers/are unregistered. And it behooves the gun community to have its act together with arguments at the ready to explain in reasonable terms why this is a bad thing. Because the secret is out.

    As for the Airsoft, yay for us, we got a cheap layup. But as I mentioned, even a website filled with gun experts whom I love to death here at TFB has made the mistake of thinking an Airsoft is a real weapon. Although the guys here corrected their picayune error.

  • Anonymous

    As they say at 4chan,
    >implying the typical journalism major knows the difference between real guns and airsoft toys
    >implying any of them that knows there is a difference cares about such a minor detail
    >implying that this won’t be trumpeted ’round the world anyway, as it suits their narrative
    >implying “fake but accurate” hasn’t been their standard for generations
    >implying implications