UTM RBT Civilian Training Ammunition (CTA) Now Available!

Who here has had the, ahem, pleasure of simunitions training? If you haven’t been in place where that was part of your training or work-up, you now have the ability as a civilian to partake… In all seriousness, it is a great training aid.

UTM (founded in 2000 with a mission to provide a safe training ammunition) joined with Phoenix RBT Solutions (in 2010) to develop a program for training military and law enforcement. And they now have put together a kit that anyone can buy–the CTA Target Shooting Kit.

With lower velocities and projectile weight, the Civilian Target Ammunition (CTA) is designed for complete safety and reliability, bringing target practice with your weapon to a whole new level – without the need for a range and free from live fire restrictions. The CTA utilizes the same core technology the U.S. Military, Special Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies have been using in their operational weapons during training for nearly a decade.

The CTA Target Shooting Kit Includes:

• 1 UTM RBT Universal AR-15 Style Bolt Carrier Group Conversion – No Gunsmithing
• 1 Magazine (5 Round)
• 100 Rounds of UTM RBT Civilian Target Ammunition (CTA)
• 1 Bottle of Gun Lubricant
• 3 UTM RBT Paper Targets with Nylon Coated Vinyl Holder
• 1 Steel Projectile Trap (fits behind target)
• 1 Projectile Puller
• 2 Bungee Cord Target Holders

Ammunition $29.50 per box of 50 Rounds. (Which sadly is now cheaper than M855)


• Virtually NO weapon fouling, Non-Toxic, Lead Free, Environmentally Friendly!
• Normal weapon function, recoil and realistic & consistent cyclic rates
• Train those new to firearms in weapon safety and basics
• Replace dry fire and enhance live fire practice for professional & recreational shooters
• Improve your skills & proficiency safely with your own weapon: accuracy, trigger & breath control, sight alignment, clearing malfunctions, magazine reloads and more…


• Plastic projectile weighs less than 1 gram
• Average velocity of 375 fps at the muzzle
• Outstanding Short Range Accuracy, .223/5.56mm ammunition = 30mm (1.18”) group at 30m/32yds (mean radius)
• Noise Level – 113db
• No Gunpowder – primer actuated systems
• UNIQUE patented, proprietary and exclusive dual primer system and projectile driving band system.
• The UTM RBT Civilian Target Ammunition (CTA) Conversion WILL NOT fire standard .223/5.56mm live rounds because of its offset firing pin design
• Cartridge technology has over a 99% reliability as certified by the U.S. Army’s Picatinny Arsenal
• For more Information or to order now go to https://utmworldwide.com/civilian-target-ammunition/

Tom is a former Navy Corpsman that spent some time bumbling around the deserts of Iraq with a Marine Recon unit, kicking in tent flaps and harassing sheep. Prior to that he was a paramedic somewhere in DFW, also doing some Executive Protection work between shifts. Now that those exciting days are behind him, he has embraced his inner “Warrior Hippie” and assaults 14er in his sandals and beard, or engages in rucking adventure challenges while consuming craft beer. To fund these adventures, he writes medical software and builds websites and mobile apps. His latest venture is as one of the founders of IronSights.com; a search engine for all things gun related. He hopes that his posts will help you find solid gear that will survive whatever you can throw at it–he is known (in certain circles) for his curse…ahem, ability…to find the breaking point of anything.


  • Nehemiah Sconiers

    I am wonder if my neighbors would care if I fired these off in the backyard. I don’t really have access to an outdoor range, though in florida it is legal to fire a firearm on your property in a safe manner.

    • David p

      Would your neighbor cared if you fired a BB gun or paintball gun. You could talk to your neighbors about it and you could fire away from their house aka towards yours. Those two things would probably go a long way

      • Nehemiah Sconiers

        True, I am unaware of how loud they are. If it sounds like a real gun, i doubt my neighbors would like that, but if its like a BB guns then it probably wouldn’t be an issue.

        • Davd p

          Noise level is listed at 113db. I am assuming that is for a 16+” barrel. If memory serves me correct that is around the same as a semi auto 22lr.

          • JumpIf NotZero

            No. Not even close. 113 would be a suppressed 22lr. Unsuppressed 22lr is closer to 135-140-145db depending on rifle/pistol/host.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I was surprised after doing force on force with these how little noise they made. There is no gun powder at all. The whole thing works by igniting two primers on to eject the case and one to propel the round.

      They are dirty than I expected. But I WILL be buying these after using the full UTM version. Much cleaner, more accurate, cheaper, and more readily convertible than Simunition.

      • Nehemiah Sconiers

        If they are that quiet, I am definitely interested.

      • Doc Rader

        That is good to hear! I’m going to have to give UTM a try. I’ve only ever used full sims.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          I’ve used both and imo, it’s no contest. You and I both know that you know when you get hit, so the large splatter from sims is kind of unwanted imo. The accuracy alone makes UTM the go-to I think.

    • MR

      If you’re inside city limits, you may need to check local ordinances for specific wording. These fire from “real” firearms, and may run afoul of laws against discharging firearms inside city limits.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Who here has had the, ahem, pleasure of simunitions training?

    Ha, an inside joke that I get. Your pretty much right.

    First shot I took was low light room clearing, coming up some stairs, dude popped out, took a shot right in my knee, tore my jeans and left a welt, I still have a scar there. Next round I took about 1/2 a second later was into my cup which I’m glad I had. I think the civilian stuff is 1/2 the velocity but it’s still no joke. You will bleed.

    If anyone wants to get to the Boise area, some friends run a facility called Foward Movement, you can get excellent training there from very qualified people. UTM included.

    • Doc Rader

      Yeah, Good fun. You definitely knew when you were hit. Definitely a step up from “airsoft” training… 🙂

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Airsoft with the right instructor, and scenario can be fine. But the accuracy is non-sense compared to UTM. I probably would run airsoft in my own home, but wouldn’t likely do UTM as I’d be having to paint afterwards 🙂

    • darthcoder

      Can’t be much worse than pain-ball.

  • santi

    I think I have been waiting nearly my entire “self aware” life for this news to come.

  • Will

    As a Simunitions instructor, for a mid-west law enforcement agency, I shed more blood there than any other training in 31+ years.
    I would NEVER have a student act the part of the bad guy. I often regretted that decision.
    It is a really good training aide.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I’ve been aggressor in force on force. Yea, it’s not as fun as it sounds. Although with the right gear it’s not the worst. Low light sucks only because lights, forearms, and hands get hit the most, wasn’t expecting that at first.

  • Bill

    Um, are we sure that this is for force-on-force training? If so they would be packaging face guards instead of paper targets and a steel trap. Some agencies like marking rounds for use in scenario areas where live rounds can’t be used. like power plants, aircraft and such. A couple companies have produced ammo just for that.

    The last Sims hit I took looked exactly like a cigarette burn and took at least 6 months to heal.

    • MR

      Well, they’re not going to be telling civilians to shoot at other people with their products. Even the couple of “el cheapo” airsoft guns I have, say in the instructions not to shoot at people or animals. Kind of a “CYA, we have no control over what the end user does with our products” deal.

    • John

      NOT for Force-on-Force. Target Shooting Only,

  • Andy B

    Pretty sure this is the non-marking stuff. It’s just a plastic projectile for shooting the targets that come with the set. If it was the marking rounds I would be in.

    • John

      Yup, non marking version

  • The proprietary bolt carrier is all well and good, but will these new UTM rounds chamber and function without it? I’m thinking: what if I want to shoot UTM .223 in something other than an AR-15 platform?

    • MR

      You would need to find or fashion some kind of rimfire conversion bolt for your chosen firearm, at a minimum.

      • Rimfire? I thought these were “primer actuated?”

        • John

          Rimfire for sure, will only work with UTM Bolt

  • noguncontrol

    what about for handguns?