… and a few AR-15s and one M1A thrown in for good measure. Torey wrote …

Range day with friends before the cold snap in the south.

BCM 16″ ELW w/Mod 0 comp. 13″ KMR
Polish kit AKM
Bulgarian kit Krinkov
Arsenal 107CR SBR
Springfield M1A Scout w/USGI stock and flash suppressor
BCM 14.5″ pinned Battle comp. 13″ DD Rail
BCM 14.5″ pinned Mod 1 comp. 13″ KMR, Aimpoint Pro

Yes, the SBR’s have stamps.




  • Hikerguy

    I’d imagine it was a fine day of shooting. Hope you enjoyed it!

  • Very nice!

  • Lance

    Looks sweet. Love the Polish AKM wood is so pretty. YOu forgot to mention your M-1A scout Squad looks nice too.

  • Nice suchka!

  • Weaponized_Hotdog

    Any thoughts on the Manticore Arms brake on the AKM? Thinking about getting one…….

    • Tcmass

      Great job mitigating recoil and rattling bystanders teeth.

  • ManBear

    Nice HDR photos! 🙂