Machine Pattern #4 from Lone Wolf Dist.

Meeee likey (but then again, I like GLOCKs). Lone Wolf Distributing sent out some wonderful photos of their Machine Pattern #4. The new pattern keeps the aggressive cocking serrations, adding some great ribbing to the top of the slide.

Description courtesy of LoneWolf:

Machine Pattern #4 includes some of the most frequently demanded aesthetics. By implementing linear cuts on the top and sides of the slide and porting forward of the ejection port, the slide is made lighter. Also included is 45 degree cuts on the right, left, and rear of the slide which will give your pistol a more modern custom look.

All machine cuts are exclusive to LWD stainless steel slides.

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Additional machine patterns are also available.


Lone Wolf's first three slide patterns.

Lone Wolf’s first three slide patterns.

Slides are available now for $175 for the machining only. To complete the package, the base slides start at $209.

Nathan S

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  • dan citizen

    Coming to action movies and sci fi films soon.

    • Dirty Dan

      A two-tone Tron slide, maybe?

      • Gary Oldman

        Or some small ghosts chasing around a Pac Man?

      • gunslinger

        took the words right out of my…fingertips?

  • Don Ward

    More bling for Gary the Glock.

    • sam

      You ain’t even my real dad!

  • Bill

    wow. what started out as a blocky, utilitarian pistol, the equivalent of the S&W Model 10 revolver, has sure, um, “developed.” I’ve said it before, the GLOCK is one of those rare guns that you can actually build with no actual GLOCK parts, though may 1911’s and ARs might fall into that category, almost.

    Apparently just the slide would cost about the same as the entire factory pistol

    • Kroll

      The Ruger 22/45 and 10/22 also fall into this category.

    • dan citizen

      Actually, I can think of hundreds of firearms that can be built without glock parts.

  • Beavis

    Huh-huh, cool.

  • sam

    Bleh. Defiled perfection.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Bleh. Guilded turd.

      Fixed it for you. 🙂

  • MR

    I’m assuming the black factory slides aren’t stainless? That’d look kinda cool with the two-tone. Not sure that it’s $384 cool, unless you need a new slide anyway.

    • MR

      Kind of “90s billet street-rod” cool with the ball-millwork and whatnot. Need a teal frame to go with it.

  • Leo

    Overengineered much?

  • Ratcraft

    as a machinist of over 20 years, I don’t see why anyone would want a pistol to look like this? Isn’t ridding the gun of all signs of machine work the goal? It looks like a bunch of aluminum scrap from tooling set up….

  • Phillip Cooper

    So, let’s lighten the slide, which is a tuned part of the action (weight) and sell it for a premium price.

    This will be seen soon on a rap music CD cover.

    • Pseudo

      Many modifications available for Glock Brand Glawks essentially require you to replace other components to compensate. I don’t see that as much of a drawback, honestly. I just think they look terrible.

  • Weaponized_Hotdog

    Perfect for those cold mall mornings or, you know, zombies, etc……:

  • Mystick

    Wow…. look at all those nooks and crannies for dirt to hide and snag on holsters…