Llama Pressin Double Barreled AOW

I found these images in a Facebook group but the person who posted them did not know their origins and was trying to find more information.

Looking at the images below it looks like the circular button may be a safety. I think you hold it like a knife handle and your fingers wrap around the textured black portion. Then you would squeeze the black handle to fire the AOW.



If any of you readers knows more information about this interesting weapon, please comment below.

Edit: Thanks to our readers we have more info. It is a Llama Pressin pistol. It was produced from 1978-1995. It was chambered in 7.65×15. Made in Spain. Only 1000 units were produced.

You can find more information here.

Nicholas C

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  • Javier Soria

    This is a spanish gun, the invention of a military (Juan Bautista Uriarte del Rio) in the late 70s and early 80s. It´s a last resource gun. Its name is Pressin and you can find a lot of information and pictures in the red

  • J.J

    I like the locking block. This gun Seems pretty nifty.

  • Andrew

    It’s a Llama Pressin pistol, chambered in 7.65x15mm (shortened version of 7.65x17mm, in hopes that ammo would be unavailable if it fell into the wrong hands.) 1,000 units were produced in Spain from 1978-1995. Originally designed for special agents, to bypass metal detectors along with pocket contents placed into baskets, as it resembled a pair of eyeglasses when inside its case. Check out the “luxury model” on the page below.

    • gunslinger


      • Andrew

        Tried posting it several times, when I post a link it says it has to be approved by TFB first. Search for Llama Pressin pistol and the page is www dot littlegun dot info

    • Nicholas Chen

      Thanks. I just googled it and found the link

      • BryanS

        It reads like a bad translation.

  • Razor92

    General Uriarte was decided to design this weapon, because in Spain, at the end of the years 70 terrorist groups ETA and GRAPO carried out several kidnappings of personalities. According to him, if perhaps passed the first moments of confusion, the kidnapped one had had a weapon that, hides in a cover of glasses and with no need to extract it could shoot.

  • phuzz

    I guess not many people know about Google’s Image search:
    Go to google, click on Image in the top right, click the camera icon and paste in the url of the image you want to identify.
    You’ll then get shown all the sites that have that image, or a similar one.

    In this case, the first result is a site with lots of information about this gun.

    • BryanS

      Which, could result in a lot of people never seeing this gun. Better to ask and stir up commenting than to feed the google machine.

      • phuzz

        Good point, but it’s a useful tool to know about just in case.

  • Zebra Dun

    Updated Welrod pistol.

  • Bill

    I’d leave it on my desk, mistake it for a stapler, and shoot my own hand trying to staple a crash report together.

    Reminds me of the scene in the movie “The Fifth Element” about never pressing the red button, or something

  • BryanS

    Funky. I want one.

  • the ammo addict

    This is way cooler than a Stinger pengun. Someone in the U.S. needs to build something like it. With only a $5 transfer, I’m sure you could sell a couple of hundred.

    • BryanS

      still a $200 fee to make your own. Boo.

      • the ammo addict

        Sadly your are correct, the making tax is $200 regardless of whether you are a company making it for resale or an individual making it for yourself. For a manufacturer, it just gets passed along and incorporated into the retail price of the product. Honestly, even in a small run, I could see the tax being the most expensive part of this thing for the manufacturer. Adding another $200 for a transfer would kill it for sure, but with the transfer being only $5, I think the math can work and it would be profitable for a company to make a run of at least a hundred of these cool little things.

        • BryanS

          Would I pay $200 for one? Maybe. Would I pay $200 in tax stamps, plus the cost of the gun?

          Hell. No.

          Infringement via taxation there. You may have your right, if you can afford the tax.

  • UltimoCartucho.es

    This gun is known in Spain with the nickname ‘stapler’.

  • snoopycomputer

    Have you seen my 7.65×15 red Swingline?