Angstadt Arms UDP-9 Glock Mag 9mm PDW


Angstadt Arms debuted their new UDP-9 PDW (personal defense weapon) at the 2015 SHOT Show. The new UDP-9 is chambered in 9mm and accepts Glock magazines. It features a 7075-T6 billet aluminum lower and upper receiver, flared magwells, an oversized trigger guard and a threaded bolt catch screw. It also has a last round bolt hold open feature on an empty magazine and their 9mm bolt assembly works with a standard AR-15 hammer. The barrel is 6″ and is chrome moly with a 1/10 twist and a standard A2 flash hider. The UDP-9 has an overall length of 21″ and weights in under 5lbs. Pricing is TBD, they’ll be available in spring of 2015. Check out for more info.

Its compact size makes it ideal for home defense, security detail, law enforcement and anywhere space is at a premium. With models available for both prepared citizens, law enforcement officers and military personnel, the UDP-9 is easily configurable for any application. Available spring of 2015. Patent Pending.

UDP-9 Features

– 7075-T6 billet aluminum lower and upper receiver with a matte black hard-coat anodized finish
– Flared magwell for faster reloads, integrated, oversized trigger guard and a threaded bolt catch screw
– Last round bolt hold open on an empty magazine
– Slick side upper receiver with appropriately sized ejection port and no froward assist or dust cover
– 9mm bolt assembly for use with a standard AR-15 hammer. Compatible with both GLOCK and Colt 9mm AR-15’s
– 6” 9mm barrel in chrome moly with a 1/10 twist, black phosphate finish and A2 style flash suppressor
– B5 Systems pistol grip
– ODIN Works 5.5” free float keymod hand guard with continuous top picatinny rail and mounting positions at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.
– Weight: Sub 5lbs
– Length: 21″

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  • wetcorps

    PDW? B-but, it’s just a pistol with a brace!
    Do they want the ATF to notice or something?

    • JackRyan

      PDW isn’t legally defined. They can call it whatever they want, but yes, it is classified as a pistol. You could call a Glock 19 a PDW if your marketing dept wanted to.

  • Amsdorf

    This won’t end well.

    • BattleshipGrey

      If the price is right, it’ll end well for people in states that allow ( I hate to use that word) for NFA.

  • Nicks87

    Glockazines? +1

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Magpul Glockazines, good timing on their part. But I think overall it’s a few years too late. There is going to be quite a bit of 9mm carbine competition this year.

      • Nicks87

        I agree, MagPul shouldve hopped on to that band wagon a long time ago.

      • Dave

        *cough* palmetto state armory ones for 600 *cough*

  • echelon

    If companies were smart they’d pool their resources and file some sort of class action lawsuit or something against the ATF over the brace debacle.

    I just can’t see anyone buying these things now that you could potentially find yourself at the mercy of the King’s Justice for shouldering the freaking thing…

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Overall nice. But it appears to be blowback which in an AR platform I would expect all the issues of a typical 9mm AR. A lot of recoil compared to delayed designs, which you might not notice usually because of the extra weight but could be noticeable this being 5lbs, and I would expect more than desirable blowback unless their bolt/carrier is stupid heavy in which case see recoil again.

    Looks good, but I’m think this released in 2008 would have been much more unique.

  • 45B20

    when they come out with a PCP-PDW in 10mm I’ll take notice

    • jason

      And make aftermarket extended mags for the 10mm as well!

  • Vitsaus

    Should have been made to take P226 magazines.

    • Nicks87

      Why? Because you have a P226? Makes sense.

  • Ed

    Hmm, I wonder how this will this compare with the Lone Wolf G9, the Thureon carbine, or the Just Right carbine, which all take glock magazines.

  • noguncontrol

    they should make one in 7.63 mauser or 7.62×25 tok.

  • HM

    Or you could just buy a Glock.