Photographer Daniel Fernandez sent us this striking photo of his Rainier Arms AR-15. Daniel wrote …

That rifle is a Rainier Arms combat series with a 14.5” mid gas barrel and Fortis mid cutout rails.  The Rainier XTC was pinned and welded, but looks absolutely fantastic.  The rest of the furniture was a Magpul ACS and Moe + grip.   I topped it all off with a Primary Arms micro red dot.

All in all, I have to say that Rainier Arms has fantastic QC as everything was lined up great and ran perfect out of the box.  If I had to do one thing differently, I would have gone with a lightweight barrel, but it is a great rifle none the less.



  • echelon

    Quite similar to mine.

    16″ Rainer upper with mid length and XTC. 15″ Fortis Rev forend.

    I went with MFT grip and minimalist stock though. Also topped with the Primary arms dot.

    I’m a lefty so mine sits on a SanTan Tactical STT-15 Billet lower that is completely ambi along with a Rainer Raptor charging handle.

    I personally like the profile and weight of the barrel on mine and I still consider it super light. Everyone that handles and shoots it is amazed at how light it is and how soft shooting it is.

    • North Polar

      Rainier really does make a hell of a rifle. I have to agree on them being incredibly soft shooting guns. The one in the photo came with a DD barrel since it was made before Rainier started doing their own barrels.

      The only reason I was thinking a lightweight or other profile was to bring more weight till the receiver. I like my rifles butt heavy though.

      I’m actually switching away from the Magpul grip and stocks to the new model DD stuff. The rubber texture works great for shooting with gloves, and considering I live in Alaska a good chunk of my shooting is in glove weather.

  • Giolli Joker

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