Coming Soon: Kalashnikov Competition 12-Gauge

The TFB staff meticulously combs through SHOT Show, but somehow we missed this little gem: Kalashnikov USA has shown a competition-oriented 12-gauge shotgun. Twitter user ArmedResearch pictured the red gun* on display in the RWC/Kalashnikov booth. Immediately obvious is the new forearm and the gargantuan left-side charging handle.

Only a few specifications were published at the show. They reported that it was an 18″ barrel with an aggressive brake and weighed in at only 9.12 lbs.

Capture 2

*Whether the pun was intended or not, I will leave it up to you

Nathan S

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  • MR

    Guess we gotta wait for some American company to copy those, now? Or Russia to return to its borders, I don’t see that happening soon.

    • totenglocke

      No, this is Kalashnikov USA, which is a recently started company and is fully capable of selling these firearms in the US.

      Edit – As for the embargo, I’d love to see how furious Americans would be if every nation we unjustly invade / threaten / bomb enacted embargoes against us. Hell, we’d have almost no one left to do business with except for a few nations in Europe.

      • Death2Social Justice Warriors

        If I had a mass genocide for every time I heard that….

        (I’d have Europe, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine…)

        • Cope

          What the hell is that supposed to mean?

          • MR

            It’s a head-scratcher, alright.

  • nub nub

    ugly as hell

    • Zugunder

      That’s last thing I would care about if I see one of those in the hands of bad guy.

  • totenglocke

    I don’t necessarily care for the color scheme, but damn do I want one!

  • I wonder if it takes normal Saiga mags. The lower part certainly looks right.

  • toms

    I seriously doubt they are making this 100% in house. I seriously doubt any of it is made in house. We won’t be seeing these unless saiga imports return.

  • Jeff

    Kalashnikov USA is not a part of Kalashnikov concern.

    It’s some jerk that bought the rights to the name Kalashnikov for us soil.

    This is a big marketing scam. These are not actual Slav designed rifles , they are American copies under the name kalshnikov.

    It would be like century suddenly telling everyone they are Official Kalashnikov weapons


    • MR

      And Armalite isn’t really Armalite. Think I’ll judge each company based on performance, rather than whether they’re actually related to who they’re named after.

      • MR

        Rigby isn’t Rigby, Remington and Colt are only “kinda/sorta” related to their former selves, General Motors is a thin shell of a poor excuse for what it once was.

    • Ed

      Except Century apparently didn’t think to check if the copyright to the Kalashnikov name was available in the US, or they would have snapped it up and done the same.

    • FourString

      Really? Even the logo is the same wtf that’s sceary

    • TDog

      Dang… most of the time you hear folks complaining about cheap Chinese knock-offs. This is the first time I’ve heard of a cheap American knock off of a Russian item… what in the hell is this world coming to?

      • Scott P

        High labor costs, high taxes, complex construction, lack of experts in AK building, and the lack of machinery to build them consistently as well en masse with zero quality control issues puts them well above what people would be willing to pay for them because to them it is “Commie crap”.

        And there have been plenty of U.S. assemblers before RWC that have folded or already out there building junk like:

        I.O. Inc.
        James River
        Waffen Werks
        Petronovich Arms
        Ohio Rapid Fire
        Iron Clad Armory
        Black Horse Arsenal

        Just to name a few and they can’t build AK’s either. All out of spec crap. Maybe if people got over the whole “AK’s should be less than AR’s” then we will see start seeing quality U.S. manufacturing on the AK design in this country flourish.

  • M

    Honestly, i really want to see a company churn out an affordable, and as true to the original as possible, AKM/AK-47 clone without taking shortcuts or their own “take/spin/interpretation” of the ak. (Looking at you centurion 39…)

    • Scott P

      Won’t happen until people get over the mindset of AK’s should cost less than AR’s so I won’t be holding my breath for that to change.

      I already explained above other reasons that hold us back from doing so.

  • spencer60

    For anyone that want’s one, that handguard is a Carolina Shooting Supply part (or at least that where I got mine for my VEPR) painted red.

  • Guest

    I think it wait until Milwaukee releases a Fuel version.

  • Mike Price

    It probably works better than that over priced piece of junk Russian Vepr 12 if it is made here. I’m sure we can make a better shotgun than any foreign company. Just get a Benelli or the New Mossberg and it will feed everything you put in it unlike the Vepr.

    • salty

      ummmm, that is a ridiculous opinion… they are the best thing goin, literally….

      as far as kcusa, price is everything…. if they make a cheap one im down, if they jus over priced tapco hosts i shall skip…

      • Mike Price

        Not opinion, fact. Brother bought one and it wouldn’t feed any loads other than high brass slugs. Read the forum’s. After paying $950 for the thing you have to change out the springs, polish the bolt, change gas port valve to make one work right that will feed all loads. Your going to spend about $400 to do all of that. Why bother. Just buy one that will work out of the box. I paid $700 for my M1 Benelli and it feeds everything. $600 for a Mossberg Watchdog and it runs like a sewing machine on all loads.

  • Gregory Markle

    …until the government banned imports they were the exclusive importer for Kalashnikov Concern, now nobody is because they are unimportable. Interesting that you can make judgements about their quality without ever having viewed their final product, one has to wonder which competitor you are working for that makes this move by them bunch your panties so much.

    BTW, I do not work for them or any other firearm manufacturer I just think that their products should be judged on their merits when they hit the market not by uninformed slurs hurled on the internet.

    Also BTW, their preproduction models looked good when I tried them out in July…both their AK rifles and the shotguns in this article. The shotty handled MUCH better than I expected and the muzzle break did a hell of a job reducing recoil.

  • doorsofjericho

    damn this looks impressive. its got that nerd video game look but its still an ak. so it has to work. i dont know why but now im thinking about those new school porn stars with tattoos and glasses..