Ruger 22/45 Lite Muddy Girl


Ruger and Davidson’s have collaborated on another gun sporting the Muddy Girl camo pattern. This time the pistol is the 22/45 Lite pistol.

Other than the pink camo finish, the gun looks a lot like the recently introduced 22/45 with a blue finish that is a standard part of the Ruger catalog. Both guns feature shark gill like cuts in the barrel shroud and a Picatinny rail for adding an optic. Both guns come with adjustable iron sights.

In November, Davidson’s announced a pair of exclusive LCP and LC9 handguns with the same Muddy Girl finish. The Muddy Girl camo pattern is made by Moon Shine and is found on an increasing number of firearms.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • JumpIf NotZero

    Ruger… You might want to course correct.

  • Gary Busey

    Pink frame? Must be ‘shopped.

  • Fruitbat44

    Muddy Girl, great name. I’m not sure it’s a great look though.

  • Vitsaus

    Yet another finish marketed to what guys think their girlfriend/wife likes with out asking her first. Female shooters want to be taken seriously, this disney princess approach to guns just perpetuates the perception of backwardness in the hobby and sport. Behind the gun counter only about 1/10th of female gun purchasers ask for anything other than black, even when there are pink/purple/red etc… options.

    • Randy

      One-tenth of female gun purchasers…

      Is this a WAG, or is there actual data to support this claim?

      • Vitsaus

        Just working at a handful of dealers for about a decade. I think I saw maybe a total of 3 women ever actually buy a firearm with pink or similar coloration on it. The scenario usually went along the following lines: Guy walks in with his girl, tells her she should get a .380 of some kind or some small revolver with pink grips. Woman puts them in her hand, does like them, doesn’t like the pink either. Guy tries to push them on her. Girl holds Glock 19 or Smith and Wesson L fame, loves it, finds them easier to hold, operate, etc.. Guy continues to push the pink and/or semi auto pocket .380 on her. But no, I never sent out a survey or anything like that.

        • Randy

          Oh, okay.

    • CrassyKnoll

      That’s the way I tend to look at it too. If I had a daughter I doubt I’d buy her this version, and if I brought one home for my wife she’d look at me like I’d lost my mind.

      But I assume the marketing people must know people that I don’t.

      And given all the things I flip past when sitting in front of the boob tube I suspect there are all types that I don’t know a thing about…

    • Andy

      My girlfriend’s daughter loves anything pink and she would much prefer a pink gun over a black one. She’s not alone as I have a niece and a friend’s daughter who are the same. If they want a pink gun and a pink gun is more likely to get them into shooting, then why not give them one? If they are excited about their pink gun they’re more likely to show pictures of it to friends and thus possibly expand the sport even more.
      There is a market for guns other than black. It’s not as large as the black gun market, but the segment of the population(mostly young girls) that is likely to buy a pink gun is the exact segment we need to focus on getting into the shooting sports. The more young women that get into shooting the larger our sport becomes and the less likely we are to have our rights taken away.

  • Porty1119

    My girlfriend despises nearly anything pink. Including this.

    • Manitoba Mark

      I guess it’s “lights off” in the bedroom at your house. 🙂

      • Porty1119

        We’re college students and not cohabitating, so there’s not a lot of that going on 🙂

        • Vitsaus

          Be careful, when “there’s not a lot of that going on” is how they talk you in to cohabitating… then suddenly you find that there’s even less of “that” going on.

        • Lathario