Rob Ski Unboxes A Century RAS-47 AK

Rob Ski, founder of the AK Operator’s Union, has posted a review of the newest American-made Century AK, the RAS-47. This is a follow-on to Century’s C39 Centurion rifle, differing in its stamped receiver. Rob wastes no time in taking the rifle apart to show, in detail, both the good and bad aspects of the gun:

As a former owner of a Century kit-built M70B1, this is all very familiar. Century’s an odd company, chronically suffering from cost-cutting and quality control issues. They do make good guns, but their quality is inconsistent. Rob identifies some good and bad points about the new rifle:

Good:  Includes side rail, good recoil spring, tight fitted handguards, Century trigger, rifle has nice finish, 4140 ESS chrome-moly nitrided barrel, threading on slant brake looks good, and it has the standard AK buttstock mounting

Bad:  Top cover rattles, cast recoil rod, 1.6mm non-standard receiver stamping, thicker nonstandard trunnion, “paper clip” pin retainer, non-braided mainspring, and Century arms pistol grip

Rob also received some user feedback on the RAS-47 already, identifying some quality control issues, including canted front sight posts and proud rivets in the receiver that prevent the insertion of magazines.

I’ve so far been really impressed with Rob’s knowledge of the AK platform (a weaker area of mine), and his willingness to be forthright and honest in his reviews. This review is in my opinion a good example of that.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at


  • Pete Sheppard

    Thanks for the writeup. I’ve finally gotten the wants for an AK, so reviews like this are much appreciated.

    • I would definitely take a look at Rob’s channel, then.

      • Pete Sheppard

        I will!

    • Scott P

      Just buy a WASR and be done with it. Hammer forged chrome-lined barrel Made in Romania at their military arsenal not by Century trade school rejects.

      Being an AKM clone it will take everything on the aftermarket if you are in to customization since that is the AK model the U.S. market is centered around the most.

      • Pete Sheppard

        A WASR I came across started me on the AK want…there’s still the money thing, so in the meantime, I will scratch the itch by learning AK!

  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    This is the best on boxing video I’ve seen on a firearm ever. somebody that will systematically review what you’re getting and let you know what to look for in pros and cons its fantastic

  • Steve Truffer

    So its a yugo npap receiver with trunnions built for standard AK furniture?
    If they went so far as to use RPK thickness receivers, and proprietary trunnions, why not go all the way and make a “wolverine” (RPK with standard stock and AK length barrel) or outright RPK?
    Century’s designs have always baffled me.

    • I don’t think it’s an NPAP, don’t those have thinner receivers than this?

      • Steve Truffer

        NPAPs have 1.6mm thick recievers. All Yugo-pattern rifles use 1.6mm, and the NPAP was the only one to not use a bulged trunnion.

        • Nicholas Mew

          I thought the N-PAP uses a 1mm thick receiver? Thats the most accurate info I have found.

          • Steve Truffer

            When I was looking at getting my first AK (Decided to build it), I popped open some to get an idea of their differences. all the Yugo patterns had thicker recievers. The NPAP was Yugo, but lacked the bulged trunnions.

        • Dunno what’s going on, but I’ve definitely seen an NPAP with a 1mm receiver. ¯(°_o)/¯

          • Steve Truffer

            The one I held was most definitely thicker than the saiga next to it.

  • Jake

    While this seems to be a definite improvement over the C39, it still seems pretty far off the mark.

    I don’t understand why Century feels the need to delete standard AK features like a bayonet lug and a cleaning rod. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to incorporate these things. Moreover, what’s the point of a milled receiver AK that accepts AKM furniture ONLY if you hack it up?

    I’d imagine they would do better if they made standard AKM, AKMS, AK-47, and AK-47S models instead of these bizarre hybrids. If they do want to make a custom and non-traditional gun, why not go all the way and include other features like a Jim Fuller-ized gas block? I know they can make a good product, but right now the PSA AK looks like a much better deal than the RAS-47. Time will tell, I suppose.

    Disclaimer: I don’t dislike Century. I have a 10/63 that I absolutely adore. I just think they’re wasting a lot of potential with builds like this. (Picture attached is my Century gun.)

    • Yeah, I don’t dislike them either, but they make decisions I don’t understand. The fact that they’re still releasing rifles that have canted sights is ridiculous! Get a jig, already!

      • Jeremy Star

        I think that’s a patented Century “feature.”

        It’s not poor QA, we do it for authenticity!

      • “New from Century, a quality control team comprised of sober English speakers!” A man can dream…

  • M

    What’s wrong with the Century Arms pistol grip? Too small?

    • It feels too close to a steel i-beam for my tastes.

      • Anthoni Rossi

        I bought a Magpul grip before my ras came in the mail. I am kind of bummed out that I did. I actually kind of liked the stock grip. But that’s just me.

  • Anthoni Rossi

    I don’t care about crap like the cleaning rod, or bayonet lugs. I’m not a purist. And thing like the trunion and receiver being thicker, well that’s fine with me. Thicker is sturdier. So what if I have to file some material off of the hand-guards if I want them to fit. This isn’t an AR-15. You assemble an AR. You build an AK. Inconsistencies in quality are inexcusable though. If an AR or pistol company did that, they would be gone in less than a year. I don’t know why this is an epidemic in the AK world.