RailScales Serrated Aluminum and Titanium Handstops

RailScales recently posted their new serrated G10 S³ handstops (Serrated Scales Stop) on their Instagram page. They’ll be available in both M-Lok and KeMod configurations with the KeMod version coming out first. The aluminum version will weight in at .8oz and retail for $69. The titanium version will weight in a 1.3oz with pricing TBD. Check out Getrailscales.com for more info.

Finally!!! Our S³ handstops are ready for purchase. The G10 versions will be available first, on the website late next week. Aluminum and Ti will be available the following week.
Pricing and weights! The S³ retail pricing will be $69 for G10 or Aluminum, take your pick. The Serialized Titanium price will be announced in the coming days, it will include some extra goodies, watch for the detailed post.

Weights G10 – 0.6oz
Aluminum (6061) – 0.8oz
Titanium (6AL4V) – 1.3oz

After a long deliberation we decided to offer the Aluminum in the raw (sandblasted), leaving you to decide how to finish it. We have spent a lot time talking with friends, customers, etc as to what color, hard coat, paint, cerakote etc to offer, and about every response was something different. The Sand colored one was cerakoted and has held up nicely. In the future we might do a couple of anodized colors, Black and FDE. But we want to wait to get feedback from those that purchase to ultimately decide. We will be posting more details on each of the materials in the coming days as well as a comparison chart, showing how they stack up against each other

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  • Dirt

    What do these do that lighter, cheaper polymer handstops don’t?

    • Glenn Tan

      Cost more.

      • Vitsaus

        Beat me to it. No doubt some one will chime in about how unless you hang out with SEAL team 6, you’re too much of a gun philistine to understand that this thing on your gun can be the difference between life and death.

        • Dracon1201

          That’s alright, Magpul does it for less weight and less cost ala $24.95. True operators cannot resist Magpul.

  • Bill

    Can either of these newer attachment systems be adapted to Pic rails?

    • Dracon1201

      Not unless someone has a picatinny to keymod adapter I don’t know about.

  • Dolly

    So it’s a cast and sandblasted piece of aluminum for $69? The first online retailer of aluminum 6061 I found will sell you a piece of 3″x3″x12″ for just a hair over $60 bucks. That’s a hell of a lot of handstops.

    • Reader

      Right, but not everyone has a machine shop and the knowledge to use one so….

  • mike

    I already have one of these….I got it 2 years ago and it’s called a Grip Stop.