T Bone sent us this photo of his “Warren Tactical Series” 9mm. He writes …

Breaking in my new “Warren Tactical Series” 9mm Operator. What the hell is that? It’s basically a Springfield MC Operator chambered in 9mm per Scott Warren’s specs. All that Springfield 1911 goodness – rails, checkering, etc without that fugly target sight crap.

Looks good. Scott, thanksĀ for sharing.

springfield 9mm


  • Vitsaus

    I like it. Don’t own any 9mm 1911s but this one would be pretty nice I bet.

    • The Truth of the Matter

      If it runs as well as my .45 MC Operator, it’s a great pistol.

  • MPWS

    Neat gun. This is made by IMBEL, is it not? .

  • Cope

    I’m sure it’s a nice gun, but unless it’s a pocket rocket, is there really any point to a single stack 9?

    • Ross

      Those of us that LOVE 1911’s but really don’t care to shoot .45 in any real quantity. I am SOLD if this is in the Loaded series price range.

    • FourString

      1 word: California


    • Curious_G

      In general or a 1911? Assuming it is sorted and feeds properly, you get a softer shooting 1911 that holds more rounds and is cheaper to feed. Also “because”.

    • Attackguy64

      Yep, my wife is a tiny woman who is recoil sensitive. She has tiny hands that a single stack 9mm fits great. She also likes 1911 triggers as we all do.

  • WPZ

    “Tactical Operator 9mm 1911”
    Suffered a laughter injury.

  • Mark N.

    Wow! If I had $2000 of disposable income, I’d be sold on this. Even if I can’t shoot as well as Hickock.

  • Lt Donn

    I’ve said it before and will say it again…for 2,000 I’ll buy a Glock-19, 6 magazines, a case of ammo, a nice Conceal-X kydex holster, and put the rest in the bank

  • Squib Round

    A 9mm 1911 is a sweet shooting platform – don’t knock it till you try it! Awesome trigger, easy recoil and your ammo budget lasts a longer if you treat it like a bullet hose. Is it for everyone? No. Will you trade in your .45 for one, No. If I only had bank for one pistol, would this be it? No. Do I want one? Hell Yeah!!!

    If you search the market for a 9mm 1911 optioned like a Colt CQBP/Rail gun, SA TRP, Kimber Warrior or a Wilson CQB Elite you’ll find precious little out there. You’ll find guns like the Springfields Range Officer. Target sights, no front checkering, no magwell, no rail, FLGR, etc. Cheaper to get into for sure, but a lot of money to option/customize up to that feature level. Warren Tactical is doing a nice job filling the niche for a fully optioned 1911 in a cheaper-to-shoot caliber.