Scottie writes …

My first Competition set up. Taurus PT1911-B, Wilson 47d mags and Desantis IWB leather holster. Humble beginnings.

Good luck Scottie!


  • Paul O.

    That’ll work. IDPA’s a lot of fun. I shoot it with a Smith 686, because there has to be at least one guy with a revolver 🙂

    • coockie

      I know that feel. I shoot steel plates with a dan-wesson with a homemade compensator.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Safety, especially when reholstering, know where you muzzle is pointed, then front sight and trigger control. Geoff Who notes slow and steady, then build speed.

    • Nobody gets any extra points for super-fast holstering. Take your time with that bit.

      • DrewN

        Yep. Sweep, LOOK, fingers clear, watch it all the way in. No excuse for doing otherwise.

  • Hive +

    Cool! I like seeing guns that get used.

  • Lance

    Ahhhh the fun of set up night before the match. Been there and done that!

  • Bob

    “Wilson 47d mags”
    I read that as 47 ROUND mags and stared at them intently for a good ten seconds, trying to figure out how they could possibly hold that many rounds. ;D

  • ManBear

    I’ve always been curious – how do you get into IDPA, or any other competitive shooting for that matter?