1911Junkie writes ,,,

Even though I’m a 1911 junkie, I like classic revolvers too. Here’s my pair of 1953 K-22 and 1960 K-38 Masterpiece.




  • Hikerguy

    And yes……They are. After years of keeping up with the latest bullpup or poly-framed automatic (Which there is nothing wrong with that) my interests are once again going back to classic designs. Gorgeous, aren’they?

  • Beeblebrox

    K Frames are among my most favorite of handguns. The proportions are elegant and even my most beat-up police trade-in Model 10s shoot like a laser. When I want to feel good about my marksmanship I load up some light wadcutters in a Model 10 and then shoot out the 10 ring with ease.

    Learning the lockwork of a S&W on a aforementioned trade-in gave me an even deeper appreciation of the elegance of their design and inner workings. Everyone should own at least one…and don’t be afraid to take off the side plate and get yer learn on! Just make sure you use the right screwdrivers please.

  • Zebra Dun

    I have more revolvers than auto’s. .357 magnums and .38 spl with one double action S&W in .45 Colt.
    I like the Smith and Wesson’s over the Colt.
    I own two 1911A1 Government models series 70 but my first love is a revolver.

  • me ohmy

    wonderful old revolvers.. my S&W’s 357’s and 22 are all newer.. but sincerely adored..the K frames were the most appealing of all the SMITTIES of all time,IMHO.
    great picture.

  • Lance

    Looks nice you cannot find better quality than old school Colt and S&W revolvers.

  • From the bluing wear, I can see that these handguns have been /used/. I’m glad they’re getting shot, and aren’t just relegated to holding down shelves in a gun safe.

  • Phil Elliott

    Still have my Model# 17, traded my # 14 off, to my everlasting regret. That’s what I won my State championship with.

  • Zebra Dun

    One of the finest, smoothest triggers and best accuracy from a handgun I ever used was from and old issue M-10 S&W that belonged to my brothers Father-in-law who was a cop. Sadly he wouldn’t sell it or I’d have it now in my hand.