ASP Triad USB Tactical Flashlight

The ASP (Armament Systems and Procedures) Triad is described by ASP as “the industry’s first Micro USB rechargeable tactical LED light.” I must admit that this is my first real exposure to ASP lights – although my assumption is that the LEOs among TFB readers are already familiar with the company.

The Triad includes an 18650 lithium ion battery that can be recharged via the built in micro USB port. This is a thoughtful and useful feature as the micro USB has become ubiquitous and the de-facto standard charger format for so many of our electronic devices.   The USB port is concealed (and ostensibly protected) and can be revealed by twisting the head of the light a few turns. Charging AccessoriesA wall charger and car charger are included along with a retractable micro USB cable. A nice feature – this means you could obtain power to charge the light from any available USB source.

Standing showing charging port


















Another nice touch – the light can also be powered by CR123 batteries and ASP designed the light so that the charging circuit will not affect such batteries when they are in use. As mentioned, the light includes an 18650 cell – my assumption is that any quality 18650 cell could be used, but I could not verify that on the ASP web site.

The light is activated by press of a tail switch – mode switching is accomplished by twisting the tail to one of three positions – center is locked in the off position – or you can select constant on or intermittent. The constant on can be momentary activated if you simply press the button about half way but don’t engage the click/lock. ASP describes the switching as “quiet” and this reviewer agrees.Tail switch

The body of the light is described as “aerospace aluminum” anodized with a matte black Type III hard coat. The battery tube is covered in a foamed vinyl grip that ASP describes as providing grip as well as insulation from heat build-up. The light is also equipped with a reversible pocket clip for bezel up or down carry.


ASP supplies a nice ballistic nylon travel case as well.

Zipper caseIn zipper case

Rated ANSI output is 300 lumen from the Cree XPG2 emitter. The beam profile is set up for long throw with adequate spill for lighting a small perimeter. In this writer’s opinion, this light was designed to provide a maximum distance search beam.View of reflector and LED


















Suggested retail is $125

Included with the review sample (but priced separately from the light) is the Triad Tactical Light Case (TLC). This case will carry every flashlight in ASP’s Triad line.

Tactical Light Case

Lights are secured in the TRIAD TLC with the lens down to protect the lens from scratching and allow the user to quickly grip and remove the light in a ‘ready’ position.










Light upright in holster

















Holster at angleThe TLC will attach to a duty belt, dress belt or Molle vest and rotates to 12 positions. The TLC is made of “polymer technology” that is resistant to wear and tear from daily use. Inserting and removing the light from the TLC feels secure, and the end of the holster is left open to reveal if your light is on.

Suggested Retail is $24

Dan M

Love firearms and flashlights – and they go well together. I’ve been admiring and writing about quality flashlights for about 9 years…built my own integrating sphere….done a few mods. Proof positive that a 59 year old can still love toys!


  • pignock

    Can I use the USB port to recharge my phone?

    • Dan M

      No, that port is just for charging the light.

    • Molly Griffin

      @pignock: My name is Molly Griffin and I am the Marketing Coordinator at ASP. The Triad USB is rechargeable with any micro USB charger. The chargers included with this light will recharge your phone or any other electronics that take a micro USB. Additionally, if you have a standard micro USB charger for your phone, this will also work on the Triad USB. Thank you!

  • Menger40

    $125? For that money, you can get an Armytek Predator, a Fenix UC45, or two Fenix TK09s, all rugged lights with more output, runtime, and throw than this. The UC45 even has USB charging just like this asp.

  • TomOakheart

    Yeah, as a LEO I want something in the 600lm range.

    • avconsumer2

      Might I suggest the Foursevens Maelstrom series. Jaw literally gaping when I saw the candlepower spewing from my Regen MMR-X (in a mini maglite sized package). Never leaves my car. Strobe mode could literally double as a deterrent. On the cusp of ordering an MMU-X3R (just back in stock). I expect a thanks when your jaw hits the floor. 😉

  • Bill

    it’s nice to see a light that doesn’t have a bezel that looks like a Great White Shark’s jawbones. As a cop id not want to scratch people, which is about all these “defensive” bezels do. It also nice to not have 27 different options for light level, strobing, signaling the mothership, etc, though 300 lumens is a little much for reading a driver’s license, but that’s why we should be carrying small lights for just such things.

  • avconsumer2

    Meh – I’ll stick with my Foursevens Maelstrom MMR-X. That thing’s a step away from light sabre.

  • Malaccastrait

    Nitecore has been making Micro USB chargeable tactical lights for a while now. I have one.

  • This is by far the finest professional law enforcement standard flashlight. Good as it gets, the flashlight has been renowned globally for its performance and I can vouch for it. USB charging only makes this extra efficient.