Timothy Yan sent us these photos he took of the new Lancer L30 LRT (Long Range Tactical). Tim writes …

Out in the desert testing the new Lancer L30 LRT (Long Range Tactical) rifle in .308 cal. It’s an AR-10 style rifle that features direct-impingement gas system, 24-inch stainless steel heavy match barrel. billet monolithic receivers and the new Lancer Systems carbon-fiber handguard (standard models available for both AR-15/AR-10/Sig716).

The optic is the new Tangent Theta TT525P 5-25x56mm tactical scope with Killflash filter/sunshade and mounted on 34mm Talley Tactical Rings. This optic features German SCHOTT glass, huge 56mm objective, lockable tactical turrets w/ quick re-zero and rev-indicator. Made in Nova Scotia, Canada.



Thanks Tim!



  • I usually dislike ARs but that’s one sexy piece of kit. The buttstock evokes that of the Cheytac.

  • Nicks87

    I like it a lot … a lot.


    Holy Smokes, does that thing make coffee?

    • Dan

      Yes, but only stand a spoon straight up black coffee, no decaf and no foo foo double half latte mocha grandès

  • RICH


    • Timothy G. Yan

      It shots half to 1 MOA groups with my military surplus German and Lithuanian 7.62x51mm NATO ammo. 1/2 MOA or better all day with new Black Hills ammo and it only get better longer the range.

  • John Daniels

    Why are companies still putting barrels that long on a .308 Winchester? 20″ is the most you need. A lot of guys are now finding that 16″ does everything you need to get to about 800 yards.

  • Aaron E

    Very nice rifle, shot one at SHOT Show last year. If I had the money in my pocket right now I’d let it burn right through to the order form.

  • Andrew Hobby

    I’m just gonna put this out there…. I’m the president of the Lancer Fanboy Club.

  • buzzman1

    How much?

  • Timothy G. Yan

    Correction on the Tangent Theta scope: it shop be a zero-stop feature instead of lockable feature for the turrets. TT asked me the clarify that the lens are not necessary all Schott glass but they are using the best glass available on the market.