New Lyman Gun Mat


Lyman is making a new mat designed to make cleaning or working on your gun a bit easier.  Safe to say we’ve all had a spring roll away or a small part slide to parts unknown, and the company’s new gun mat is designed to stop those things from happening. The mat has designated sections for various parts, and each section is very slightly recessed with the intention of preventing parts from moving around excessively.


From Lyman:

“Lyman’s breakthrough design overcomes the shortcomings of traditional flat mats. Incorporating a collection of slightly recessed sections, the design keeps small items organized and secure from rolling off the bench and contains small spills during cleaning and lubrication. Further, the mat material is a tough but soft polymer that both protects gun finishes and is chemical resistant.

The Essential Gun Maintenance Mat from Lyman as well as all Lyman products and brands are available nationally through firearms and sporting goods dealers and mail order companies.”


MSRP $14.98. Visit their website at: and take a look at the mat at


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  • Blake

    I just use a magnetic parts tray like this one:

  • NotoriousAPP

    Finally, someone had some common sense.

  • WV Cycling

    I use a piece of high pile carpeting tile. It was like $8. Springs and little bits and bobs have no chance of rolling to their doom.

  • neutron

    Just ordered one thanks for the info.