Lindy, who blogs at Vodka and Espresso wrote …

RPK-74m w/ PO4x24P2 optic, conversion build off of a 5.45 VEPR. Comes in at a svelte 14 pounds.

A very nice build indeed. The RPK-74M was basically a AK-74M’ed RPK. Plastic furniture replaced the wood and a folding stock was added. The VEPR rifles are consumer versions of the RPK manufactured by Molot. Molot became a subsidiary of izhmash (now called Kalashnikov) after they were successfully sued by Izhmash for patent infringement.





  • insovietrussiaguncarryyou!

    All it needs now is a drum, and a gatling crank.

  • Ryan

    So a RPK that nearly weighs as much as a PKM. Umm, congrats?

    • JohnnyRaw

      Whew! I thought this thread might make it through its first 24 hours of existence without a smarmy negative nancy. Thank you for swooping…oops, I mean STOOPING to save the day.

      • Ryan

        You’re right, it’s absolutely way too tactical for criticism, my mistake.

        • Gunblrite

          This is how they are actually issued. so yeah it is. Find fault in the initial issuers and those implementing these in their armed forces not in the guy who loves history, likes the way the gun looks and wanted to build one to match. It’s not like he’s humping this thing around Florida trying to be “tactical”. Good job being an internet douche, “umm, congrats?”

        • JohnnyRaw

          It’s not about the firearm, it’s your negative comment and tone directed at the collector/owner.

  • Alucard

    I’ve never really understood the semi-auto only RPK’s,too heavy and long to be convenient SHTF rifle and it really offers nothing over a standard AK besides a higher price,if it was full auto I’d still rather have a normal AK.

    • echelon

      Bipod + Drum + SlideFire Stock equals = Kalash Sewing Machine for Bolsheviks

      I guarantee you wouldn’t want to be out on the other end of the muzzle…

      • Alucard

        Or just slap a drum on an AK and a slidefire,does the same thing without the ridiculous length and weight of RPK.

        • David Sharpe

          An AK is not designed for sustained fire. The longer and heavier barrel makes it more suitable for sustained fire than the AK.

        • echelon

          The weight and length are actually positives not negatives when it comes to the slidefire setup. I’m talking about proning out or using as a stationary area denial tool.

          I would not recommend humping an RPK plus mags/drums around the countryside unless absolutely needed…

    • Porty1119

      In theory, even a semi-auto RPK is superior for laying down large quantities of suppressive fire. It’s the closest thing to an affordable SAW substitute available at this time.

    • David Sharpe

      Why does every have to be a SHTF gun? Why can’t it just be a fun gun?

      But even so, a longer, heavier barrel is better for sustained rapid fire, it doesn’t matter if it’s full auto, semi auto or bolt action.

    • anon

      Because it is cool, and some people do not I’ve in a bunker preparing for the apocalypse.

      Oddly enough, some people just like to own guns because they like guns.

      • Alucard

        I don’t live in a bunker,but every gun I own has a practical purpose.

        • Kathy

          But let’s be honest, sometimes you like to pretend that mom’s basement *could* make a pretty nifty bunker, right?

          • Alucard

            Rude people like you are the type of people I don’t mind ISIS beheading.

          • Dr. Daniel Jackson

            Just because you live in your moms basement and like to play pretend in there doesn’t mean other posters here do.

  • mikenz

    I owned an RPK back in the 80s. It was Russian manufacture 1974 in near new condition. I have owned many AKs since but that remains my favorite. it shot .75 inch groups.

  • toms

    These are still practicle and heavily used in Ukraine. almost every machine gun squad will have a paired RPK in support. It enhances squad level firepower with mobility and provides cover for the machine guners when reloading or displacing. It is also used as a poor mans DMR with optics and as a GPM if PKM is down, disabled, red, or unavailable. I’m not sure the over long barrel adds much velocity but it definitely acts as a heat sink and allows more auto fire. Its a concept with merit although it will never fully replace the GPM. We will see more magazine fed machine guns in the future not less. It gives a lot of bang for the buck although 14lbs is pushing the envelope of utility. 10lbs is a better # to shoot for.

  • MountainKelly

    Adorable. I prefer the semi auto rpd. Because belt fed ground squirrel hunting is a thing.

  • Zugunder

    Why it looks like it floating in the air?

  • MPWS

    This is LMG par excellence; exactly as it should be. Not as the MG wannabe M249. No barrel change, yet the thing stands all the trigger pulling you wish to give it. Also, with that long barrel, you have all the reach you need.

  • the ammo addict

    14 pounds! That thing isn’t svelte, its a porker! My Garand in full battle rattle doesn’t even weigh that much.

  • iksnilol

    I have always wanted to get something like the RPK(thinking a Vepr with heavy barrel). Chop the barrel to 30 cm, add telescopic suppressor (if necessary shorten gas system).
    And change out the stock with something lighter.

    From my math with a loaded 30 round mag it should weigh about 4 kg (without optic, with titanium suppressor).

  • David Lowrey

    What happened to the semi auto rpks, like the aes 10b and the m64. They just dissiapeared.

    • J.T.

      I know the M64 is still available from time to time and I don’t think it was too long ago that I saw the AES 10B on Atlantic Firearms’ website. There just isn’t much demand for them so not many are imported or built.

  • Drake

    I imagine these are banned from import. However, does anyone have an idea how much they go for and where you can find one?