Wilson Combat Remanufactured Ammo

Wilson Combat has introduced a self-branded training ammunition line, using reloaded brass cases. From the press release:

Our Premium Remanufactured Match/Training ammunition is loaded in house by our seasoned technicians on Ammo Load automated reloading equipment for the highest quality target shooting ammunition using premium domestic components at reasonable prices.

All loads have been developed by Bill Wilson for flawless function and match grade accuracy in all quality full size and compact handguns and are especially well suited for the needs of the 1911 platform.

All Wilson Combat Remanufactured Match/Training loads feature once-fired brass from Top Brass Reloading that was sourced from indoor ranges and then processed through a meticulous cleaning, polishing and inspection process ensuring a first-quality finished product. Ideal for training, competition and target use.

The quality control standards for ammunition using range pick-up components seem onerous to me. Wilson Combat apparently believes this tradeoff still gives pays off in cost.

As the prices of raw materials go up, factory reloaded (“remanufactured”) ammunition will become more popular. As long as quality control standards remain high, I don’t see the problem with the practice of reclaiming spent brass.

Nathaniel F

Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he runs 196,800 Revolutions Per Minute, a blog devoted to modern small arms design and theory. He is also the author of the original web serial Heartblood, which is being updated and edited regularly. He can be reached via email at nathaniel.f@staff.thefirearmblog.com.


  • Jack Morris

    Before I started loading my own ammo; a bought 1,000 rounds of remanufactured ammunition. It was terribly innacurate and extremely dirty. Hopefully a reputable company such as Wilson can pull it off without the pitfalls of mass reloaded ammo. It may raise the bar for the other less than reputable outfits.

    • About the only difference between new Wilson ammo and this remanufactured ammo is the brass is once used.

      • Jack Morris

        I’m assuming, since they are buying up range brass in bulk, it will all be mixed headstamps. They keep using the term “match grade”. Do you think they are sorting headstamps, trimming all cases, uniforming the primer pockets, and weighing each charge within 1/10th grain? That’s the only way I could see them justifying their asking price.
        Not trying to be combative, and I’m sure their ammo is quite nice. I’m just curious why they believe their remanufactured ammo is worth $150 more per 1,000 than most other newly manufactured ammunition.

      • TechnoTriticale

        re: … the brass is once used.

        Any idea how they ensure that? I’ve never bought any reman, but I see that some brands claim this.

        If they are only using in-house test leftovers, the low volume for that might explain the higher price, and in that case, we might expect the headstamps to all be whatever WC uses.

        Perhaps they have a deal with LEO ranges where only factory ammo is used per range rules, but then the issue of sorting by case HS/length/weight/capacity/etc arises.

        Some people assume that any range sweepings are once-fired, because “reloaders always police up their brass” – sounds iffy, particularly if reman might have been used (do all shooters understand “factory” to mean “new”, and exclude reman? If not, do “factory only” ranges reliably inspect for it?).

        Counting extractor marks strikes me as unreliable, not to mention labor-intensive.

        Even for a reloader, it’s tricky to be sure about cycle count. Back when I was reloading, I’d dimple each case head with an automatic centerpunch at the decap step, and usually retire them after 5 dimples.

  • Daniel

    I am assuming that shooting their reloaded ammo will not void their warranty?

  • tony

    I hope some poor sap at Wilson is not cranking that handle one round at a time.

    • Menger40

      I’m picturing a room full of interns with single stage presses

  • Roy

    And yet it costs more than brand new PMC in 50 round boxes off the shelf at the local Cabela’s… thanks but no thanks.

  • Vitsaus

    Its Wilson so that means that in spite of being reloaded it will cost double what the going price would be for new loaded quality ammo. But unless you shoot it, you won’t understand why it was worth every penny.

  • Ian Thorne

    35 cents a round for 9mm reloads? Pass.

  • noob

    how much does it cost to buy the huge machine that takes brass sheet (from brass stock that’s been recycled from a variety of sources) and stamps out new cartridge cases? it seems that nobody wants to buy that huge machine.

    • onthedew

      About $8 – $15 Million. And you can not just stamp, the process is a little more involved and takes multiple machines.

      • noob

        wow. so right now it takes a whole factory to make a cartridge case. interesting… that explains another factor behind the interest in the alternative case technology, polymer cases etc. that we don’t hear about to because it is mfg oriented rather than shooter oriented.

  • floppyscience

    Reloaded 9mm for $0.325/rnd (plus shipping)? Why when we can readily find new production brass cased for $0.30/rnd? Or other remanu 9mm for ~$0.20/rnd?

  • toms

    Wilson ammo is great but too expensive. Their tac loaded 110gr 6.8 tsx at 2700fps is unbelievable but at 2$ a round is reserved for premium game. This stuff will likely shoot as well as the new manufactured stuff. Wilson must have a ton of 1x brass lying around from all their testing so it makes sense to use it. This is probably the only reman I would ever use. I’ve seen to many “Warning don’t shoot this ammo” threads along with photos of destroyed rifles, missing digits, and hands dripping copious quantities of blood, cheap 50 caliber bolts turned into ballista darts impaled into upper extremities associated with reman ammo. Wilson I trust to get it right and Black Hills I guess too, others Ill pass.

  • Raven Steeler Man Arceneaux

    Are YALL crazy we can find cheaper Ammo with name brand Ammo at 50 per box

  • Full Name

    Does using reloads void their warranty? Even if it is their own reloads?

  • Frank

    Haven’t the prices of commodities in ammo been going down? Copper looks like it’s cooling back to ~2004 levels, lead the same.

  • Phil Elliott

    Been reloading since the 60’s, gobble up every piece of range Brass i can find, it’s then cleaned, inspected under a bright light, then if I deem it acceptable it gets reloaded. Never had one blow yet. Culls go to the scrap yard.