Tethered Guns at Indoor Range

Here is a video from a local news station in Toowomba, Australia. Due to the stringent gun control in Australia it took a bit of hoop jumping to get the go ahead to build an indoor range as part of a gun store. One of the major problems was to mitigate any chance of accident or suicide to shooters. According to the gun store owner, it seems you must be registered to handle firearms so this is one way of getting around that. If you look at the video, you can see that the handguns are tethered so that the muzzle stays down range. It is over reaching control but it is a system that is allowed in this Australian range.

Nicholas C

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  • Jake

    But the recoil
    Does it help with the recoil?

    • David Sharpe

      I can kinda see it with larger firearms like the .50 AE or .500 S&W. There have been a few people who’ve hit their noses with those, but I can’t see it helping with 9mm etc.

  • *sigh* Good God Australia. Beyond being just plain silly, I’m not convinced this would work at all. Unless suicidal people down-under are also banned from owning wire cutters.

    • Andy B

      Yup. Was going to ask if you get patted down for wire cutters on the way in.

    • David Sharpe

      Keep in mind that it would take some time for someone to grab bolt cutters, cut and then shoot themselves. Long enough for an RSO to intervene.

    • kemba67

      In Perth Western Australia the Handguns at the hire range are wired and on a solid bar to prevent twisting the firearm more than about 45% from target, and yet there are still suicides there, last one was only a couple of months ago

    • Stephen Brasher

      It isn’t designed to stop suicides, it’s designed to absolve the owner of the shop from liability, and to reduce the risk of a suicide in the store.

  • Ridiculous.

  • John

    Suicide prevention?

    If the barrel always points downrange, what prevents someone from simply moving to the downrange side of the firearm?

    Hrmm. Maybe the shooters are tethered as well?

  • andyinsdca

    It’s the same in South Korea, went shooting at a range in Busan (got to shoot a full-auto Skorpion!).

    • E

      Didn’t get a full auto, but the same was with standard handguns at the Daegu Shooting range. the ROs had a safe and would switch out the firearm, load the magazine, and load the gun for the customer. There was an awesome clay range and you could shoot there as well. They had some beautiful over/under Benelli or Beretta shotguns there.

  • West

    And to prevent STD’s you must wear a wetsuit during sex.

    • Tassiebush

      What you guys don’t???

      • gunslinger

        i’m thinking of that one scene in the naked gun movie

    • Yalndn

      We call them full body condoms down here.

  • Mike

    FFS… Australia, please grow up.

  • Eddie_Baby

    Shooting ranges have a suicide prevention policy where I live: “If you’re alone and don’t have a gun, you can’t rent a gun.” No more range suicides.

    • iksnilol

      Bad policy if you are interested in catering to gun tourists (people coming to shoot guns).

  • anon

    Meanwhile literally right outside there are 15,000 or so different Australian snakes/sharks/stingrays/jellyfish/kangaroos/abbos/hippos/spiders that will kill you, but tethering inanimate objects made out of plastic and metal is their number one priority.

    When will the world learn to into freedom properly?

    Also, this is why I’m proud to be american.

    • Bill

      It’s a dumb idea, but just yesterday I had to sign a paper with a pen chained to a desk. WTF?
      1: a nearby range had 3 suicides in 2 months, likely due to the media coverage of each prior one. Then they had a fourth when someone actually bothered to buy a gun and box of ammo, and immediately blew their brains out in the parking lot. Lots of morbid jokes about putting that pistol in the Lightly Used display, except brain matter plays hell on finishes
      2: with the gun handling I’ve seen at public ranges, for some people the pistol should be bolted to a concrete column.
      3: Do they have hippos in Australia? Am I the only guy who thought Steve Irwin was asking for it when he molested that stingray?

      • Rick

        The pen chain is probably not for safety, but because people keep walking off with the pen.

        • floppyscience

          Yeah, this. I’ve never heard of anyone walking up to the teller window at a bank and committing suicide with the pen.

        • Bill

          I’ve no doubt that you are right. That hospital needs to safeguard it’s pens, or they’ll have to raise the price of a bandaid from $6:00 to $7:00

          • Rooftop Voter

            Only $7.00? You must not live in Palm Beach County FL then.

      • Tassiebush

        3. No hippos except for a pygmy hippo that was accidentally shot by a pig hunter once who mistook it for a pig. It was quite a mystery who’d owned or released it!
        As for Steve Irwin I shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but suffice to say you’re average Australian hunter kills the things they hunt rather than fondles them. I’ve speared plenty of stingrays and refrain from dryhumping them.

      • Stephen Brasher

        No, we don’t have hippos. And playing silly-buggers with wild animals is asking for trouble. Not a lot of sympathy for Mr Irwin.

    • Iggy

      You do realize abbo is a slur akin to n****r right?

      • sauerquint

        Do you need a sanitary napkin?

        • Tassiebush

          Wow a sexist putdown to defend a racist one…

      • billyoblivion

        IDK mate, when I was out in The Alice the Aussies out there threw it around a LOT more than most Americans would use “The N Word”.

        • Tassiebush

          Yeah you probably would observe that. In my experience it ranges from being short for Aboriginal to being offensive. I’ve used it as the former but with the result of the latter so it’s a bit ambiguous (or I’m just culturally insensitive).
          But if we replace the word “Abbos” with Aborigines in the comment by anon it was definitely offensive which is a shame.

  • The “chained guns” trick is a standard feature of Hawaii’s indoor ranges. The staff told me it was to keep the Japanese from committing suicide. I suspect they got tired of “…not again! Bob, get a mop…”

    • J.T.

      I have heard it is common in Guam as well since they also get quite a few Japanese tourists who want to shoot a real gun.

  • Tom

    Whilst it all might seem silly its ether these or not at all. Now we could curse Australian laws but they are what they are and people there have to work with them. The way I see it something like these allows people to dip their toe in the water of shooting which could result in more shooters and in the end less silly rules/restrictions.

    • sam

      I follow your logic, it’s reasonable, but I don’t share your sanguineness. Figure, people are seeing this nonsense, participating in it… are we sure this won’t just reinforce the idea that, you know, it should to be this way for reasons?

      I’m thinking, given my questionable, barely-explained-here sense of human events, treating guns like little Hannibal-Lecters will make more people, the shooters and the members of the society that know about the tethered-gun thing, more sure the guns are little nuggets of chaotic doom, thus more strongly convinced restrictions like suspending them from the architecture are good and necessary.

      Am I being chicken-little about a slippery-slope? Maybe, but, you know, look at arguments on the line of “you need to register and insure your car, so you should have to register and insure your gun”. I think if anything, this silliness will calcify in place and maybe propagate.

      • Tom

        That’s always a risk of course. But I think the key here is too take charge of the narrative. So as for something like this you state how great it is for new shooters allowing to develop their skills in a completely safe environment.

  • iksnilol

    We can harp on it and all but in some cases it isn’t a bad idea. We all have seen the video of that lady shooting a .500 S&W revolver and accidentally bump firing it, firing 3 rounds one of which barely missed her head.

    But in general it is just ridicilous.

  • Bill

    She’s kinda cute. That could be the start of some gun-bondage porn. I hope that isn’t Australian diamond plate, muzzle blast would be bad.

  • tony

    I have seen this setup in Hawaii too, mainly for tourists from outside of US

  • Yellow Devil

    I’m surprised they didn’t have to create a rube goldberg device to fire it for you. Or a robot.

  • ralphie

    It won’t be long before this REGULATED way of shooting guns shows up on the west coast.

    • lbeacham

      Newest rule coming; only Conservatives can hold the targets.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Good on yer, mate! He’s doing the best he can, within the rules. As said earlier, at least people are getting to shoot…it’s a start.

  • Bob Pante

    It works for the Terrorists

  • lbeacham

    Need less rules, not better enforcement.

  • Tassiebush

    We had a pretty high profile case of a mentally disturbed woman who stole a pistol from a range like this who shot her mum. Given that guns cop way more scrutiny down here and there isn’t any constitutional protection along with the high likelihood of being sued this doesn’t surprise me. Urban ranges are pretty rare here but if you go out to a club you’ll be legally allowed to try shooting without so much restriction.

  • s

    Tethered guns are not uncommon – seen it some asian countries.

    If lots more of gun violence happens I wouldnt be surprised to see this being supported by the anti gun libtards.

    • Rick_a

      Guns are only the tool. There is no such thing as “gun violence” any more than “hammer violence” “tire iron violence” or “kitchen knife violence.”

      Stupid terms like that make me want to engage in “fist shaking violence.”

      Holder must have been right, sadly.

      “We just have to be repetitive about this. It’s not enough to have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday. We have to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

  • I’m just amused that they have not one, but two Chiappa Triple Threats on their wall.

    • Tassiebush

      That’s the akkar 3 actually. Made in turkey. I think Chiappa just rebadge them. Thanks to our restrictions it’s about our only option for a reliable third shot from a 12gauge hence their being unusually popular.

  • MrApple

    Truly one of the saddest things that I have ever seen.

  • evlgreg

    I keep reading about all the suicide prevention devices and methods. How about counseling, and if that does not work put them in a steel and concrete room with a gun and 1 round of ammo and close the door. Suicidal people are like terrorists and criminals, you can’t stop someone who is motivated, so why not make it safer and easier for those left behind. Heck, give them a choice of a Kevorkian syringe too, maybe offer a contract that keeps the estate out of probate or donates the remaining assets to a charity, let them videotape a last will or message to friends, THEN let them in the room.
    Yes I realize this has nothing to do with guns, but neither does suicide, the gun is simply an efficient tool for the job. if removing guns solved suicide issues, all those gun free countries would not have suicides either, but that’s obviously not the case.

  • Winter

    Assuming someone was intent on suicide and had ruled out the countless other methods that Australia hasn’t managed to protect it’s citizens from, seems to me they could just duck under or hop over the barrier there and point themselves at the muzzle of the gun instead of pointing the muzzle at themselves.

    Australia has become the display model for what the world looks like when stupid people are elected as law makers. It’s a shame…such a beautiful country.