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Earlier on TFB we covered the Hi Point parody made by Dynamic Pie Concept on Youtube, and on Facebook. They have come out with a number of videos poking fun at various training procedures and other nuances in the firearms world, in addition to just being plain silly. Even their “About” section on Youtube makes a hint at their fun-


Dynamic Pie Concepts is the leader in tactical real world kinetic conceptual battlespace application of critical stress.

And of course pie.

Slicing the [pie] , eating the pie.

Here are the rest of their videos, included with their descriptions for your viewing pleasure! Most of these were actually published last year, but this will be the first time they have been featured on TFB apart from the previous post. If you’ve already seen them, then my apologies, but if you haven’t, they’re absolutely slap-stick hilarious. They seem to incorporate alot of animations in their videos as I doubt most of their ARs are Class 3 full autos. Please note that they also have some legitimate stuff online as well and aren’t all fun and games.

Slice the Pie Drill

When encountering a target with a reduced lateral signature, leveraging immediate terminal effects can prove difficult. By targeting the body’s central stability junction: structural corruption is induced with ease.

Regardless of the target’s orientation: slicing the pie can be used as an anti-access, area denial advantage.

As a proactive countermeasure against red force reanimation vertical domination and bodily bifurcation is also an option.

Art of the Flip Mag

To maintain survivability an operator must possess inter weapon system awareness providing for autonomous kinetic targeting. By synchronizing the manual of arms to the Earth’s rotation, economy of motion is maintained.

Utilizing centrifugal force allows for rapid jettisoning of an ammunition feeding device. Whether for ammunition hand off or critical attack capabilities.

Leveraging and synchronizing capabilities at a primary component level requires less time and less steps than introducing a secondary munitions delivery device. Shortening the kill chain and ultimately reducing friction within an operator’s decision cycle.

When prioritizing kinetic options to render defensive enablers ineffective- integrating improved methodologies produces a mechanism to deny and bypass an adversary’s asymmetric battle space advantage.


Sweep the Leg Drill

When a standard kinetic response to a threat is not yielding a positive effect on target, SOP should be to utilize the Sweep the Leg Drill. Moving from conventional gravity zones to the legs immobilizes the target, allowing for a cascading system failure of the threat’s combat chassis.

With mobility exploitation of the target, follow up evaluation becomes easier for ballistic tasking.

Depending on operator’s munitions platform, ordinance delivery system, and battle operations spectrum- the Sweep the Leg Drill can be augmented with a maximum impact combatives package.


Come at me Bro Drill

This drill is shot initializing at 7 yards. When the audible synaptic response module is triggered, the operator will advance and engage all targets in tactical order within designated weapon system deployment area.

Target matrix is aligned to replicate real world inner and outer global conflicts, where assaulter assets would encounter a diversified threat environment encompassing terrestrial or extra terrestrial threats.


Reduced Size

Reduced sized targets are a value added force multiplier in any systemic training package.
Our patent pending diminished target unit allows the individual operator to zero their weapon system where distances are limited by range space.

The ability to neutralize this target at 1 yard guarantees the same skill and ability to kinetically strike the equivalent sized target at 500 yards. A clear understanding is often hampered by tacit assumptions and urban myths- for example a cone of deviation that distance would introduce.

Our extensive multi-tier assessment has proven counter conclusive and has shown that using this target system is superior for plus up of individual kinetic capabilities and can be used to fully replace all long range marksmanship initiatives.

From a training perspective of training with smaller targets to force a shooter to concentrate on his target instead of becoming used to 19.5 inch silhouettes of torso sized targets actually has some merit. But not at 1 yard away!

Tactical Blind Fire

For effective employment calculations must be made using either analog or digital means, bringing to bear maximum accuracy and fight stopping potential for unsighted target discrimination and prosecution.

The correct use of blind fire is a low risk high yield tactic that delivers game changing potential for asymmetric battle space supremacy, gaining residual operational capability for plus up of ground assets.

Due to the user friendly nature of this TTP- theater level interoperability, compatibility, and integration issues are minimized allowing ease of organizational and multi-level communication for blue force partners.

When operating within permissive threat matrix environments using combat effective blind fire allows an individual operator to maintain a more positive battle space assimilation posture.


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  • Vitsaus

    Aside from great production values and general spot on parody, they really nail the whole over done jargon used by the various tactical charlatans. They use all these 5 dollar words to basically say nothing at all and thats exactly how the people/groups (we all know who they are) are able to make themselves sound like they know what they are talking about. They are really the antidote for “the Kool Aid.”

    • Ethan

      You’ve just described half of corporate America.

  • wielsucker

    nothing new, click bait

    • Zach

      Can people please quit with the ‘it’s just click bait’ crap.
      Does it really hurt you that much to glance over a 1 minute article posted on a site that is utterly filled with great content and information??
      Some of us don’t spend all of our time purposefully searching out YouTube gun parody videos, and it’s nice to get a view of the line up all at once.

      Besides, the title was pretty darned clear about what the content would be.

    • Crow and Coyote

      Not even close to clickbait. I do wish these guys would make more vids though.

    • nadnerbus

      No, clickbait is bullshit cliffhanger links like “When Lindsay Lohan stepped out of the cab, her fans couldn’t believe what they saw!” Or more apt for this site, “Ten ways you are using your rifle wrong” or something like that.

      This is one entry on a blog very clearly labeled. I’ve only seen the mag flip one before, and found this funny and a worthy click.

    • Vitsaus

      Then why did you click it? Took the bait.

    • Ethan

      I guess that makes you a double chump. You clicked AND commented.

  • noob

    I’m really hanging out for more Rick Taylor.

  • Cymond

    I’ve watched ‘Art of the Mag Flip’ several times. Love that one.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Lol’d at his three different laser modules on one carbine in the last vid. hahahahahaha

  • Axel

    Is that guy in the beginning of the “sweep the leg” video doing CCW drills with an everyday carry of ~10 mags in competition pouches? ;D

    • DIR911911 .

      I about did a spit take when he raised up that shirt 🙂

  • Nicks87

    This stuff is getting kind of old. It’s like when people started making fun of Justin Bieber, it’s an obvious response to something that is obviously ridiculous. I dont need somebody to make a parody video just to prove that nutnfancy is an idiot or that James Yeager is an ego-maniac. I realized that the first time I saw these clowns do their act. But for the people who are entertained by this nonsense, you need to grow up and find something else to occupy your time.

    • libertyprime

      Man it must be so cold and lonely on such a high horse.

      • Nicks87

        Actually I’m quite comfortable up here.

    • DIR911911 .

      hey grandpa why don’t you remove that tactical stick from your ass

    • Vitsaus

      So I take it you aren’t a fan of Mel Brooks movies, or Saturday Night Live of any decade, or Weird Al Yankovic? Good thing America’s Funniest Home Videos is still around with their “guy gets hit in the nuts by his kid playing softball” to tickle your highly sophisticated sense of humor.

      • Nicks87

        You are comparing these idiots to actual comedians? Sure, whatever.

  • Cobra Commander

    The mental image of that is priceless.