Desert Eagle Cheetah Print

Available in both .50 AE and .44 Magnum, the new Cheetah Print Desert Eagle pistol is sure to turn heads. According to Magnum Research, the finish is a water transfer that has been tested for durability. Cleaning products are said to not affect the finish.

The company states that the guns are “only available while supplies last.” No specific numbers were given, so I do not know how many of these guns have been produced. However, the guns are ready to sell today, so contact your local dealer if this finish tickles your fancy. The new guns will retail for $1,793 in both calibers.

From Magnum Research:

Magnum Research® Goes Wild with Desert Eagle Cheetah

Pomona, NY – For 30 years, the iconic Desert Eagle has been referred to as a “beast”. Now, more than ever, it looks like one too. Whether you prefer stainless steel, titanium, gold, chrome, nickel or bronze, the Desert Eagle has a finish for everyone. Now, for a limited time, the Desert Eagle can be purchased in a Cheetah print.

“We always have had a tremendous amount of interest among fans of the Desert Eagle every time we introduce a new pattern or finish” stated Frank Harris, VP of Sales of Marketing. “The introduction of the Cheetah print was something our dealers thought would appeal to collectors and also those people who just want a more wild finish on their DE.”

The new Cheetah finish on the Desert Eagle .50 AE and .44 Mag, utilizes a water transfer method. It has been extensively tested for durability and has proven to be very tough; even cleaning solvents and acetone will not soften or damage the finish.

The Desert Eagle .50 AE is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7-round capacity in .50 AE and 8-round capacity in .44 Magnum. Both guns measure 10.75” in length with a 6” barrel, or 14.75” in a 10” barrel. Slide width is 1.25”, height 6.25” and the weight with an empty magazine is approximately 4 lbs. 5.8 oz. in .50 AE, and 4 lbs. 6.6 oz. in the .44 Mag. It has a trigger reach of 2.75” and a sight radius of 8.5” with the 6” barrel. The construction of the Desert Eagle utilizes the latest CNC machine technology providing exacting specifications with tight tolerances creating a work of art in a precision firearm. The grip is anatomically formed and provides an ideal hand seating angle for two-handed shooting allowing for comfortable, rapid and accurate firing. The Weaver style accessory rail easily allows for aftermarket optics and scope rings.

The limited edition Cheetah print Desert Eagle is only available while supplies last. Please visit your favorite dealer today to purchase it in either .50 AE or .44 Magnum.

The MSRP on the Cheetah print Desert Eagle is $1793 for either the .50 AE or the .44 Magnum. For more information about Magnum Research products, visit

Richard Johnson

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  • some_guy

    Is this some sort of joke?

  • A.g.

    Why this firearms attracts as bad taste ?

  • Will

    Credit where credit is due: they know their audience.

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    like a leopard print thong for a lady who.. well shouldn’t be wearing one

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      Securely cheesy

      • kingghidorah

        Dominos Pizza Edition

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  • Darren Hruska

    This is Chester’s carry gun. Have to protect them Cheetos…

  • Andrew Hobby

    Sex and the City called. They want their ugly-ass pattern back.

  • I try not to judge too much, but it I saw this at the range, I would point and laugh.

  • Thatguy96

    Is it April already?

    • the ammo addict

      Sadly it is not. Somebody in marketing actually convinced enough people that this was a good idea that it got built. I just can’t take Magnum Research seriously after the years of silliness with the ridiculous Deagle finishes.

  • Green Hell

    What about this one?

    • Nicks87

      That is HOT! And it matches my Captain America outfit.

  • El Duderino

    “Hi gun store counter guy. I have no taste, lots of money, and big hands. Whatcha got for me?”

  • Don Ward

    I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again. The Desert Eagle is sorta like the drunk girl at the party who gets attention for all the wrong reasons. And now it’s dressing like one as well.

  • Vitsaus`

    As if it was possible for Desert Eagle buyers to be less classy… they found a way.

  • wetcorps

    This is perfect.

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    Two words: PIMP GUN!

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    Taste optional.

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    Made for Steel Panther

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    Cheetah print Desert Eagle,because the gold one wasn’t pimp enough.

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    CS:GO weapon skin included?

  • Zac

    – Not a 1911. Check.
    – Not an AR15. Check.

    Yes, more please.

  • hydepark

    So instead of TFB giving us details of the two ACTUAL new models that we want to hear about, we get another fluff piece. Great. I’m still wondering what their alcohol tab from SHOT was, because apparently they forgot to provide real coverage this year.