Peshmerga Fighter With a Franken-AR/AK

This picture of a Peshmerga fighter sporting a slick hair do and an oddly configured AK-47 with AR-15 parts and other tacticool doodads was posted on Reddit recently. It also looks like it’s missing the pistol grip and has an AR carry handle attached to the top cover. Can anyone tell which AK variant it actually is? This Frankengun makes the Bubba’d Mosin Nagant spotted in Syria a while back look like a masterpiece.

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  • Just another dude

    Somebody get that man a pistol grip!

  • Menger40

    That AR carry handle rear sight is so much higher than his AK’s front sight. He’s gonna be lobbing rounds 10 feet over people’s heads.

    • CrankyFool

      What you’re missing is that he’s a sniper and is typically working at ranges of around 800yds or so.

      • Menger40

        Gotta compensate for that drop somehow!

    • iksnilol

      I doubt the carry handle works as a sight. It is probably hollow in the middle (kinda hard to explain).

    • lol

      Its an AK. its DESIGNED to lob rounds ten feet over peoples heads.

  • Full auto with no pistol grip is probably not fun.

    • Zugunder

      May he holding it by AR carry handle and goes hip fire? Ha ha! I can’t actually imagine what was in mind of whoever created this monstrosity.

      • noob

        probably something along the lines of “I need a gun.”

  • quintassentially british

    tis but a chinese type 56 good sir (hooded front sight)

  • Morgan Collins

    I assume these guys are all tough dudes, sure. But their shooting and tactical knowledge is just so friggin’ rudimentary. I really wonder what the survival rates for these guys are. Maybe not that bad, because I bet ISIS are equally crud.

  • highhammer

    good trigger discipline.

  • Vitsaus

    This picture was taken in California.

    • Asdf

      Nah, mags that looks like high caps are illegal there.

      • Vitsaus

        Could have limiters in them for 10 rounds in the 10 round body.

    • Forest C. Adcock

      this picture was taken in photoshop.

      • gunslinger

        i’ve seen shome ‘shops in my days

    • Craig Chambers

      Must be a BLACK bear with “Hands Up….Don’t Shoot”.

  • ManBear

    I always wondered what happened to the ‘My New Haircut’ guy …

  • hami

    He also shoots it RPG style as pictured

  • Devil_Doc

    Are his eyebrows tweezed? And what exactly is that ar carry handle attached to? Welded on…?

  • Lance

    Looks more like a Chinese MAK-90 with cheap AR carry handle attached to the dust cover.

  • sianmink


  • phuzz

    Maybe that was the only gun they had to give him?

  • atm

    This picture has been floating around the internet for a while. Looks photoshopped.

  • Mud

    That’s Annie Lennox, not Pershmerga.

  • 360AD

    Clearly a photoshoped fake. Note the grossly out of focus background. TFB, why are you reporting this crap?

    • Cymond

      Well , an out-of-focus background could be achieved with a narrow depth of field. Try an open aperature, especially with a telephoto lens.

    • Morgan Collins

      I’m going to go ahead and say that you don’t know anything about photography. Just a guess, but a correct one I’m sure.

  • Yallan

    Better airsoft than harsh language.

  • Ethan

    Pistol grip lose its screw and you can’t find another one?

  • caleb

    Its a straight cut Chinese Mac 90. It has the hooded front sight post, vented gas tube, and no muzzle threads or bayonet lug. The removed thumbhole stock also explains the lack of a pistol grip. Question is how did it end up there?

  • john huscio

    Young Jason Patrick joined the peshmerga?

  • John Daniels

    AR parts and other doodads? No…it’s a perfectly ordinary AK with AK furniture. The only odd things are the carry handle on the dust cover, and the grip appears to be missing. Looks like maybe the grip nut was inserted backward, and a bolt was stuck in there.

  • Leigh Rich

    Not really a Franken AR/AK. Just a AK with a few AR parts. kind of a weird way to hold a rifle. Looks photoshopped.

  • Wolfsbane

    Looks like the grip is tucked inside his tacticool vest.