Canada’s Armed Forces Future Weapon

Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and Colt Canada have developed a new Assault Rifle for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). It does not have a name but the weapon looks like something out of a Sci Fi film.

The DRDC is Canada’s version of DARPA. They are the ones coming up and making the future weapons and technology for the military.

This new rifle has been in development since 2009, according to The rifle is made for the Soldier Integrated Precision Effects Systems (SIPES) project. It includes a firing mechanism to shoot lightweight cased telescoped ammunition, a secondary effects module for increased firepower and a NATO standard power and data rail to integrate accessories like electro-optical sights and position sensors.

The secondary effects module can be a three round 40mm grenade launcher or a 12 gauge shotgun. It is reported that with the combined secondary effects module, this SIPES rifle is lighter than the current issue C7 with M203 mounted. The C7 is Canada’s version of a M16 made by Colt Canada.

Just looking at the pictures and the video below, it is a bull pup with a tremendous amount of height over bore. I am not sure why they designed it so that the secondary effects module would be mounted on top of the weapon platform.




Nicholas C

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  • mechamaster

    Maybe the Canada Armed Forces inspired by Advanced Infantry Combat Weapon ( AICW ) from Australia.

    • Giolli Joker

      Is the top barrel employing a MetalStorm system?

      • mechamaster

        Yes, the Australia AICW employing MetalStorm stacked 40mm Grenade launcher.

      • Yallan

        Yes in 40mm. Was considered too heavy. But if they used a smaller grenade size, and you could load say 5-6 grenades in a bolt action system, you’d have quite a versatile grenade launching system, which is really where it’s at. After all you don’t need shotgun breaching rounds if you can load grenade breaching rounds and some stun grenades too. Very versatile.

  • Spencedaddy

    Aluminum extrusion, the weapon of the future!

    • confused

      I was just thinking that… ladies and gentlemen, the weapon of the future is…a shelf!!!

      • Spencedaddy

        Canadian DARPA’s main contractor? McMaster Carr…

    • Jeff

      I’m pretty sure the Scar is built from an extrusion.
      My guess is that’s just an early mockup built on that extrusion so they could play around with positioning and ergonomics.

    • patrickiv

      The rifle in the bottom photo looks like it’s just an early mockup. Everything is adjustable so they can work out the spacing and ergonomics. Even the tube on top and the butt pad looks like they’re 3D printed.

    • noguncontrol

      the scar is al extrusion

    • Jimmy

      Somebody take away their 8020 catalog.

  • will work for guns

    looks like a steyr aug and an ALIEN RIFLE from the movie alien had a child outside of marriage.

  • Dave

    this would be risky shooting from the prone, or trying to be concealed in prone. Your exposed silhouette with this is much greater than with a conventional weapon.
    Better get behind a convenient, huge tree.

    • Vhyrus

      Something Canada is well known for.

      • kgallerno

        Seriously WTF kinda comment is that? Please enlighten us with all the tales of the trees the Canadian military have hidden behind…..

        • greasyjohn

          The ones with improvised syrup taps and discarded poutine trays around them.

        • Vhyrus

          Canada is full of convenient, huge trees to hide behind. I said something that CANADA is known for, not something CANADIANS are known for. I’m very particular about my words. Canada…. Canadians…. Canada…. Canadians….

          • Anonymous

            Most amusing(and fabulous) evil despot ever.

      • noguncontrol

        tree dont make good cover, youtube is full of vids of people shooting through trees, even the bigger ones.

  • Andrew Hobby

    8 zip guns screwed together – check
    Piece of 80/20 aluminum extrusion – check
    30mm Poutine Launcher – check

    Suppressor (EHHH? becomes ehhh) – check
    MO RAILS, MO BETTAH! – check
    6.. No, 8! NO WAIT, 12″ of holdover! – check

  • Jeff

    I understand the goal of these weapons; you look at the 20th century evolution of the infantry soldier there is a consolidation of specialized roles and expansion of individual capabilities. These 2-in-1 future weapons are a logical step making every soldier not just a “light duty machine gun” operator but a grenadier as well.

    I think the failure of all these different future weapon systems is in the way they integrate two different weapons. Everyone demands a degree of modularity such that these 2 constituent weapons are just two weapons bolted together and that creates these excessively heavy and high profiled and bulky weapons. We already have grenade launchers and shotguns that can bolt to rifles, so they aren’t really doing anything new. The only way to reduce bulk and weight is if the two constituent weapons are more tightly integrated sharing some sort of functioning spine that’s serves as a major portion of the reciever to both.

    • M

      So basically…. a 40mm AR upper…

    • mikee

      Agreed! Yea, too big, too bulky, too heavy. Handling will be difficult. Jack of all trades and master of none!

    • MPWS

      However, you will still need to contend with 2 separate barrels. These have to be anchored in a receiver; so you are talking 2 receivers or possibly one VERY substantial one with a traffic lights. Result is excessive weight and bulk.
      There is no escape from this conundrum.

  • sergei

    That’s some crazy height over bore.


    It’s good to see that someone’s branching away from what we have today.
    That being said, there’s really no reason to put that GL on top of the rifle. From the looks of it in the first picture, there’s enough rail space to attach it on the bottom.
    Take a book out of FNH’s grenade launcher trigger groups or maybe try to integrate it like what’s in this picture.

    I’ve been warming up a lot to bullpups lately, and this one looks like it has a lot of potential.

    • Joshua

      You do realize that is from Killzone right? A PS4 game.


        Yeah, of course. I own it and grabbed the pic from the KZ wikia.
        The extra thickness to the handguard provided by the underslung attachments to make a “second” pistol grip is pretty cool.
        It’s got the same idea as the GP-25 or the M320 but more in flush with the rest of the rifle.

      • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

        And besides, the M82 looks cool.

    • mechamaster

      Maybe the Canada Armed Forces watching Terminator and inspired by

      Westinghouse M-27 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle. lol.


        The only things I don’t like about the design is the butt-ugly straight mag and also that the back of the magwell is part of the buttstock.

        But future guns I guess.

  • IXLR8

    Blame Canada.

  • Michael Mabey

    I herd some where the Tavor barrels for the Canadian version are from Colt Canada if so let’s get IWI to get that into Canadian service.

  • Ethan

    Yeah that gun is definitely made of 80/20 rail… what the what??

    I wonder if a really low set bore axis would help with recoil… though this looks low enough to nut punch you if you’re not careful.

  • Vitsaus

    I thought everyone who actually had to put troops in the field realized the error of these Network TV Sci-fi prop guns more than 10 years ago. What’s the answer to the modern specialized roles of infantry and increasingly fluid battlefield? Make a gun massively heavy, load it up with a bunch of optics and grenade launchers and rangefinders, and make sure its unwieldy as hell. And I’m sure the taxpayers of each nation will love the extra cost of equiping everyone with this stuff.

  • Lance

    So its LSATfor the Canadians. Well Id see it in service to believe it. When will they make a caseless ammo version???

  • Joshua

    Canadas version of the OICW, just 20 years late after we found out how horrible of an idea the concept is.

    • MPWS

      Exactly, see my comment further down.

    • n0truscotsman


      And I bet the end result will be the same too: A standalone grenade launcher that will not be fielded in any appreciable numbers.

      • Joshua

        Probably, I will say however that this version looks a hell of a lot more workable than what HK made.

  • asinine troll

    what’s with the trendy sci-fi rails and chunky snag points everywhere. I predict (I hope) that someday soon sleek will be the new black.

  • anon

    maple space magic

  • MPWS

    Different people will have different opinions while some sort of activity has to be carried out to point into future; we can probably agree on that. It is all matter of project objective and project management as to what and how it will be done in practice.
    But, serious BUT…..just looking at recent record, some 10-15 years back – basically same thing in form of OICW, e.i. a stock-up created from 2 modules was REJECTED. Based on that recollection only, this appears just as reliving history with no tangible result in sight.

    What is apparently desirable is to have capability of firing a variety of ammunition (within some necessary constraint) out of same identical casing, Lets call it Multiple Projectile Weapon System. Therefore, from a single chamber with a gun not burdened with weight and bulk you may be able to arrive variety of terminal effects. Who will achieve something of this kind will be in position to create a viable counterpoint to high-tech fantasies such as particle weapon alias “ray gun”..

    • Daisuke0222

      Exactly. Gotta get away from the need for two of everything– barrel, receiver, action, etc. Build a weapon that fires both grenades and rifle rounds from a single barrel/action and Bob’s your uncle.

      The one thing I liked about the XM29/OICW was the emphasis on the grenade launcher as the primary weapon… Problem is that current technology limits lethality/effectiveness of a grenade when you put it in a small package. We’ve already seen how marginal the XM25’s ammo is at killing the bad guys, even though it can reach out several hundred meters. If someone could design an effective grenade in a package around the size of, say, a 12ga. shotgun shell then you’d have something. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to carry 100 rounds of that stuff, plus a few mags of rifle/PDW ammo.

      Even with that, though, you’d have to solve the PDW piece of the equation. Hard to see how you could put two rounds that are so different down the same barrel. Sabot, maybe, but the resulting ammo would be bulky as hell.

      Dunno… Seems like it’s still at the pipe dream stage.

  • Madcap_Magician

    How did they manage to copy every failed service rifle project from the last 50 years simultaneously?

  • lol

    Jesus those optics mounted so high over the bore…. would be a damn pain adjusting for distance.

    also so much crap to get snagged on stuff, especially when working off of a vehicle.

    2/10 would not operate with.

  • john

    It looks like you would buy it at IKEA and have to built it yourself…

  • john

    The more I look at this the more I realize it’s a practical joke. The “grenade launcher” is 2″ black PVC pipe, you can even see the lettering inside. The silver sides are made from aluminum used to make window frames. It’s a joke…I hope…

  • n0truscotsman


    We have already tried this nonsense with the OICW, Canada, and id hate to see you make this mistake.

  • Pedro .Persson

    I really, really think they should look back at the genesis of this concept the XM29 and to its genesis as well. Originally, if I’m not mistaken, the concept was to have a grenade launcher with a MP9 as an integrated back up weapon. It offered a capable close range defense at with minimal weight and size additions to the actual main gun and since it would operate inside a squad the mid range would be more than covered (that is if the semi auto grenade launcher didn’t take care of thing)… but government happened.
    Either by a eerie mixture of ludism and shiny toy syndrome with a generous dose romanticized idealism for a Hollywood supersoldier and a few pinches of bean counters, all served in a plate of unwarranted self importance and lust for power, the cosmos conspired, the stars came right, the prophecy came true and Cthlhu came forth from his deathless slumber shoved a bloody G36 underneath the grenade launcher and went back to take a aeon long nap… the XM29 became a bloated hog and suffered a long agonizing and shameful death, its unholy body dismembered which a few pieces continued to live on and others continued on the road of shame and fail and had an end to their miserable existence in pretty much the same way, that is if they didn’t rotted away in the shadows of new trends of the market. I’m surprised nobody tried to stick a bloody M14 EBR or a freaking M60 on it at some point.

    Stick something that is actually suitable to be a secondary weapon and your space, packaging, weight and modularity issues will simply vanish into thin air… or that least be reduced to something akin to an acceptable compromise. The real usefulness and beauty of this kind of weapon is not to have a one-army-soldier, but to give a squad long range explosive capabilities and a complement to a high arch rifle grenades (usual 40mm and actual rifle grenades) at a manageable sized package, capable of self defense at close range, not being a burden in terms of ammo load to the user or even to “lend a hand” if needed… a SMG or PDW will more than suffice specially if operating with other soldiers with proper rifles and SAWs. Plus a detachment MP7 would be a much useful tool and an extra gun if someone needed something better than an M9.
    Bolting two main weapons together gives you a hog that will either be too cumbersome or have its performance compromised, defeating the whole purpose of the thing.
    But it way it was beutful… like there is beuty in a hundred+ freeway pile up, or a train wrench or a chemical plant bring a vision of what a live version of Hieronymus Bosh’s painting would look like in real life, a really crappy fossilized movie worth of the MST3K hall of fame… this kind of stuff can only truly appreciated on its own terms.

  • Porty1119


  • Bob

    Just give us Ripley’s gun from Aliens

    • Gordon J Davis Jr

      “I wanna introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher.”

  • Giolli Joker

    The only reason to put that abomination on top is to have a barrel of decent length without negating the benefits of the bullpup layout.
    And since it should have a three round magazine but it looks like a plain tube, it’s likely to be similar to MetalStorm, so length of the setup influences capacity other than just ballistics.
    Still, it looks cumbersome (and definitely ugly).

  • Mark N.

    It’s not a rifle, it’s an electric bagpipe.

  • DetroitMan

    Anyone else notice the giant block letters on the grenade launcher’s receiver and magazine well that say “NOT MAN FIREABLE”? Who do they expect to fire this thing when it’s mounted on an infantry weapon?

    • Yellow Devil

      I think it’s just a prototype platform for them to test and reconfigure if necessary, since it looks slightly different the one the Soldier is testing. It’s probable not made to any high safety standards and the wording was placed on it so it doesn’t get mixed up with other models that may be safe to fire.

      • Daisuke0222

        Yeah, I think that was basically a non-firing mock-up, just to show general design/ergonomics, etc. It’s a bulky bastard anyway you look at it. I wouldn’t want to hump it around day after day.

  • Colin

    Just put a six12 shotgun/ any LW MV 40mm GL under a “Changeable multi caliber ” bulpup mdr rifle. while we wait for the ceaseless ammo to be finalised in LSAT which will be another new forced on NATO calibe (6.5mm) just like the last two .if only NATO adopted Belgium ,Canada, Britain(in military service use 1950) 280 cartridge but it wasn’t American (7.62) and did not last 10 years as main battle cartridge.It’s better to improve what you got over risking something new .m16 Vietnam meh!! m16 variants NOW BRILLIANT. Every weapon systems gets better with age even SA80’S.

  • dan citizen

    What does Canada need this for? To protect their syrup reserves from Snidely Whiplash? When you have a big militarized bully sharing 3,000 miles of border, you are pretty well covered.

  • bernardg

    I have a question, what’s this red button do for?

    • Dillion S.

      Totally sublime brother….. he-he-he. thumbs up!

  • Raoul Duke

    The mystical lure of the SPIW/OICW concept continues to snare engi-nerds, the world over. I’ve seen this movie before, and I know how it ends.

  • Donald Darr

    Anyone notice the stickers? “Not Man Fireable”! Pretty much makes it a waste as a “man” carried weapon.

  • petru sova

    Its the same old story of trying to make one rifle or one pistol due multitudes of tasks and it ends up doing none of them as well as if it was designed to do one simple task. This gun looks so awkward and heavy it seems more like a joke than a useful battlefield weapon.