[Steve’s Pick] Best new Product of SHOT ’15: The Leupold D-EVO Scope

Of all the new products at SHOT Show, only one new product made me say “****, I never knew I needed this, but I do”. That product was the Leupold D-EVO Scope and so I am declaring it “the most impressive new product at SHOT Show 2015”. (This is my personal opinion. This award was not bought or paid for).

laupold delta scope-4

At first glance the D-EVO may look like it might be a gimmick, and if the optic design was not so finely tuned it could have been. It allows the user to to switch between a zero magnification optic to a magnification optic with no muscle movement, something no other dual scope systems allows. Switching between the two scopes simply takes an almost instantaneous eye movement. I expected to have trouble changing focus between the two sights, but I had none. I was able to quickly acquire and reacquire a target by shifting my eye from one scope to the other.

When aiming at a distant target the red dot can be used to get your crosshairs on target, and then you can switch to the D-EVO to make precise adjustments before firing. This allows a target to be acquired with the speed of a red dot and the precision of a 6x power scope.

I managed to get a photo showing both recitals

I managed to get a photo showing both recitals

In theory the D-EVO can be used with non-Leupold red dot. Understandably Leupold did not display the D-EVO mounted next to their competitors’ sights at SHOT Show. I suspect it does not work as well as it does with non-Leupold red dot sights. If the red dot was mounted too high or too low it would make switching between them frustrating.

laupold delta scope-5

Leupold D-EVO being used with the new Leupold LCO red dot.

I plan on purchasing a D-EVO along with the new Leupold LCO (Leupold Carbine Optic). The combination (pictured above) works very well. The D-EVO MSRP is $1,874.99 and the LCO MSRP is $1,249.99. Both can be purchased cheaper if you shop around online.

Steve Johnson

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  • toms

    I thought the mount was a little low for my taste but it was an impressive combination with practical applications.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      That’s the thing. Yea, it’s low, but you have to look at it again and realize it’s angled up and your line of sight is actually towards your support hand vs above the gun. It’s very wierd but my little time with it was positive.

  • Mike N.

    Wow, $3k for the pair? The price of the D-EVO I can understand, even if I’d just get a Mk6 1-6 for the same money. But I’m curious what justifies the LCO costing twice as much as an Aimpoint Micro or an Eotech XPS, other than the cool looks?

    • Cal S.

      Because it’s Leupold. And, contrary to popular opinion, brand names in the gun market are as marked-up as all get out, just like Nike or Gucci.

      • Mike N.

        I dunno, most of their stuff is fairly priced and in line with their competitors, at least in the “tactical” market (Mk4/Mk6/Mk8 scopes are what I’m most familiar with). So there’s got to be some sort of unique selling point that they claim justifies the price.

  • Ethan

    Steve, proof read your article! 😛 I love you guys but this is almost unreadable.

    • ah crap thats embarrassing. It was proofed … but I had to restored an old version from the database and completely forgot to recheck it.

      • the_duck

        Recital is used instead of reticle on the image description.

        I don’t care but you know some do.

      • Ethan

        No worries brother, it happens to us all. 🙂

  • quattro

    Why not get a Swarovski Z6i and any quality red dot instead?

    • can you instantly switch between 0x and 6x on a Z6i with no body movement?

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I am amazed how people aren’t getting that.

      • gunslinger

        isn’t the eye part of the body 🙂

        but seriously, you need both optics for this to work? i am still confused at the setup/working of this.

  • Forest C. Adcock

    My only concerns are the size and shape and what that will do to the rifle’s handling capabilities in the real world. With that much scope sitting up top and to the side, will it make a rifle less manuverable? And what about hitting it on things getting into and out of cars/buildings/ect. Can the scope stand up to the abuse that a trijicon can? At ~$3,100, I can get an Acog/rmr combo and still have enough left over to take the wife out to dinner and explain my purchase in public where she may not hit me.

    • Hokum

      My thoughts exactly.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Handled it. Answer to your question is no, does not even remotely change the handling.

      No comments on cost, because there is nothing out there like it. At all.

      • Forest C. Adcock

        nothing except the acog/rmr combo that’s been around for years. Works pretty much the same, they slapped a red dot on top of a fixed power scope.

        Hell, you can get a red dot on top of a variable power scope these days, and for much less money.

        • JumpIf NotZero

          Cool, and I have some time on a TA31F-RMR and immediately I can tell you the D-evo combo is nothing like it. At all.

          If you have an ACOG you know the eye relief issue. The Leupold is better with a factor of INCHES. Not even getting into eye vs head movement.

          And if you’re comparing a variable scope, you surely aren’t understanding the difference. Even a fixed 6x scope is going to require a different cheek weld and a tighter eye box.

          Thanks, but you can just go ahead an take my word for it – there is nothing else like this. Good or Bad, Expensive or Reasonable. It literally has no direct comparison.

    • toms

      Unless your a lefty I would not worry about it getting in the way. It is more or less an elbowed fixed power so not much to break really. It lacks alot of the mechanical movements found in variables. Two things that bothered me the blistering white logos pasted all over it (might be removed in production models) and the low sight height. I really had to change my cheek weld to get in the box. They did this to clear the red dot but the height was too loo for me. It is otherwise a very appealing optic.

    • JSmath

      Don’t think it’ll be much if any of an impact on handling, and imagine it will be tough, but massive upvote for the cost comparison.

  • Cleophus

    Some people just have way too much extra money floating around…………God bless ’em.

  • Jack Morris

    Anybody else find it amusing that they pictured their $3000 sight combo on a $600 rifle?

    • Andrew

      Your rifle can’t hit what you can’t see. That setup makes more sense than these tier 0 operators out here with Primary Arms microdots on their Larue PredatARs.

      • Jack Morris

        While I agree with that line of logic; I’d also take into consideration that you can’t hit with a broken gun. I’d take a middle of the road optic mounted to a Larue any day over a crappy AR with expensive glass.

  • Mister Thomas

    I never wanted bi-focals for my carbine before. I do now.

  • allannon

    That’s neat and all, but $3k?

    I think I heard my wallet curl up and start crying at the thought.

    • kipy

      Yeah I’m gonna go ahead and wait for NCstar to come out with their version lol

  • JumpIf NotZero

    His was one of my biggest surprises at SHOT and I had heard all about it before hand.

    There is really nothing else like it in the market, so anyone here mocking the price has no idea what they are talking about. It might not be for you or me, but in use there is nothing even close.

    A couple of annoyances though…

    1. Almost every video I have seen of people using them is wrong. You DO NOT move your head, even though the two optics are at different heights. Tou move your eye, that’s all. Takes a little time to learn.

    2. Because the 6x is lower, you are actually looking down into the rifle, again, a little time and it’s seemless.

    3. Look at the reticle. It’s slanted to the right. As you get further out your horizontal impact will drift right. Cool way to fix this issue, but I expect to only see this in BDC. I won’t expect to see this type of optic on a precision gun

    4. Because the 6x is above and right of bore, and because the 1x is above, at close range you have TWO offsets to know. If you don’t know your offset on a carbine, I highly suggest you do not use one for home defense and then also please take a class.

    5. They did not have exact weights for their new 1x or the 6x module. But you can easily use them separately.

    6. A lot of the models at SHOT had different zeros between the two optics. Annoying, but also maybe a foreshadow that you may chase zero on this esp initially.

    • JSmath

      I didn’t triple check but almost all of the actors in the video linked simply move their eye down, no head movement.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        This video maybe,didn’t watch. But all of the SHOT videos were way off. It is counter intuitive at first

  • Jason

    Is it lefty friendly?

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Not a totally invalid concern. I suppose anyone putting this optic on their gun might also want to look into properly gassing their gun for suppressed use. And same goes with lights, you’d want to put an invisible layer of something on the glass like a little vasoline or lube so that if it does carbon up it wipes away cleanly.

  • John Yossarian

    I already have this on my rifle, and it cost me less than $1,000. It’s called an ACOG and two eyes.

    Trijicon calls that the “Bindon Aiming Concept”, but I think most people would just refer to it as “common sense”.

  • DG1013

    I got to try this at SHOT show and it did work…..but the eye relief and eye height had to be perfect to get it to work well. any head movement and the one of the sights could not be seen. Too picky IMO (especially for that cost)…I would prefer a fast electric zoom on a standard scope.