SilencerCo’s SALVO-12 Now Available for Saiga’s

Somehow a brand new product has “archival footage; the SALVO-12 shotgun suppressor is now compatible with Saiga shotguns. Tongue in cheek (which I found hilarious) footage aside, the core message is that SilencerCo has released the Saiga Choke Mount Adapter. It is available now for $120 direct from SilencerCo and throughout their distribution network.


Nathan S

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  • Juice

    SilencerCo has some really fun marketing ideas. Loved the video.

  • Zugunder

    “Сделайте ваш дробовик молчать” “отходы боеприпасов к родине” “Троссельная катушка сальво” lel! Somehow reminds me Chinese descriptions for their toys translated to Russian. Funny.

    • That Guy

      Ну, знаешь, хотя бы без балалаек, да и не пьяный медведь в качестве модели. А так – вполне себе в стиле того же “Красного скорпиона” с Лундгреном.

      • Zugunder

        Да я понимаю. Ролик ведь просто с юмором, не более.

  • gunslinger

    in soviet russia?

  • sianmink

    This might convince me to shortbarrel my CBS S12 bullpup. Though I guess if I’m cutting the barrel I can just thread it for the normal Salvo12 attachment.

    • wetcorps

      That would look pretty cool.

  • echelon

    Effectiveness notwithstanding, it just looks goofy as all get out hanging of the end of that thing.

    If we weren’t living in looney tune land the suppressor would be integral and then in addition to being effective it would also look sexy as well.

    For some reason I want to paint the thing white and write “BANG!” on it…whaddya know…just like in the looney tunes cartoons…

    • Riot

      Do it – least appropriate onomatopoeia possible

    • Giolli Joker

      On the Crye Precision Six12 the Salvo is integrated and sexy…
      (BANG flag would be great)

    • Ethan

      Integral 12GA suppressor… *wipes drool off face*
      It would only work on a mag-fed gun, but what a combination.

      • echelon

        Minus ridiculous and asinine “gun laws” I’m assuming that by now most, if not all guns would be integrally suppressed…sigh…

  • Hopefullu RWC makes an American Saiga 12. I want more dakka without Polytech prices!

  • CrankyFool

    It may literally be too much to ask, but can you guys pay just a little more attention to grammar? It makes the OCD burn …

    If you have one Saiga and you add another, you get Saigas, not Saiga’s.

    And you didn’t have terminating quotes on the “archival footage” part in the first sentence of the article.

    • Ethan

      Your just being to picky.


  • dan citizen


  • Bill

    I have no need nor interest in a suppressed Saiga, but I’ll have to get one just to support a company that is this creative with their marketing.

    And while I understand that it was filmed with a potato, as a digital photographer moving into video, I’m always amazed at the links we go to get crystalline resolution, then spend money and time on digital images making them look like old film.

  • andrey kireev

    Bravo !!

  • Victor

    The Russian is completely wrong.

    • Somehow I don’t think that will affect sales.

    • Sam Schifo

      Well the entire video is satire to begin with.

    • Tinklebell

      There’s always that one guy…