Lithuania Receives First FN SCAR-H PR DMRs


The Lithuanian Armed Forces took possession of their first FN SCAR-H PR DMRs purchased under a 2013 contract. As purchased, these rifles come equipped with Schmidt & Bender 3-12x scopes. The rifles have a 20″ barrel, and the Lithuanian rifles appear to be fitted with an unknown brand sound suppressor.


These rifles are chambered in 7.62 NATO and are equipped with both a bipod and vertical grip. The contract for these rifles was valued at €2.78 million (roughly $3.16 million US.)


Photos by Captain Arūnas Nagumanovas and courtesy of the Ministry of National Defence, Republic of Lithuania.

Richard Johnson

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  • Pat

    Sound Suppressor is Brugger & Thomet

    • JumpIf NotZero

      (Pronounced Broosher and Toemay)

  • joshua

    Wow $ 3.16 US they really splurged for these guns. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be $3.16 million.

  • Hokum

    I wonder why they still chosen black finish.
    The suppressor is appears to be B&T Rotex V

  • Nicholas Chen

    I wonder why they didnt go with the MK20 stock but kept the standard SCAR stock? Perhaps to keep the folding option?

    • M

      That and weight/pricing concerns maybe. The PR is a more than a pound lighter.

    • Lance

      Cost the more plastic standard H model is cheaper than the Mk20 is.

  • The news says that the Bond villain to the east wants to capture the Baltic States. They may well need these!

    • Zugunder

      The news says? Must be true.

      • SP mclaughlin

        The Aspbergers villain….

        • superflex

          Fear is the fuel of the news media.

        • Brandon Cord Bradshaw


      • Was a joke homie.

    • superflex

      Kool aid and cookies for Everyone, courtesy of Victoria Nuland,
      If you don’t get the reference, you probably shouldn’t be commenting on Ukraine or Russia.

      • Dual Sport

        We are reading this in Amerca, not the Ukraine or Russia.

        • superflex

          It’s Ukraine, not the Ukraine, but what should I expect from someone who can’t spell ‘Merica.
          Cue some soaring eagles and waving flags to get your mom in the spirit to send her boy across the world to lose a limb or two.
          Try stepping outside the sphere of the .gov spoon fed MSM dribble.

    • Wetcoaster

      That would be some high-stakes right there seeing as the Baltics are card-carrying NATO countries

    • toms

      The Lithuanians have absolutely NOTHING to worry about. The Russians are not currently engaged in destabilizing proxy wars against former allies, I saw that on RT must be true. MK20 vs SVD battle of the piston operated DMR’s.

  • shadow

    A tacky old 7.62 NATO round?

    • DIR911911 .

      7.62 NATO . . . why do a forced entry when you can shoot through the walls.

    • Esh325

      Well it’s the standard round of western aligned countries and 5.56×45 doesn’t always cut it in all situations.

    • The Brigadier

      One shot, one kill. You M4/M16 fanatics are used to shooting everyone with three rounds you forgot how efficient that “old” cartridge is.

  • ColaBox

    Surprised they didn’t go with the MK20. Much better stock for precision fire.

  • Bob

    I’m sure that they are select fire/full auto.

  • The Brigadier

    That looks like the perfect setup for the SCAR-17. The 16″ barrel is too short for that cartridge, but the 20″ should give it a higher velocity and up the accuracy to boot. I wonder how much FAL is raping the Lithuanian’s for that rifle? Of course with Putin intent on reestablishing the USSR, maybe they they think its cheap at any price.