Huntertown Kestrel 5.56 Suppressor Failure

Here is a video of a catastrophic failure of a Huntertown Kestrel 5.56 Suppressor.


And here is the aftermath.

Kestrel fail 2


Taking a look at Huntertown’s website I am curious if this is covered under their warranty. There is no mention of full auto fire.

There is this :

The Kestrel core is fully encased in an inner stainless steel wall. In the event of an internal baffle strike, the inner core is strong enough to capture the damaged projectile and baffle material, protecting the tube as much as possible against catastrophic failure.


Here is their warranty:

Huntertown Arms warranties its silencers for life. If you are doing something that you can imagine yourself being laughed at on YouTube, think twice and then don’t do it. Some examples of non-warranty claims:

  • Trying to fire .223 rounds through a .22 silencer.
  • Shooting a boosted silencer on a fixed barrel.
  • Not making sure the barrel is threaded properly and the silencer is on the host weapon all the way.
  • Putting the baffles in backwards.
  • Firing thousands of rounds without cleaning your silencer.
  • Using unlisted calibers (Check the specific suppressor’s webpage. Click here.)
  • Using on a barrel that is shorter than min. specification on product page (Check the specific suppressor’s webpage. Click here.)

We reserve the right to add to the list above from time to time if we hear about new stuff anyone has done.

Baffel and end cap strikes are NOT covered by warranty, as they occur due to forces outside of our control.

We will repair or replace, free of charge, any silencer manufactured by Huntertown Arms, if damaged while being used as intended. Our warranty does not cover damage to the silencer and/or host firearm resulting from criminal or negligent use, improper or careless handling or installation, modifications, improper hand-loaded or reloaded ammunition, or neglect. You will be expected to pay for any repairs not covered by this warranty.

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  • Drew Coleman

    I’ll bet they won’t cover it. They’ll probably say that full auto is careless or negligent handling.

    • Edward Franklin

      More than likely they wouldn’t cover it because it appears the host weapon has a 7.5″ barrel and the specify a minimum of 11.5″. They do cover full auto though.

  • Giolli Joker

    It seems like a situation where thumb-over-bore grip could result in thumb-down-range…

  • BillC

    It won’t bee covered under warranty. The listed minimum barrel length is 11.5″. This looks to be much shorter and on full auto.

    • M

      You’re right, They wont. The youtube description states it was a 7.5″ barrel

    • BillC

      Ah, my fat thumbs. *be, not bee. Also the website does state the cans are full auto rated.

  • JE

    I am with BillC on the bbl length. Their site does list that the suppressor is rated for full auto though.

  • CPTP

    Probably not covered as the barrel is under the min length (11.5).

    • Ethan

      I designed and analyzed a Suppressor for my Mech. Engineering Senior design project. One of the things I was shocked by was that barrel length makes a HUGE difference in the stresses imparted to a suppressor – particularly when dealing with 5.56.

      If you were to draw a curve showing the relationship between barrel length and pressure at muzzle, its spikes pretty quickly once you get under 14″.

      • Wetcoaster

        Good to know and it makes perfect sense – we can see the difference in muzzle flash and drop-off in MV as barrels get shorter.

        I imagine that with a suppressor, the unburned powder that normally ends up as muzzle flash will end up combusting inside the suppressor with the attendent increases in pressure and heat when you go to shorter barrels.

        • Ethan

          Exactly. That’s why cartridges like 300BLK don’t have high pressure spikes in short barrels – they use faster burning powder that is very nearly completely combusted by the 8″ mark in the barrel.
          …another reason why 300 BLK was developed – this is one of the ways it was designed from the ground up for short barrels.

          • Dan

            300blk is a fantastic cartridge in every way. incredibly versatile, easy to reload, excellent component availability, easy to suppress.

      • sianmink

        The blast pressure increases dramatically between a 10.5″ and 9.5″ barrel. (believe me, I’m having some ammunition design issues with that little wicket right now) I can only imagine how much higher it is at 7.5″. Actually I can do more than that because someone else already did the work.

  • Cymond

    Guessing from where the baffles landed, a baffle strike seems likely. If so, it’s not covered. Plus, a 7 inch barrel on full-auto.

    However, I couldn’t watch the second video because of the loud music and the quiet talking.

  • Kevin Harron

    So, using a product in a manner not covered by warranty causes the product to fail catastrophically? Who would have guessed that?

    • Justin

      Except there have been multiple HTA cans using barrel lengths over the specified 11.5″ and had this exact same failure.

      • Dan

        *citation needed

  • tony

    These crazy Americans…
    –HK Engineers

  • Blue Centurion

    When will guys learn that when mixing audio together, you need to have the music track at a low enough level to hear the voice track….

  • Kris Moore

    that short barrel was way over pressure, I wouldn’t have an issue if it wasn’t covered. Mixing double pressure, and full auto, real iresponsible.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I don’t get the issue…

    Customers said they wanted a take-apart rifle can despite no serious suppressor mfg in the industry making a take-apart rifle can…. Customers got auto-take-apart rifle cans.

    This is not even slightly the first HTA can to fail and have pictures posted all over.

    • walter white

      Is it common form at this range to have no eye protection and someone (while not directly) in front of the muzzle while firing?

  • Ethan

    I used that exact article as reference material in my final report, lol!

  • Tom – UK

    Terrible range safety, shooting with someone facing away from you and a metre in front of you is criminaly stupid.

    • Adam

      Whoever the RO was, should have their certification revoked..

  • Chad@HTA

    Hello guys! Obviously the ” We don’t warranty stupid” covers this instance. But I will tell you what, send it back to us and I will make sure it gets fixed for you. My name is Chad and I am the Director of Sales and Development here at HTA. Most of the comments I have read below are correct… NO 7.5″ barrels, YES full auto rated (11.5″ or longer barrel), and your lucky you didn’t get hurt!!!

    • Matt

      Huh….I bet if I asked if it was covered under warranty if I did this to my can I wouldn’t get the same response probably I’m a nobody and would be told too bad. Unless there is consistency in how you treat your customers and pick and choose what you will repair then you have no credibility. I’m sure this person can afford to pay for the repair whereas someone who doesn’t have that much expendable income will get a bill to fix the damage. Pretty sad.

      • Chad@HTA

        Thats not true Matt, we have fixed several “stupids”. As long as the registered part is not damaged we can fix it. If you were to call and be honest about what happened, we would probably fix it for you man.

    • dan citizen

      Great business ethic. My takeaway is that HTA makes a good product, backs it up well, but any product can be damaged by enough abuse.

    • Chris Goldsmith

      I was there when this happened and I have talked to the shooter since he was in touch with HunterTown – they did not only cover it but enforced it to keep the same issue from happending again – great service from Huntertown Arms !!

    • Matt Mills

      Chad, my concern is that you are applying “We don’t warranty stupid” to this situation. Is it true, at one point, the Kestrel 5.56 was rated for any barrel length? If so, and I buy it during a time that it was rated for such, and proceed to use it as advertised (full auto, any barrel length, lifetime warranty) and it fails, who’s fault is it? After I buy a suppressor, based on my needs from a suppressor, and the specifications posted by the manufacturer, should I be expected to check and make sure the specifications have not been changed post-sale? If this suppressor was purchased prior to the introduction of the 11.5″ minimum barrel length, I would say this is normal expected use, based on what you, the manufacturer advertised.

  • acuet

    Thats my attorney in Houston Texas!!!

  • uisconfruzed

    Non warranty, they were making a youtube vid.

  • Old Gringo

    Just ordered my first Kestral AK model….emailed the company last Friday about thread adapters….their add and several blogs from the company says the suppressor is ideal for the 300 Blackout….unfortunately they only ship with the 14-1 Left Hand thread pattern….my dealer does not stock what the company says are readily available thread adapters and none are available anywhere on line…so I emailed the company and so far have zero response….not even an auto response that says when they will reply….. I buy lots of guns and gun stuff on line, not sure this company understands that timely communication is an important business practice……

  • Chad@HTA

    Have you had an issue with our customer service? What was the problem? This is not a PR disaster first of all, it is a case where the end user was negligent and pushed the limits of our product. I was simply offering to take care of the repair. That to me seems like pretty decent customer care. Its crazy to me that when a company offers a helping hand it gets criticized for doing so.

    • Dave


      I have been a huge supporter of HTA for a while from all the reviews I have seen about them.. My first can (HTA Kestrel 308) should have its tax stamp this week… But I am starting to hear a lot of negative things about HTA CS.. Namely, never getting in touch with someone or getting a response. In fact I emailed last week and still haven’t heard back. Any comment on this? I am excited for my Kestrel 308 but I won’t lie I am started to get discouraged with everything I am hearing lately 🙁

      • Chad@HTA

        Our customer service has been next to nothing in the past. That is 100% correct. In defense to that we are all chipping in where we can to get cans out the door. We have hired a few more people and implemented schedules to concentrate on certain areas that need attention (customer service is #1 on that list). We get several hundred emails per day and phone calls. Most of these are people asking basic questions that can be answered by looking at our website, but we have decided to call or email everyone back regardless the question. To be honest we probably are not to your email yet. What was your question or need and I will see if I can get you taken care of.

        • Dave Holmes


          Thank you for continuing to reply to these and for your honesty.

          My inquiry to HTA CS wasn’t all too pressing. I sent an email a while ago asking about any kind of manual or documentation for my Kestrel 308 that should be here very soon. It seems that most suppressor companies have some kind of documentation online and I couldn’t find it on the HTA website.

          Another problem I am running into is that no one can seem to get in touch to order parts. I need a 5.56 adapter for my Kestrel 308 and my dealer said they haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone at HTA to order one and their distributor is out of stock.

    • Matt

      Chad, I might have been a bit harsh. What I do question is when you do repairs on obvious negligence is it gratis or do you charge a proper fee? If you are doing it for free I don’t see how you can eat the cost without passing on the buck to the customers who are buying your suppressors.

      • Chad@HTA

        There are times we do charge for repairs. I will be very honest and say we have had very few of them like this video. The majority of our re-works are cleaning (yes people actually send in their can to have it cleaned), and baffle upgrades. We have had cans fail and when we hear about them we will generally fix them the first time, but we will not continue to repair “stupid” on our dime!

  • Chad@HTA

    Yes you are correct, we have had a couple of other cans fail. We have taken care of them 100%. Every manufacturer wishes they could produce product and never have a failure….. can you tell me of a gun or silencer manufacturer that has never had a failure?

  • matt RRC

    HTA took care of my silencer when I hit the end cap. It was loose, my fault.

    I use my 5.56 Kestrel on a 12″ bbl and the can is attached with Rocksett. Zero issues now. The fact the guy used it on a 7″ bbl is insane. He is lucky he didn’t grenade himself.

    Read the manual people!

  • tirod

    I appreciate that .300 WHISPER was developed to minimize problems – as a wildcat .30×5.56 it was every man for himself getting it past the original rules of 3Gun in the ’80s. That was in the hairy days of shooting it from 20″ barrels.
    SSK did their work well. Don’t anoint Remington with any laurels for simply renaming the round and taking it away.

  • Keith Melton

    Nothing a bit of duct tape couldn’t fix.

  • Ted Holiday

    I own one in 22 cal. never had a problem…………

  • Jacob Gonzales

    Ouch !